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7/20 c27 LoveInTheBattleField
This story was wonderful and I enjoyed it!
6/24 c27 Guest
Awesome story! Excellent ending!
6/24 c27 NB13
I am in tears, but damn, was it worth it <3
6/16 c27 lipasnape
detailed, but uncluttered
thank you
6/2 c27 SeverusAndHermioneFan
A review for readers who read reviews first at the end:
Good story, liked the clever characters. Really smart and sarcastic. That's rare. But please keep in mind that it's not just HG/SS, but also HG/DM. If you want HG/SS, only read up to chapter 22.

P.S. What upsets me most is not that the author didn't put HG/DM in the hat, but that he tortured Severus for 7 years straight! As if he didn't suffer enough (
6/2 c22 SeverusAndHermioneFan
For HG/SS readers:
Since only HG/SS is listed in the pairing and HG/DM is not listed, if you don't want to experience negativity from HG/DM, finish reading at this chapter (22). And come up with an ending. If you can't think of anything and want to get back to the story when it becomes HG/SS again, then read the last, chapter 27, considering that Hermione is back in time at her cottage. There will be slight mentions of HG/DM, but nothing much that you can't get out of your head. But get the HEA with the HG/SS.
6/2 c24 SeverusAndHermioneFan
You've ruined everything, it's disgusting. Why the hell isn't the second peyring with Draco listed? I wouldn't have read it, and now I'm terribly frustrated, my mood just destroyed. Are you a sadist? This was an amazing story before this chapter.
6/2 c21 SeverusAndHermioneFan
"Do not," Hermione says, glancing around and casting a Muffliato, "under any circumstances let my younger self marry Malfoy."
"Don't let her marry Ron either."
AWWWW! The best words in the history of fanfics that Hermione can say to Severus. 1000/10 Lovely hearts
6/2 c19 SeverusAndHermioneFan
Clever Hermione, you guessed it!

Hermione and Severus are great. The author writes very clever, intelligent, sarcastic characters. This would be impossible if the author himself wasn't smart enough. That's very rare, thank you.
6/2 c15 SeverusAndHermioneFan
Poor Severus, he thinks she is in love with Draco. And she wants to kiss Lucius, because he looks a lot like Draco, whom she misses. And it's pretty obvious that she doesn't want to kiss dirty git, Death Eater, Dumbledore's murderer, double agent, Severus Snape's bat. He is bitter and resentful that all good things are passing him by.
5/28 c27 Guest
Really liked the story! It's a pity it was relatively short. Could have been stretched out :)
5/21 c27 15Saissa
Great story!
5/18 c27 1SusanMarieS
thank you again
5/13 c27 Drsquirrel
Aww... I really liked this story! I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how you would pull off a happy ending when she came back to such a different world. But you did, and it was great. I’ll have to see what else you’ve written!
5/8 c27 aamlkb
That was sooo sweet and I’m sooo happy that Draco doesn’t hate her and everyone lives happily ever after.
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