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8/21/2019 c1 1Iamsunny9
Another one of those author who shouldn't be, with their really bad hate stories.
Can you like point out the point the time when it was said that Rias knew that fallen was gonna kill issei because i didn't read it and I didn't know that Rias was phychic so she knew what yumma was planning.
And even if all that is true she is not a saint, she is a devil who make deals for even talking to someone she have no obligation to save Issei without getting anything in return.
8/8/2019 c13 Dontmsgmeambord
Amazing chapter, I never expected less from you, even though it might get short it imo is one of the best stories I've read do far. I know I can't critique this but all I can say is that its amazing, and I hope you update it more frequently!
Anyways have a good day and hope to see you update soon again!
8/8/2019 c2 Issei Hyodou Gremory
Of their plan too kill ise. Plus why is he being a dick too Asia now? The bullshit “my mind is sharper so i find her annoying” is utter dumpster fire excuse. Ur a subpar author who writes subpar fanfics. This is literally just a powertrip with a sepf insert ise in it. Utter garbage
Ps. Anime only fans are cancer in the dxd fandom
8/8/2019 c1 Issei Hyodou Gremory
How can a story so bad exist? The bashing is annoying. For one While yes rias did know the fallen where in her territory. She had no idea if their
8/6/2019 c13 darth56
i love this story and the way you did the part with asia was a great change from cannon very nicely done i can't get enough of this story i have just reread it again and it is a great read again thank you for the read
8/6/2019 c13 Shadic21
Good chapter, I want to see the next part.
8/6/2019 c13 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
8/6/2019 c13 Gabrielbrooks
Nice great use of benihime keep of the great and please longer chapters
8/6/2019 c13 Funnybones123
yes delighted to see a new chapter out keep up the great work
8/6/2019 c13 2Xerzo LotCN
welp that all happened ok then will rose be a waifu... if not please dont do gross ntr ish shipping with other guys and the canon waifus that arent with ise 3 semi rightfully the other not so much more victims ...
8/6/2019 c13 Bob2121998
AMAZING chapter as always I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next chapter I hope it's published soon.
7/12/2019 c12 Guest
Okay this by far my favorite fanfic it’s different all the other fanfics I’ve read which is what makes this so awesome
7/12/2019 c12 13creativesm75
7/7/2019 c12 2Xerzo LotCN
welp at least juggernaut drive accident cant happen

ive said this before but i dont see why he hate irina xenovia and asia his childhood friend that had nothing to do with it xenovia who had nothing to do with it and becane a devil for him basically and innocent asia and her dragon tamer aura i guess it literally just to have solo pairing...

you know as bad as season 3 was it didn't make ise look like a lame ass because bullshit because vs sona doesnt happen the only bad part of those volumes was the main good part of season 3
7/6/2019 c12 BajanMexican
Great chapter I love issei's bloodlust side
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