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1/2 c9 41Blondie 20000
The Mary Poppins part had me dying. Now I'm picturing the both of them watching the history channel lol. We are Venom oh I love that line and you wrote both of them so well. I absolutely love their relationship. You did an awesome job with this story. Well done :D
1/2 c8 Blondie 20000
Don't worry boys Anne and Dan will take good care of you. :)
1/2 c7 Blondie 20000
Anne and Eddie are not together but I do love that they remained friends. I like Anne's relationship with Venom.
1/2 c6 Blondie 20000
Oh good Eddie and Venom are ok. Someone better get Venom a damm good meal :D
1/2 c5 Blondie 20000
Cliffhanger ahhh. But I feel our duo is gonna make it. I'm sure.
1/2 c4 Blondie 20000
Awww Eddie and Venom are just adorable. Venom experiencing human emotions such as guilt it's so nice to see it's character development. Aww I wanna give Eddie a hug.
1/2 c3 Blondie 20000
The sky has cried lol. I do love Vemon's being concerned about his human. Oh Venom I live for the banter. :D
1/2 c2 Blondie 20000
Oh Venom makes me laugh. Good job Eddie has Venom I'm sure if Eddie was on his own in the forest he wouldn't get very far lol. Crying and cradling a repaired arm lol.
1/2 c1 Blondie 20000
I just watched Venom. I planned to read this after watching it. I do love the banter between them both. They are funny. Don't do well with heights uh Eddie you are terrified of them lol. Poor Venom gotta do all the work lol ;)
1/25/2019 c9 2Indigene Syke
Well that was adorable. They're both such dorks. Thanks for the story! I enjoyed it!
1/17/2019 c8 Indigene Syke
I like Dan. He just seems like such a chill guy. Good chapter! Thanks for updating!
11/26/2018 c7 XinterestingX
The way this started, with them waking up and talking about the last thning that happened, I worried that this was the last chapter. Doesn’t look like that though! :D
“Anne was happy to oblige” you know you have a good friend when she’s willing to be ‘possesed’ by an alien in order for him to eat. Back to them being friends, I like that despite them breaking up, Anne and Eddie can still care for each other. Those feelings they shared might not be that kind of love anymore, but that doesn’t mean they have to break any and all contact.
11/16/2018 c6 Indigene Syke
Cute :)
11/16/2018 c6 XinterestingX
I was just sitting down after a long (and mostly not so good) shift and hoped to get a nice read before bed. You just made my wish come true!
I knew my boys wouldn't end up dead! They’re too good/bad for that. And I’m also loving the thought of a ‘glowing’ Venom. He’s a dork but he’s a good dork.
11/12/2018 c4 Snoopy
OHHHHHHHHHHH NO! Dont you ARE make this an actual BROMANCE! I'm serious!
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