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for By a Simple Twist of Fate

4/13 c6 Elle
Hey! Just started to read this and it’s marvellous. Just wanted to ask about the mention of Teddy here. I think Ken and Persis were Leslie’s only kids in canon, right? Is this Teddy your own invention or is it Teddy from the Emily books?
12/15/2021 c1 15Juliette Deroulede
Oh. My. Goodness. I can NOT believe how long this is! 200,000 words longer than Les Mis... wow. I thought Les Mis was about the longest book ever LOL... I hope to be able to read the rest of this sometime... well written and sounds interesting! Your summary was so perfectly true... "Falling in love with the prince was easy. It was only afterwards that things got tough" I really can't agree more!
11/14/2021 c136 Guest
Finally found the time to finish this story. I loved your consistency over the weeks, months, and years. Thank you for seeing this project through and making it so enjoyable.
10/1/2021 c133 Hildegaarde
It's another lovely chapter as you continue to fill in the details, and I'm really impressed at how well it flows. It would have been easy for it to get bogged down but it doesn't, the writing moves along smoothly along with the party all going well (well except for the silly sock dance which is a perfect Blythe touch and just right to bring in the humor and embarrass Rilla sufficiently to satisfy her siblings!)
The speeches are really good and I'm glad you included them. It all hits just the right note of happy and sweet but not sickly sweet, winding up what has been a captivating and very enjoyable read. Rilla's second dress sounds just as gorgeous as the first and I'm glad she got to get some pictures in the snow! Snow in moonlight is one of the most gorgeous sights in the world! And it will set Rilla's wedding apart from all the other royal weddings that have gone on too...
10/1/2021 c132 Hildegaarde
Hey I'm sorry I wasn't able to review for so long, tons going on, but I finally had access to a library computer to try and get caught up on reviews for chapters that I read back when they were posted. I could read, I just can't type well.
I love the details you've included about the wedding with the play by play account. It fits the build up of the story well and everything that's gone before, so I'm really glad that you didn't rush through this very special day. You've done a great job of making the wedding 'fit' both Rilla and Ken really well, and it feels like a memory that they can look back on and know that it is true to them and their life together.
8/24/2021 c136 Mammu
Oh I loved it! I will put here now from many chapters. I cried at the weddind chapter when Gilbert and Rilla went to church. I could almost see the actual ceremony and I googled the tiara. Very sparkly :D Speeches were so nice and I almost cried again. Perfect ending. I remember finding this story and reading it on the airport when the plane was broken and we missed our party. I reviewed and hoped for happy ending. Had to wait long but got it! Thank you for this story! It has saved many thursdays when I have rememberd that there's a new chapter. Sorry that I haven't been able to rewiev in the end as much as I would have wanted to but I really have enjoyed. Looking forward to your next story! :)
P.S. What an exellent name Matilda that girl had. It's the middle name of our little princess :)
8/22/2021 c136 JoAnna0
You know what this chapter feels like? Those last two scenes in a Hallmark Christmas movies ;) When everything is resolved, the story is over, but they show you exactly how happy the characters are, how good their life's going to be. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, I love those movies (yeah, yeah, I know they're cheesy and full of clichees) and the feelings they provide.

It was such a long ride and I can't believe we've reached the end. So... you know, just take every compliment I've given you over this time and repeat it again, cause I'm lost for words and a bit emotional.
8/16/2021 c136 1Alicedreamer93
Been following this for on and off the past few years. Stopping when life got busy, and then picking up when I had time. Congrats on finishing it, it will be strange to not look for it when I have time to read things. I hope you write more Rilla, there is not a lot around who do.
8/15/2021 c136 DogMonday
A beautiful story has come to its end. The last chapter wrapped it up in the best manner possible, no drama, only family love and kinship, and above everything the love of a young couple that have decided to share their lives. I was happy to see the family Blythe being back in the UK, not only because I had assumed more or less correctly that something like that was about to happen, but also because it meant so much to Rilla and in fact to Ken and the whole Royal family. Finally Great Aunt Tanya, Katya and Walter in a joint conversation - speaking in a mixture of English and Russian I assume? Hilarious that grandma Bertha is defending the equal primogeniture in a conversation with Owen, because that means that she has accepted the Royal Crown! And all these other family conversations in different constellations, it really must warm the heart of Rilla.

