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for The Dragons Rebirth

2/19/2019 c7 Crossoverlover242
2/7/2019 c7 Guest
This is amazing
2/5/2019 c6 16FenreldStormblade
Hope you continue this soon
2/4/2019 c6 alfstein
can't wait for the next chapter
1/20/2019 c6 5jlee0799
I hope you continue this story soon . Hiten Mitsurugi is one of my favorite sword styles in anime and its pretty cool to see Issei use it . I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll do with his fire magic . I'd assume you'll take inspiration from Fairy Tail and One Piece which would be great . I hope he'll be able to use different types of flames though , like blue flames , white flames , gold , etc . and have each one hotter than the last . I'd say black but I know those are Amaterasu's and he would probably only be able to use those with a blessing from her . Also the team 7 reference was pretty fitting for that moment .
1/13/2019 c7 Fanfic
1 HarryxDaphne
1/15/2019 c7 1MPrevilO
Ron should fuck Dumbledore’s dead Body. It’s a great idea ;P
1/13/2019 c7 2Xerzo LotCN
fic where Harry has family usually arent that good or interesting to read at least for me unless it not wbwl he doesnt have a brother he isnt neglected by parents or it just his mom or a sister as well etc
the other fic seems ok redo harry fic is cool multi founder teacher is cool some of the premises for the neglect and redo family are cool and elements harry sounds cool but returning so late is bad
now i kinda hope for harry x harem in thus different harem so many side girls to use depending on harry's character build
1/13/2019 c7 Sennybee98
I like the ideas of (1) and (4) but I think I'd like to see you writing (4) because many people have written a story based off the same idea but they seldom go very far. I think it'd work out pretty well if someone like you wrote a story like that.
1/13/2019 c7 1Mayor Hawkeye
The first and second idea sounds interesting so go with one of them.
1/13/2019 c7 Bob2121998
I for one would like to vote for number (1) as my FIRST choice and number (3) as my second choice but what i hope/wish/request in what ever story you write is the he (harry) is the same age as fleur delacour and the story be a pairing between them (harry potter x fleur delacour pairing) weather you make the story a harem story or single pairing it is still a (harry potter x fleur delacour main pairing) but i'm hoping/wishing/requesting more on single pairing also for harry to be in house of slytherin if he goes to hogwarts for magical study. :)
1/13/2019 c7 Pablo senju
1/13/2019 c6 cmoalys
Hope we don't have wait as long to get a update ? its getting very good and can make so Irina stays next to Issei. When finds out what happened ?
1/13/2019 c7 Code4Geass
Oh Come on, i can’t wait for the Second Part.
1/13/2019 c6 darth56
very nice to read a new chapter i do like how the fight is going now for the big show and fight how will the girls treat him when they get back ? thanks for the new chapter what a very good story thanks
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