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for 15b: Replacements

1/18/2021 c12 10DeeUnnatural
I can't tell you how many times I read your AU. I get more into it each time. I hope ;you have more to add. Great read.
4/15/2019 c12 7CricketBeautiful
noooo! What happens next?
2/24/2019 c10 16Julieann Dreamer
Also, so sad to see Nykinnen dead. I loved that secondary character. One of the solid anchors who was always there when needed. Mark wouldn't have done so well without him. The team and everyone around him is so going to feel the loss.
2/24/2019 c12 Julieann Dreamer
They have a huge mole problem. It's the big white elephant in the room. I'm hoping the next installment will start going into the fallout and the search for the source.

Loved reading this!
2/24/2019 c11 Julieann Dreamer
I found just a few typos in this chapter:

It was unmistakeable, a noticeable chance in momentum..

A noticeable CHANGE?


"He looked at the table.

Looks like an extra dialogue quote where it doesn't belong.

And still reading avidly!
12/16/2018 c1 Guest
I really like your stories. I have been eagerly awaiting the newest one and I enjoyed it very much.

I think I missed a thing or two, though, in previous stories. When did the P-X get a new name? The name is perfect, but I was confused for a while trying to figure it out.

I’m sad that Nykinnen was killed. And that Dave was so badly hurt. I sometimes create my own mental stories in your AU, and I had Nykkinnen taking over for Grant when Ivanov moved to Anderson’s position, and Grant took Ivanov’s.

I admit that I wish that there had been a little bit from Chris Johnson’s standpoint in such a crisis, with Tiny and Princess in Medical, and how he coped in the dark. And I look forward to seeing more about Keyop’s growth.
11/30/2018 c12 SerenaDeb
I love your stories. I find them well written, interesting, entertaining and often thought provoking. I've read several of them over and over again, and considering I know absolutely nothing about battle of the planets, I think it shows what a great writer you are.
Your comment about Blakes 7 - have you written any fanfic for it? because that is something I would kill to read.
11/27/2018 c12 susan
awesome story
I hope you will do another one soon
11/7/2018 c12 3nephedra
This is an amazing story and cliffhanger - you do them so well! Nooooo! Not Nykinnen! I'm with Jason. I don't love the situation one bit. Nope not at all.

I loved the balance in telling the story between the two teams. So here is my nitpick (I'm like you, i nitpick things I like and thrive on feedback to improve). Sometimes the dialog is tough to follow who is speaking. My head cannon and yours are similar when it comes to Mark and Jason, so they tend to be easy to follow even when there are others in the conversation ...most of the time. The new team with less well established individual mannerisms, not so much. I would suggest a bit more descriptive text with those dialog and so glanced at his console or whatever to avoid the he said inevitable ending. It was hard to remember who is G8, their role and figure out who was talking. A few minor typos here and there. A few plot things left undone...ahem Don, and long term chain of command if there are ever two active teams again. Love it as always and sure hope there are more to come!
11/6/2018 c12 42Tikatu
This feels like a jumping off point for the next story! (I see no one mentioned Tiny; just Princess. I take it he's part of the evacuation because he was there but Princess is in a hospital elsewhere? He wouldn't be ready to pilot, of course, but would be transported.)

Jason doesn't much like change, does he?

Looking forward to visiting Centre Neptune!
11/6/2018 c1 Guest
Ooops. I just realized that the "waiting too long for the next one" might be taken as an unreasonable criticism of your posting schedule. I just meant that I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of your stories.
11/6/2018 c12 Guest
You capture Jason's feelings here beautifully. I hope you won't keep us waiting too long for the next story... :)
11/4/2018 c11 Tikatu
And that's pretty much everything tied up, except for the move to Centre Neptune. I take it I was mistaken when I thought there was a device buried beneath the ISO HQ.

Liked the way Mark realizes Force Two has become a true team. I hope he can convince those who need convincing that Rick made the best calls throughout. Though, really, that's Rick's job, isn't it?
11/4/2018 c11 Guest
I'd say it's your usual brilliant character interactions, but you've surpassed yourself again.
11/2/2018 c10 Tikatu
I was afraid Nykinnen would be among the casualties. I've grown to like the character as you've written him and I'm sad you've killed off that particular "darling". As for the medical emergency, I had pegged Tiny for that and I'm glad it wasn't. Dave doesn't stick out in my mind as clearly as Nykinnen did but his injury is enough to rattle both Jason and Mark.

"Goons are cowards." Yep, with the way they seeded the cafeteria with bombs, it's certain.

Looking forward to this debrief - and the reaction to the underground device which is still there...
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