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3/18 c4 MathiasMan123
Dude your math needs some work, Ruby was like 3 and Yang was about 5 when summer died. Also you’re still at the age of 3 so technically you should have at least 12-14 years.
3/12 c1 CRB 403
liking this so far, but that HP to MP ratio is... interesting. not bad, but a little wonky.
3/7 c1 Guest
Great! The mc is a retard that pretty much practicaly did nothing for 3 years!
3/7 c1 Guest
Fucking seriously?! Just WTF man?! You made the mc a faunus?! His name is badass but him becoming a faunus just ruins it.
2/19 c48 Eragon135790
i loved his time in HP and i would even love more of it just so that he can mess(or more) with the inhabitans. great great ff.
2/19 c32 Eragon135790
noooooooooooooo, i iked villain Ruby ;_(
Still a great ff.
2/18 c10 Eragon135790
i rarly like a character so much that i rather would have them stay alive but summer was one such character though i totally agree she had to die for the plot. great ff.
2/18 c2 Eragon135790
great great ff. mc should try to combine space and wind for flying.
2/6 c32 1killjase
I think you are missing the point author. While the MC being edgy and childish is a bit annoying, that is not the main problem. The problem is when MC says some childish edgy teen philosphy and other people finds it to be some kind of divine revelation. Or how other people find him 'strong' emotionally. In no way would a grown up find such a childish logic and attitude strong.

The MC can have his annoying traits, just make sure the other people stop translating them as something amazing.
2/6 c30 killjase
Mc's logic - I can fight Pyrrha whenever I want outside the tournament, but instead of doing that, I will join a structured tournament with RULES and complain about said rules that don't allow me to just go agead and fight Pyrrha... What kind of crack is MC smoking?
2/6 c29 killjase
I went the whole day thinking about this chapter. Specifically the part where MC is using really dumb logic to argument something to Pyrrha. But finally decidedmto comment.

So let me get this straight, does wisdom and inteligence stat does nothing for the MC besides mana pool and regen?
His advice is the same as lotery winner telling people that to get rich, you just need to invest your life's savings in lotery tickets.
-He got lucky to be given a cheat skill.
-He knows the plot. He spends almost 0 effort actually to achieve something. (as per your description paralel processes are slaves that dont get say in what he trains in, while his main body barely remembers to make new spells).
-He fucked up once by getting cocky and not spending stats before a situation where in canon Summer dies and thus she still does. Now, while he knows that Pyrrha dies in canon, he still asks her to basically ditch her home to come chill with him. (he still doesn't spend points)
-He brings everyone in danger and even in life death situation he still keeps not using all of the points. If Ozpin didn't go there, that demon might have wrecked everything. Including his friends and their families.
-Lastly, there are maybe 100 people, monsters left in the world that can challenge. He can afford to ditch everything and start anew - the target of his advice, cannot do so that easily.

My biggest gripe in this story is how full of himself the MC is and how he thinks his life style is some kind of amazing thing while he comes off as edgy teen. Besides that, I could get past the edge if only MC was like that, but why the hell do other people think he is so amazing (talking about emotinal crap 'strenght' as you said) when he clearly sounds like edgy teen?

He knows Yang took care of Ruby in canon and yet acts like it's not his fault she grew away from Ruby now. Still, he blames Yang for that. This could have been easily fixed if at any point he put in effort to talk to Yang instead of brainwashing Ruby.

Your story has good world building, and I like the gamer system stories and it's hard to find one that is long enough. That's the only reason I'm still here.
2/5 c12 killjase
I must say the edgy I'm completely jackass and just do what I want and thus I'm strong mindset and the continious celebration of it, is getting on my nerves. We get it! You are an edgelord, stop discussion your flawed world view and get back to story.
1/30 c20 danielpheonix
20 chapters in are not even to the Canon plot
1/29 c16 danielpheonix
team kaoc, c pronounced as s
1/29 c9 danielpheonix
I'm a little disappointed that there wasn't a scene
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