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1/27 c55 Eimillian
I don’t generally write reviews, but I enjoyed this story. Generally for multiple reasons like it’s length and the apathetic character that slowly grew a bond and started branching out. But the biggest thing to me was it’s uniqueness. Yes, you did focus a lot on the gamer aspects, but for every chapter remotely based to the gamer aspect, you had like 3 which were dedicated to the sciences behind magic or something of the sort.
You may not think this is something unique, but go look at almost every other gamer story out there. They’re either based entirely on building a harem, being a hero, both, or just avoiding human contact as much as possible but still ending up with a harem.
1/26 c46 Eimillian
I’m imagining Abyss getting an entomancy skill and controlling an army of bugs with a storm affinity
1/14 c58 PasiveNox
Ooooh nice nice
1/14 c57 PasiveNox
Yah so wonderful
1/14 c56 PasiveNox
This is fun but sad
1/14 c54 PasiveNox
Ohohohohohoho yah nice
1/14 c53 PasiveNox
Yah great great
1/14 c51 PasiveNox
Noice chapter yah great
1/14 c50 PasiveNox
Damn nice nice great
1/14 c49 PasiveNox
Damn nice nice
1/14 c48 PasiveNox
Good crossover wonderful
1/14 c47 PasiveNox
Holy shit yeah great
1/14 c46 PasiveNox
Damn yeah nice nice
1/14 c44 PasiveNox
Hahahahah great
1/14 c43 PasiveNox
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