The conversation with Jake really stands out. He and Rilla have such a special bond, more like siblings. I suppose the age difference of only 11 years and the fact that Rilla has spent so much time with him and his family so early in his life has contributed to that. What a long way he has come, from being so unhappy about Rilla moving to England and anxious to put a mental distance to Ken, to wanting to come and pursue his university studies in England. And Jake and Bruce! I can’t say I saw that coming. That explains why Bruce’s age difference to Rilla was changed from the 8 years between Rilla and him in canon, to this story, where it is 11 years. You explained early on that you meddled with the ages of the children Blythe and Meredith respectively, to make it easier for theirs moms. But that argument is not valid for Bruce, because he does not have the same mother as his siblings and Rosemary Meredith has no other children. Now it makes sense. Two really nice guys.

A word on Lottie. She seems to be bouncing around happily among the whole family gathering (some 27 people) even when they are dancing. What a development for this dog who was traumatized from a tour to Afghanistan! What an excellent idea by Rilla 13 months prior to this chapter and what an effort Ken and Rilla have put into her wellbeing. Lovely subplot!

A minor detail I reacted to was how Owen seemed to assume that Persis will remain single and stay with her parents. I know that this was Rilla’s story but if there was a subplot I was hoping for it was Persis’ story. We have seen her develop and we know she expressed hope in meeting someone at the wedding of Teddy and Amy, but after that nothing. She deserves happiness just like her brothers.

At the end there is the quiet and thoughtful conversation between Rilla and Ken. Their talk is sweet but the reasoning on fate is somewhat naive. Maybe the stomach flu in New York and how it affected a number of people including Ken was fate, Maybe the decision of Joy’s boss to ask her and nobody else at the lawyer’s bureau to replace a sick collegue with very short notice was fate. The rest of the story is basically about choices. Rilla made a choice to stumble into the waiter. I think even Rilla and Ken stumbling into each other outside the staff rest roms was a deliberate choice on Ken’s side. It was obvious he had looked at Rilla before she stumbled into the waiter, he had after all noted that Robert from Awasa looked quite keen! So I think he asked for her and stayed in that corridir. After that there were many choices, sometimes singlehanded, some together. Some choices were good, some were not so good or even simply bad. So the story is about these choices and how they eventually made them together and how they were able to make better and better choices. Their joint bad and good experiences and their choices form the basis for their love. That is a solid ground, but it is not Fate.

The story has come to an end. You lived with it for three years. I stumbled into it by chance (fate ;-)?) only a year ago and have enjoyed it from the beginning, although it took me some time to catch up and more time before I started reviewing. Your interest in my comments, also when I was questioning things, and your patience with me has been astonishing! I have never meant to be grumpy, when we had different opinions. Your creative and spirited references to canon have moved me to years at times. I felt truly honoured and even moved by your last comments. And I am immensely looking forward to your next story which I guess will take place in a different time from this one. Wednesday or Tuesday does not matter - it is the weekly routine, and your ability to bring your stories to a logical end that makes it so easy to look forward to it. Your writing, your characters, your dialogues, your ability to create a story, your meticulous research are all reasons to be impressed by your stories. I am sure it will be worthwhile to follow your next item.

But I have a wish. You said you had been toying with the idea to do one-shots as a follow up of SToF. I so much want to see Ken’s and Rilla’s visit to Canads in 2018 and also something on their growing family some years along the line, including some mentioning on Persis. Please do these two one-shots!

I have made a promise to you and that is a review of TtDCS. It is coming.
Finally - the best to you and thanks for wonderful reading!
8/15/2021 c136 32Feux follet
I'm so sorry for being this late, but firstly, congratulations for your work!

