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4/24/2019 c10 midnightscar17
Sweet nice chapter. A bit of mixture of bleach i hope you credited the creator of bleach for the moves, names and characters
4/24/2019 c10 Bob2121998
AMAZING chapter as always I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next chapter I hope its published soon.
4/24/2019 c9 ZarcEternal
So a sword from Bleach, should have guessed so. Nice spar even if such a fight was only a mundane thing for Issei. I cant think Rias will stop so easily and her obsession will only grow with each chapter. Cannot wait to see how this turns out
4/15/2019 c9 Kuma
Love the story only a few minor errors here and there but as I said minor and did not affect the reading process. Honestly I was worried the relationship would not start until far to late in the story and that it would be extremely rushed but instead you have seemsly created this excellent story. I look forward to future installments.
4/17/2019 c8 HeavenxxWolf
Dope really good hope the next one is soon
4/15/2019 c9 5plums
Rossweisse should end up in the Leviathans peerage too.

Also, what will Issei get if he wins. Have him get Xenovia transferred maybe since he hasn’t overtly had a problem with her since returning.
4/10/2019 c9 cmoalys
this is great please hurry with the next chapter
4/11/2019 c9 sil-celestion-boos imperial
Quede un poco inconforme con este nuevo capítulo muy corto y no tuvo accion espero que subas pronto y mejores ese aspecto
4/11/2019 c9 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
4/11/2019 c9 2Xerzo LotCN
while things are going well with issei things have spiraled out of control with orc...
4/10/2019 c9 midnightscar17
Please update soon
4/10/2019 c7 midnightscar17
Harry / hermione pairing is the best
4/10/2019 c9 Fafnir the golden monarch
Is the blade kenshins reverse blade sword? Sakobato i believe its called. I see you are keeping some drama with the peerage. Not a bad idea gets to boring if they dont try anything stupid. Especially not realizing they sre out classed by Issei.
4/10/2019 c9 BajanMexican
Great chapter cant wait for the next one
4/10/2019 c9 Burst Kyu
J'espère que ses Yamato de dmc bon chapitre hâte au prochain
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