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for The logic of being Friends

9/19/2021 c1 113cosmos
I was smiling the entire time! what a beautiful story. it was short and so so sweet!
2/9/2021 c1 5LovetoRead613
I LOVE this! Please, please write more!
7/24/2020 c1 3Puhinkam
That was beautiful, lovely and goregous picture about them! I love every single word in thi fic. And I think that this should be the missing scene with the tv show, really.
3/8/2020 c1 Soleil1358
What a wonderful story! With so many precious moments, so many lines full of beautiful gems... I didn't want it to end and I didn't want to lose one bit of it either, so I read each line several times before moving to the next, relishing each moment again and again.

"...the poetry hidden behind the thin curtain of reality, constantly waiting to be held up a little, if only to peek at the other side of it. It was Anne's dreams, it were her pleasures...", this is possibly my most favorite line ever about Anne's character... so beautiful. As for the moments with Gilbert, there are too many to write them here. You are an amazing writer!
11/18/2018 c1 Just an stranger
Beautiful uwu
11/8/2018 c1 15DropTheBasil
I love it! This was so cute and totally in character! I could imagine Gilbert and Anne doing this. I love them so much!
10/25/2018 c1 Hlee
This is precious. I so enjoyed reading it. You captured Gilbert’s voice perfectly.
10/25/2018 c1 4hlee0890
Had to log in to review again. That final bit with Gilbert not wanting her red hair to change melted my heart. I need more Anne and Gilbert stories from you!
10/17/2018 c1 3AnneWithAnEStory
you are SUCH a good writer, i literally felt like i was reading the actual Anne books, not fanfic. I wanted to go through and be like here are all the lines I loved but omg it ended up being like every line lol. So here are my faves:
"only half hoping she hadnt yet realized how much he already cared for her" (awww, the early beginnings of shirbert) and "fight the urge to take her hands to his and never let go" (my heart) and omg the line about how her hair changing color would be like taking the E off of her name...sigh. You are wonderful AnneWithaGee.

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