First of all, this ending was perfect! I enjoyed the scene between Rilla, Leslie and Owen - and George, whom I wasn't sure we would see again, but I'm glad and relieved we did! I always like those moments before the wave hit, with few people around, and a strange quietness, between the peace which is still there and the agitation which is coming and expected with both eagerness and a bit of apprehension. It was a great occasion to see Owen and Leslie better, for one last time, and compare the way they all talked with the first moments they spent together. I was particularly touched by the link you made with the quilt, and how Leslie had this thoughtful idea of letting some space so that everyone can help to finish it!

It's great that everyone was able to come. I always enjoyed your reunion chapters, though I know they weren't the easier to write, but you always did an amazing work, and here it is visible again :) I laughed when they talked about the people who could unpack their things. I'm already not comfortable at all when people comes to clean the room in the hotels, so I can't imagine someone touching my things without grimacing. I also liked your note on the fact that it takes a little time for everyone to adjust, but after a few days, it's nearly just one big family.
Just a question: I think I missed the reference to wednesdays and plaids, can you tell more about it please?

It was touching to observe the full room through Rilla's eyes, to see how everyone was occupying the space, and how they were talking together - Katya, Walter and Aunt Tanya being the best trio! But what hit me the most was Rilla's conversation with Jake. Even if she have something with Izzie, her relationship with him is somehow deeper, and it was lovely to see them here. It was a good surprise to hear that he was going to apply for a British university with Bruce, and that he would keep this bond with Rilla.

Great Aunt Tanya making them all dance made my day! I've always been fascinated by traditional dances like this one (and the Irish tap! If only I could get the Irish tap!), and here it was great to imagine the scene! I don't think we'll convince Rilla to like bagpipe, though
Just a question, due to curiosity: Is that true that cats don't like bagpipes? Here, I could certainly imagine George looking for a place where he won't hear this sound again, but it made me wonder about others.

And the end of the chapter, between Ken and Rilla, was perfect :)

Again, thank you so much for this story! I'm only following it since last year, but I deeply enjoyed it. You transposed the books into this modern reality so well, with such an attention to the characters, the details, and particularly to historical facts ... It was amazing to read your story and your work, especially during those chaotic times, and it often helped me to keep my head above the water when I was working for university. Thank you so much for sharing your world and words with us, and for everything, really! You are an amazing writer, and I can't wait to discover more of your work :)
Take care :)
8/14/2021 c136 37oz diva
You've done it, you finished! Well done. Endings are always difficult. When to finish, what to include? Leave them wanting more is the advice, but it's easier said than done.

And this chapter was great in reuniting the two halves of Rilla's life, she's always been close to her family despite moving so far away. And it's great that she can flit back and forth easily enough as the need arises.

A fun look too at the way Rilla has adjusted. She knows for instance how the servants work and is confident enough to tell them not to unpack the suitcases, which sounds nice but only up to a point. This is her new world and I think she'll have fun navigating it.

The Scottish dancing was well described, I'm sure a fellow author was having conniptions but really so few of us truly understand how the whole thing works and that's half (all?) the fun. Tripping over and bumping into people. Once you've got it sorted it's off to the next dance to start all over again. And by the time you go to another one the steps are forgotten so you get to do it all over again.

Ken was right to steer Rilla away though and it's nice to finish with them both together reflecting on their journey and how happy they are together. This has been their love story after all. Your last sentence is perfect because after all you did start with 'once upon a time' so the only ending is 'and they all lived happily ever after'. It is the first trope after all.

