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for Shantae vs Nega Shantae

12/10/2018 c1 Thunder Dragon
Nice to see Shantae use her wits to survive.

Now Seeing as you are a Sonic the Hedgehog fan I have one that I think you may like.

It is a Sonic the Hedgehog and Little Witch Academia crossover. If I were you, I would take a look at Fate Genesis, a Sonic the Hedgehog and Fate/Stay Night crossover as a template. Now you have a lot of material to work with as Little Witch Academia has two OVA Short Anime films, three different manga's and also a TV anime series

The Beginning of this story starts out like this. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, after facing down Eggman and his forces has Doctor Eggman backed into a corner. So Eggman in a desperate move uses the Chaos Emeralds to remove Team Sonic from their world. During this event Sonic and his pals help out the Staff of Luna Nova in exchange that if their magic can help them get home or help them find the Chaos Emeralds so they use them to go home. During this time Sonic and his friends help out Akko reach her goal and restore magic to this world just because it is the right thing to do.

Now which world or continuity Sonic and his crew are from is up to you. But if I recommend you go with the Pre Genesis Super Wave Continuity from the Sonic Archie Comics. but the Sonic Team have all the powers and abilities from across the franchise and the Chaos Emeralds are composite of both the games and Pre Super Genesis Sonic Archie Comics continuity.

Now if you decide to do this idea it bears mentioning the difference between Sonic's world and how it operates from the Little Witch Academia series.

Here is the Sonic Universes mechanics. Now if you go with the games the Master Emerald was created by the Gods of Sonic's Universe to keep the Chaos Emeralds in balance and truly has infinite power and in the games exists as a universal singularity as their is only one Master Emerald across time and space. The Chaos Emeralds have potentially limitless power while the Master Emerald truly does have limitless power and can be channeled, reignited, and augmented as well as drained by certain technologies, entities, and magic's and sacred places and certain individuals. And like I said earlier The Chaos Emeralds have potentially limitless power while the Master Emerald truly does have limitless power. And if you count Sonic 06 they can even cause Perfect Resurrection. Chaos Energy also has positive and negative energy.

Now here is what I know about Chaos Energy and the Chaos Force if you are going with the Archie Comics on that topic if you end up drawing from the Pre Genesis Wave Continuity in the Sonic Archie Comics.

Chaos energy is a product of the Chaos Force, a never ending pool of Primal Energy that is tied to the very universe itself with the Chaos Emeralds, the Super Emeralds, and the Master Emerald as the strongest physical embodiment of Chaos Energy if you go with the Pre Super Genesis wave continuity in the Archie comics. The Chaos Force is the embodiment of all Chaos energy, the mystical power wielded by many inhabitants of Mobius and the all-encompassing energy of the universe.

Now the Sonic the Hedgehog series has mysticism which is more apparent in the Archie comics. Like for example The Ixis Magicks. The Ixis Magics are magical techniques exclusive to members of the Order of Ixis, having been devised by founder Mammoth Mogul, the first Ixis.

Of all the Ixis Magicks the most obvious display of this art is the manipulation of the elements of Mobius: fire, water, air, earth, and Power Rings. Other abilities found amongst the Ixis Magicks are the ability to do battle with an opponent mentally, in which the losing enemy of such a battle can be entirely dominated by the winner; and the power to transform living or non-living substances into a green crystal that is virtually indestructible. Possibly another Ixian technique, developed solely by Ixis Naugus, is the Shadow Meld ability, in which the user can teleport to any location.

After the continuity reboot with the Super Genesis Wave, The Chaos Emeralds have potentially limitless power while the Master Emerald truly does have limitless power. Chaos Energy has both positive and negative energy in both series and according to Eggman in the Archie Comic's Chaos Energy is like Chaos Theory. Chaos is the chance of things not going according to plan, the hiccup on the quantum level. Sonic and his crew are literally tied to this stuff and their world is bathed in it.

In the reboot of the comics Chaos energy is still a mystical energy that can be found within the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. However, it is possible for Chaos energy to exist within other sources, such as Chaos, who is a being made of liquid Chaos energy. This energy can be used for a number of applications, such as powering machinery, empowering beings, or warping time and space itself.

By tapping into Chaos energy, it is possible for individuals to gain access to unique abilities such as Chaos Control, or to achieve transformations known as "Super-States". These transformations greatly increase the innate powers of the individual and also provide them with new abilities, the most common of which are flight and invulnerability. By using Tikal's Prayer, it is possible to increase one's access to Chaos energy. Shadow the Hedgehog can also increase his Chaos energy intake by removing his Inhibitor Rings.

There exist a handful of methods for certain individuals to track Chaos energy. The first is Knuckles the Echidna's innate "emerald radar", which allows him to track Chaos energy within a limited range. Opposite to that, the Mystic Melody allows its user to detect Chaos energy over a long distance. There are also machines that are designed to detect Chaos energy.

Now to compare this to the Little Witch Academia series and how it operates. The Spells of Little Witch Academia can easily defy logic such as transfiguration by turning a table into a pig for instance, Can use multiple elements, allow for flight, and can cast spells that can last for centuries and it can do pretty much anything. Wizards and Witches while lacking in physical fitness and easily harmless once you disarm them most of them, and without the World Tree the must rely on the Philosopher Stone for their magic on campus and draw power from Ley Lines. Magic in this series is more of a trained discipline as it can also be developed in people who have had no background in Magic as we see with Akko and those with long standing in using magic do have some abilities that new comers usually do not have and draws a lot from belief to keep it from fading. The Magic's of Little Witch Academia follow a lot of actual mystical practices like Numerology, Astrology, And most of Akko's spells are in Gaelic and has some elements of Norse Mythology with Yggdrasill the World Tree.

Now when Akko helps the Sonic Team find the Chaos Emeralds and the Sonic crew help Akko learn the Seven Words of Arctoruas and saving the world from a monster(trying to avoid spoilers)Positive Chaos Energy, and positive magic and is spread across the world after the battle giving people and mages with supernatural and originally regular people across the globe are now endowed with special powers and if they already do have special powers they get enhanced powers along with Chaos Powers. This should cause the revitalizing of Magic, the birth and use of Chaos Energy in The Little Witch Academia world and all of the world's Ley Lines across the globe being revitalized and allow the world to begin healing as earth's environments to begin recovering as well.

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