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11/25/2018 c1 TatsuyaShiva4
wow an swordman how intersting, not!
11/25/2018 c5 2Xerzo LotCN
welp this is happening no stops on this train as much as i wish another way there like she is made to make up for her mistake along with the others since they went about it wrong but im pretty sure it wasnt with malicious intent just greed and needing a trump card to save themselves and then have earn forgiveness and their spot back but i guess rias and co made their bed and they have to lay in it kinda upset he taking it out on the one not involved like asia irina ravel xenovia and turning away from harem and going solo pairing
11/25/2018 c5 UnsanMusho
I find Issei being cold to Asia kinda weird since wasn't she also a victim of circumstances regarding her joining Rias? Not to mention when she was kicked out of the Church because of a Devil? I would have expected Issei to still have feelings for Asia.
11/25/2018 c5 desdelor97
Just general grammatical and spellig error. Main one being the lack of hyphen when using peoples titles such as Gremory-sama.
11/15/2018 c4 shrey1769
Like that moment between ise and ingvild, keep going bro awesome story can't wait for the next chapter.
11/8/2018 c4 Nope
Okay I need to say this cause it needs to be said.

You had something in the beginning, I'll admit that, you had the makings of something, what it was I have no clue but it was at least the beginning of it. But you F'ed it up. 3 points in only 4 chapters that ruined this and now it's become unreadable to me.

I'm an open person, even when there are points in fanfics that irritate me to no end I can forgive if the potential is there. However you brought 3 points that have ruined this story.

Point 1, Free Power, this is something I can't stand in some fanfics, that power is freely given and mastered in the time it takes for a school semester to end. I despise this plot point because it screams laziness and a desire to skip build up.

I got nothing against the abilities you've given issei, in fact it's what drew me to the story. You want to give him the abilities of Kenshin, fine, you want to make him half dragon, fine, more power to you, but you want to give him all this plus a personality change in under 3 months, no just no. However I can bite the bullet and continue you reading, power fantasies are too freaking common in fan fictions for me to be too bothered by it.

What would have been better was that Issei's family owned a dojo where the Hiten Mitsurugi was passed down, (NOT INHERITED THROUGH FREAKING BLOOD) would have made so much more sense but no, apparently blood equals mastered skills.

Point 2, Bashing, I can admit I agree every now an than a character needs a good Bashing, What Rías did was wrong, she can try and justify with any amount of pretty words she can, or any other form of reasoning but she still forced someone against their will into slavery.

Her mentality was that it was the equivalent of taking a poor orphan off the street and giving them the chance to live in the lap of luxury. When you think about it, she treats her servants with love and respect, her family has major influence so they'll be protected, and they have the opportunity to build an incredible life. What she failed to understand is that despite all the pros, she took that choice away from Issei.

We can all agree she was terrified about a marriage to Raiser, if she ended up marrying him her servants would be his to do with as he pleased and she would forever be a trophy for him to show off. Was she spoiled most definitely was she wrong about stealing Issei choice absolutely.

But I can't stand bashing of a main canon character, maybe a little punishment, but out right alienation is just bad taste. Yet once again I can bite the bullet and keep going, hell I can even support not allowing them and the main character getting together, despite my protest, like I said I'm an open person, but you F'ed up on the last point.

Last Point, probably the thing I can't forgive above all because once it's put together with Points 1 and 2, I can no longer forgive. 1 or 2 of any of these points together I can look pass but you managed to put all 3 together thus your story became unreadable trash.

Last Point, Love at first sight, I absolutely abhor this plot mechanic, now can I forgive it if it was alone of course I can, can I forgive it if it's with any of the other points by themselves as opposed to all 3, again I can bite the bullet. But putting that together with bashing the main heroine and free power, No absolutely not, Why? Because using all 3 at once shows how incompetent the story will be.

With free power you show how little you care about the foundation of a story, with main character bashing you show your ugliest aspect when it comes to your opinions on the canon, finally with love at first sight you demonstrate how little you care about story structure. All these together point to a failure in the making.

You have Issei gain power with little to no work at all, you force his personality to change just so he can hold a grudge against Rías and her peerage, you have the audacity to say he will never try to form a relationship with them ever again. In other words no forgiveness what so ever, and finally as it to say to hell to everything you just established you force him to fall in love at first sight with a girl he knows nothing about (I'm well aware Ingvlid eventually becomes his queen in canon but that's not the point).

Sorry but this became unreadable the second Ddraig said "I believe you're experiencing love at first sight". No just no, can't support this can't even follow this anymore, good luck with this story, maybe others will like it but it's become an irreparable trash of a story and no matter what you do I can't support it.
11/7/2018 c4 Guest
I-I-I-It's n-not l-like I-I l-like y-ou, B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-AKA! Dear lord, that was cringy as hell...
11/7/2018 c4 Guest
It's Ingvild
11/6/2018 c4 Guest
Gotta slow down my man. Seems rushed and you don't follow the light novel just the anime. The light novel is much better as it covers stuff the anime refused to put in.
11/7/2018 c4 cmoalys
were the update ? This is to good
11/7/2018 c4 OsteoPoro
where is the update mah dudee
11/6/2018 c4 sil-celestion-boos imperial
Jajajajajaja que cosa espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo
11/6/2018 c4 Reaper66
Amazing chapter
11/6/2018 c4 3OechsnerC
Awesome story. Love the fast update.
11/6/2018 c4 Bob2121998
AMAZING chapter as always bro i'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next chapter i hope its published soon and is longer than this one. :)
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