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11/4/2018 c1 13ThePennyTealeaf
Aww this is brilliant! I too am hoping that Graham took Joe to a military hospital or at least arranged some kind of treatment for him once he had cleared Cain out of the way.

This is so well written and the name for Joe is perfect. Simple, yet there's a hint to Graham's sentimental side. Just brilliant.

Until Ned makes his return...its in fanfiction's hands.

Penny x
10/19/2018 c1 Hello
Perfect! Clever choice of fake name for Joe. Very in-character for both. I loved it.
10/20/2018 c1 3pixiepup
Well let’s hope that this is what has really happened in the show and that Joe finds his way back some day. Really hope he has not been killed off for good. It doesn’t sit right that the Graham we have seen so far would have finished him off. Can’t believe he’s that besotted with Kim! Thanks for writing this. x

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