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for The Gates of Azkaban

2/14 c10 tfuinsah
God why is Harry perputually an idiot. You'd think after a war he'd be the slightest bit more careful and yet here he is dragging other people down. At least in Hogwarts the things were happening to him, but here he's actively seeking them out. What an absolute idiot.
2/14 c8 tfuinsah
I have to say, if you want to make me hate everyone except Moody and Savage you've been doing an excellent job of it. At this point I don't care if Voldemort or Dumbledore wins, as long as both sides suffer.
2/11 c78 10spaycesickle
What a fantastic story! You write horror elements so well.
1/16 c78 1LoveSpock
Excellent story. So intense. Cudos.

1/8 c19 SoundwaveFan17
What a poor friend not even mad that her (former but at the time best) friend was almost killed but that she was lied to
1/8 c78 1Sarunya
Thank you for writing this beautiful, beautiful piece. For getting everything just right. For the redemptions, the perspectives, the amazing characterizations. Although I was rooting for a slightly different outcome, it was perfect until the end. Thank you so much.
12/21/2023 c78 lizliu
I would like to thank you for a wonderful story. Excellent writing, epic battles, a compelling story, and well-developed characters—as others have already mentioned.

While sorting long SS-Lily fanfics by the number of favorites, I came across your story. I was reading Ananke, a romance novel, before yours. In it, Lily is OOC in a stupid way; the author may have wanted to create more drama and misunderstanding for her story, but (s)he did it awkwardly. It also lacks magical elements, with characters seeming clueless about how to utilize their wands.

I mean no disrespect to any fanfic, but there is a difference in comparisons. Reading your story is a refreshing experience. Your magical world is diverse, your characters resourceful with their spells, and explanations on magical theory deep and intriguing. Characters are different from the canon because of the situations that shaped them rather than the writer's obvious and embarrassing intervention. I particularly enjoy how you portrayed Ginny. She is a prominent character in your fanfic, unlike in some other works; she is beautiful, strong, honest, and mischievous in a very Weasley way. I can see why Harry adores her, and it's obviously not because of the way her red hair makes him think of his mother.

Reviewers have already covered the plot and the happy (but still realistic) ending, so I won't repeat them. If anything bothers me, it might be the fate you chose for James and Sirius. I think it's a little too hard, especially now that they've taken part in and contributed to the Death Eater's Cave battle. However, I understand. As the story draws to a close, you could find it challenging to get them to change their attitude (in time) given their constant lack of regret for their actions toward Snape in the Shrieking Shack and their attempts to trick Lily. In any case, readers can still hold out hope for a less than dire consequence for these two guys because of the ambiguity you said about the Unspeakables.

Many thanks, again.
11/11/2023 c78 3chuffed4angst
Great story! Excellent plot and characters. Well written. I especially loved the part of the ending that winked and nodded at all the rules and then threw them all away in the name of happiness !
11/8/2023 c1 schiffer441
well color me impressed, at the end I only missed regulus and narcissa's fate but this was great
10/31/2023 c1 Xxx
10/31/2023 c24 Pratik
Lost the interest the moment you start with Dumbledore bashing. Up until then I was extremely excited that I had 50 more chapters to read.

People who bash Dumbledore are simply stupid. Dumbledore is one of the most empathetic characters in the story on top of being the greatest mind ever and obviously powerful as hell. All his schemes were to ensure victory. There is a reason he was loved by all. Severus for all his troubles considers Dumbledore as perhaps his only true friend. And Hermione, for all her intellect couldn't see that? It's a shame really. There was no need for the unnecessary bashing. James potter, sure maybe. That too you take to an extreme level. You make Lily and James interactions as stupid and stupider. Snape had you, hence he deserves to die, says James to Lily. And Lily melts hearing that and they start making love ? Lmao, sorry but that I can't read such trash. Good luck learning some empathy in your life and then maybe you can understand Dumbledore.
10/29/2023 c78 Guest
That was so good. Both parts of this story was so fascinating, thank you for posting this. Absolutely loved it. Have an awesome day!
10/20/2023 c78 14Last Harlequin
this story is so good. excellent even easily top 10 quality. that said I badly want savage/Snape content now and I won't be getting it and I'm fiercely disappointed
10/12/2023 c78 suziq968
This has been one of the most fascinating AU ideas I've ever seen. I'm baffled that I missed it all these years and thrilled to have found it now. Thanks so much!
9/23/2023 c16 0richierich0
Great story. Very well written. I was just going to take a quick glance at it but it pulled me in. Thanks!
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