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for The Dragons Rebirth

1/8/2020 c17 3OechsnerC
Wow. Awesome update. Wonder how things are going to go this time around. Looking forward to reading more.
1/8/2020 c17 darth56
thank you for the new chapter this has been a great read the story you have written has issei as a very good image of a non pervert and strong can't wait for his fight so hope you keep it up and we are reading a new chapter soon and for some time thank you
1/8/2020 c17 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
1/4/2020 c16 Guest
12/26/2019 c16 Guest
Update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
12/18/2019 c2 hilarious.yami13
it's predecessor not ancestor
12/16/2019 c16 Guest
12/1/2019 c16 darth56
that was a great version of the ori. story line i do like the changes you have made to the cannon version -a great start to the fight and getting yasaka back so again thank you
12/1/2019 c16 Bob2121998
I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next chapter i hope its published soon.
12/1/2019 c16 midnightscar17
Please update soon. This is a great chapter
12/1/2019 c16 NinjaFang1331
Wonderful update
12/1/2019 c3 Archieless00
What it is? There no impact on this fic
12/1/2019 c16 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
11/28/2019 c15 PhantomDevil
plz update
11/28/2019 c15 PhantomDevilEND
Plz Update...
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