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2/22 c50 ultracrazymatt
Looks like Gine's concern may get her to go to space to find her family. and wow I'm surprised the Held Captive episode with them being held hostage by the kids was acknowledged kudos, though I was hoping Yamcha and Krillin would do something, I would have love to see how the scene played out and how the kids would have reacted towards Chichi since she's a mom. I wondered if she comforted them? And oh boy, Vegeta's in a reel doo doo right now, but it seems his Zenkai boost has awakened and is now gonna follow those guys to namek.
2/22 c48 Guest
Will trunks be born or not?
2/21 c50 Guest

Anyway glad to still see updates and your description of the characters inner working is as beautiful as always, I can only hope and see what you got in stored for Chi-Chi and Yamcha as we enter uncharted waters on the green planet. I'd imagine that Raditz, Kakarot and Gine being grouped together could give them amazing growth while they travel. I know Gine kicks ass in Masako I wonder what you have planned tho.
2/15 c50 Some1call4MR-E

Yet again however, I would like to see more than this one chapter, before the end of the year!

So hopefully, see you again next time, sooner, rather than later!

Serious note: Thanks all the same for this fun story!
2/15 c50 Blackmetalzane22
Poor Gine, I have a feeling those nightmares aren't stopping soon. I always felt bad for those kids, especially since it's highly likely their parents are gone. Vegeta's back and he's not happy, and Frieza's not happy with him either. With him follow the group in space, it looks like Gine and Kakarot are gonna need to get ready for a fight soon.
2/15 c50 7zakan
Interesting, so, since there was no Raditz death, no one learned about the dragon balls and that's why Vegeta does not know to where they are going, right?
2/15 c50 12AstroZ
And we're finally entering the Namek/Frieza saga after what has felt like an eternity. Also remind me because it's been a while since I read, but I'm assuming Vegeta has no idea about the Namekian Dragon Balls since that never crossed his mind, and by extension, Frieza has no idea either.
2/15 c50 19Ander Arias
I wasn't expecting you to aknowledge the filler episodes of the ttabel to Namek, since they aren't particularly memorable (and yeah, the twist of the fake Namek sucked and ended in an anticlimatic way).

I found a bit odd that Frieza wasn't already on his way to Namek, but I believe that since Vegeta never learned of the Dragon Balls due the battle between Goku and Raditz never happening, neither did Frieza, right? Though given the last part, it looks like they're going to Namek either way.
2/15 c50 2merendinoemiliano
Amazing work, cannot wait to see next sagaa
2/15 c50 Guest
Okay good to know about the Fake Namek and about the Invisible Spaceship man.
2/15 c50 guest
love this namek is going to be great and then garlic jr. i always picture that going vegeta is not infected by the black water mist and goes with gohan and krillin to the lookout and then gine blasts out of it like piccolo and vegeta loses control of several bodily functions after realizing that the super saiyan will be fighting to kill and he has to hold her off long enough for gohan to get her the sacred water. what do you think sound fun right though i'm sure you'll have your own take on it
2/11 c30 9Sacredstar Mentor
I loved the emotional interaction between Raditz and Gine. They somehow hold the same bitter resentment towards Bardock for not sending a message to Raditz. Although in his defense the frieza force would’ve overheard from the scouters.

I also like conversations between Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta. It was pretty funny, it put a grin on my face reading that entire scene lol.

Also like the emotional turmoil within Raditz own subconscious. Going straight to survival mode to save himself despite being caught between a rock and a hard place.
2/5 c25 Sacredstar Mentor
I liked the fight between Chi-chi and mercenary Tao. It was both exciting with a lot of tension that got me worried about Chi-chi. Not surprised Tao pulled out a blade and attempted to kill Chi-chi. But emotional from the scene was quite impactful.

Sure the canon version isn’t very fond of by the community. But I like her fanfiction adaptation of the character Chi-chi are better in my opinion.
1/29 c22 Sacredstar Mentor
That truly was an emotional story arc of Gine’s past life and her overcoming her fears and finding true strength within herself.
1/29 c21 Sacredstar Mentor
I loved the touching heart to heart moment between young Gine and present Gine. She was basically giving herself inner strength and confidence.
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