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12/20/2018 c3 11ShizaAssassian316
OMG- I’m so happy that you’re back writing again! I miss JimxAriel crossovers and I just finished re-reading your past stories just now before tackling this new tale you have going on! I’m interested and excited to see where this story takes off! Good luck and I’m excited for more!
10/15/2018 c1 Guest
Yo please keep writing!
10/17/2018 c1 18Silver Inklett
OOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT! What a way to start the story! Oooh so many questions, so little time!

I lovelovelove what you've established in this world already. AUs with this ship with Jim as a merman are rare, but always some of my favorites, and I love any fic involving royal Hawkins! The glimpses of Jim and Ariel's past together are fascinating, and really get the reader invested in figuring out what the heck happened! Why is Ariel human now? What is going on with Eric's mother? What was Jim's reaction to finding her alive and human and bEING PROPOSED TO? All of these questions are gonna haunt me until the next chapter, which is how you /know/ it's good! I also love the inclusion of Thor from the cartoon series lol; what a simple, yet effective way to make the world seem more fleshed out. (Also, bless you for making Eric's kingdom Spain? That is one of my favorite headcanons of all time.)

Overall, a really awesome start to what looks like a really awesome fic. I always get excited when there's a new Jariel fic, esp one from an author who I know and trust with the couple already! If you're serious about needing a beta, hmu! Best of luck moving forward, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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