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4/17 c27 dhamann7878
Such a wonderfully twisted story. I enjoyed every word
3/17 c1 Maggiewall
I loved this story so much, thank you for sharing
2/29 c27 HelpmeHermione
I enjoyed your story. It did have this rushed feel to it, so it was hard to truly relax and take it all in. However the writing was well done and it was nice not having to see a million spell and errors etc. I liked your character of Professor Greene and how she influenced Draco. I wish I had a time turner to go back and correct some wrongs. Overall, pretty decent story. Thank you.
11/25/2023 c7 2theredwaste
“Miss, we isYou us getting OUT!”

I just fucking screamed. That is so funny. Hermiones hilarious, i can just picture the scene perfectly LMFAO
9/17/2023 c8 Mal
This. is. so. fucking. good!
9/13/2023 c27 2Graveyardgemini
what an absolutely beautiful story! I love it! thank you so much for writing this
8/10/2023 c27 1LadyChaos91
Loved it so much
8/10/2023 c21 LadyChaos91
I'm thoroughly enjoying this fic it's beautiful and I don't want to jump the gun but what about Voldemort's last soul piece, the sentient bit, surely that would still need to be dealt with, it still had a sort of body and even though he hasn't been fully restored I'd imagine it would still be 'alive', and what about Crouch Sr, he broke the law and I'd assume he isn't dead yet, but to be under the imperious curse by Voldy which kept having to be reapplied so I'm sure it would definitely be a place to start to find old Mouldyshorts, and what about Petttigrew and clearing Sirius' name, I'm sure you do probably cover some or all of this later it just seems like some of the talks you depicted from Severus, Lucius and Hermione seem rather final like they aren't even considering any of that
3/9/2023 c27 Tallulah-does-the-hula
I enjoyed this immensely, it was so snarky and fun with just enough drama. Fantastic!
2/11/2023 c27 amk41196
Thanks for the epilogue... Love this fic...
1/5/2023 c27 14Dimac99
I loooove this! Okay, I'm squeeing because of the cute ending, but I loved the rest too. Great plot, wonderful writing and characterisations and I have to say, the twist with Arthur Weasley was bloody brilliant. I did NOT see that coming - a genuinely unique little surprise. And I thought I'd read enough fanfic to be beyond surprising! I'm already looking forward to rereading this in future.
7/5/2022 c27 31Deceptive Lies
This was absolutely beautiful
5/20/2022 c27 Ice Demon Ranger
This is a most wonderfullest story.
Thank you for sharing.
5/3/2022 c27 4Hillmorrr
Loved your story! You built the characters and made both them and the plot seem realistic. Thanks for sharing!
4/8/2022 c27 paulieandgilbert
I hate to be critical, but although the first several chapters were cute and funny, the story vastly improved once your beta Turtlewexler joined in. Sometimes we all need a second opinion or a third person perspective to clearly see a bigger picture. That being said, I truly enjoyed this story! Well done!
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