And now to other projects which I'm sure will be amazing...
8/13/2021 c136 Parnokianlipstic
I too have been reading this work with enjoyment and reflection almost from the beginning, it has been a wonderful journey and your take of certain historical facts and events and reworking them is inspired, especially because I for one have always adored Olga the most of the whloe OTMA-sisterhood, it truly is nice idea that she did get at least few years more.
As for the modern reworking of Rilla and others, inspired once again, especially Leslie, the doom and gloom of AHOND combined with royalpressures and bipolar-ness, of her lightness and severness and underlying darkness of the character and the beauty is a curse - narrative of her.
As a cultural historian by profession your reworking of UK and beyond is wonderful, and it is nice to read "our" recent past the 2010s in fiction.
And the idea that Walter was facinated by Russian lit, and culture, as a Russian lit major, that was a treat and the whole espionage thing too. Wonderful!
So thank you very much, and Best wishes!
8/12/2021 c136 10Excel Aunt
They ended up together not because of fate but because they made active choices to be together. And, it wasn't easy for them either. The fact that Rilla bumped into the waiter to save Ken was a choice. Ken's wanting to replace the ruined dress was a choice. Maybe you can argue that Ken and Rilla being in the same place at the same time was a chance, but the fairytale ending was not the result of random events but from choice.

And that is why these two work together. They lived the verb to love instead of reacting to the feeling of love. It's a really beautiful story, showing growth on both sides, surrounded by a diversity of people and places.

If there's any fate in the story, it's the fact that the Blythes could make it back to Balmoral Castle. That seemed a bit hard to believe. It's a convenience I'll overlook. I did like the fact that Great-Aunt Tanya and Katya met.

I think it's great that Leslie and Owen make a point that Rilla (and Amy) need to keep up her relationships with her parents and siblings. I would expect that 'the firm' would always come first and that doesn't necessarily have to be. I do feel bad for Anne and Gilbert as their grandkids are spread out across the Northern Hemisphere and it would be hard to visit all of them. I am sure they do not have favorites, that they love them all tremendously.

Congratulations on the end of this story! I dare say this is probably the longest on this sub-section of Fanfiction, and it's good writing throughout. I keep marveling that English is not your first language and you know it better than most. I look forward to your next project!
8/12/2021 c135 Excel Aunt
Although I wasn't on Ken's brainwave about wanting a boy first, I didn't really see his comment as sexist. Although I do think he says it like he does to test Rilla a bit and get her back up. I honestly thought he'd wanted a boy first, regardless of heirship or next in line. I totally see Ken going after those succession rules with Rilla and I'm surprised that Rilla let herself get played.

The quilt is a nice gift and I'm glad it's a pretty result. Sometimes those combined efforts are less than attractive. The empty square is a nice idea. I don't think there's a way to stop the public from giving the royals gifts. It's traditional. It happens even with non-royals. Gifts are given to those in seniority.

My grandfather was the head guy at a big employer back in the 60s and I can remember grandma always making a big fuss of the gifts the employees would purchase for them. She did say she wished they would spend on themselves for Christmas, they had more than enough, but she also understood to appreciate those presents because she knew they were given sacrificially.

I'm glad the trip back to the States did Amy some good. Rilla does a great job showing Amy some affection and Persis does too. That was a great idea to link up and show the crowds that women can get along.
8/12/2021 c134 Excel Aunt
They're two weeks into their marriage and Ken's already the best husband ever. I just have to laugh because these two really have blinders on right now to the rest of the world. They only see each other. Ken's trying to deliver on all his travel promises and Rilla, while probably not really meaning to, is trying to make the honeymoon as 'normal' as possible. Ken loves it when things are normal. It's one of the reasons why he was so taken with Rilla back in the shoebox NYC days.

I can't decide if the Italian elderly man knows that this is the Prince and Princess of Wales trying to buy masks. I think he is very outgoing and aware of his surroundings, but somehow I'm thinking that he doesn't know. He just sees a couple in love and with means and tries to improve his sale, and maybe give his friend some business at a restaurant. I think that someone though at the restaurant realized who they were, just because there were more people involved to witness it.

Forty-one rooms! Good grief, I can't even wrap my head around that, and, I'm sure they are big, spacious rooms as well. Rilla probably won't have to clean, but I can see her try to be neat and tidy. George is going to get lost.

Ken utters my favorite joke of this chapter, "You rendered him speechless" got a laugh each time I listened to it.

How fitting for the newest princess to get a bird's eye view of what many people think a castle should look like in a fairy tale. Neuschwanstein is a public favorite for its scenic location and towers.
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