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for Blackouts and Regrets

11/15/2018 c1 2400shadow
Oh my god I love this. This story is fantastic! I haven't gotten to read too many dreamkeepers fics (or even find many), but this is so well written and in character (for the only characters that interact that is). The fighting was great, but my favorite part was the descriptions of all the poor, drunken characters and the locations and positions they find themselves in. Woods was my favorite! Poor woods. His position sounds the most uncomfortable and he will be feeling that in the morning. Bill and vi falling asleep next to each other very companionably was absolutely adorable! I approve of this desicion! Poor Bill getting punched in the face. I feel for him. Bill is is always so incredibly jinxed. Him and Bobby seem to take the brunt of constant misfortune. And of course there is Bill's hat. Someone save Bill's hat! It is the only article of clothing that matters in the dreamkeepers universe, preserve Bills hat at all costs! Anyway, this story was a fantastic and fun read (instant fave) and I hope to see more from you. You are very good at it.

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