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for The Butcher Bird (One Piece SI)

1/7 c1 Taylorwill
WHY. THE. FUCK are two stories going at the same time
12/3/2023 c90 Guest
I have never been more relieved and felt more catharsis seeing the main characters of a One Piece fiction lose this badly to Marines than this. At this point, Many fights and interesting characters have died at their hands so quickly that ive wondered why they were bothered to be introduced. the characters claim to be better than Marines when they've done exactly what they do and worse, and characters I do like are either getting worse or in the process of dying.

I feel like it's a very strong antithesis to the original work and honestly can't tell if it's intentional or not, and that's very interesting to me.
7/11/2023 c1 theeelderman5
yep this is good if you want to get into it but why the fuck it start like this :0 no plot no story no nothin just here ya go we in the thick of it this ain't a flashback nor is it a view into the future damn.
7/11/2023 c1 theeelderman5
maybe he doesn't update on this site because of these comments
6/5/2023 c1 tylor13roney
why does he have to say tail.1 tail 2 tail ß before any attack lol it's quite annoying
5/1/2023 c1 1210justinp
nah this doesn't make any sense at all. I pity the fools who like this novel, this is trash. I can't imagine the novels they don't like.
2/11/2022 c1 RadioactiveGods
and captain dude just yells random medical operations names as he fights, they're not even proper special attacks
2/11/2022 c1 RadioactiveGods
Just started reading and already I find it beyond annoying that he is not a captain but the guy he rescues on a whim is instead. Like bro, why people simply can not stand to write decent captain si fics is beyond me, if the mc doesn't immediately join up with the straw hats (kill me now) then it's either some other captain or some dumb ass lone wolf shit. Every single fic where the si is a captain is either dead after 15k words or a shitfic. God damn, so much cool potential but now I'm just gonna seethe about this as long as I keep reading
12/22/2020 c1 1ramsesjames05
Woaa ghoul
10/22/2020 c82 Guest
I Really appreciate this self insert because it isn’t just any self wishful fantasy, it’s actually a great story that delves into the horrors in the one piece world.
10/22/2020 c108 Guest
Wtf this story deserves more attention
10/13/2020 c108 camcris
como aparace en estas paginas para buscarla la historia si esta muy bien escrita y me gustaria leerla hasta el final
10/13/2020 c108 NonSolus
Thats a damn shame, but so long as the story continues Ao3 is alright as well.
10/13/2020 c108 2Akamiki-kun
damn it really
10/13/2020 c108 StoryCrafteer

here it is
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