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7/8/2021 c130 10Excel Aunt
I am amazed at how clever you are in re-introducing the people that have moved in and out of Rilla's life since Chapter 1. Maybe it is Izzie that should wear the crown, because without her cold, would Rilla had been aware of the cold/flu going around NYC that fateful day. With Izzie we can get a sense of how long Rilla and Ken have been together.

I did not like Di complaining that she only had one wedding dress. I know the point is to remind everyone that Rilla has two gowns but twice over it felt jealous. Di made such a big deal about Oxford, arguably with reason, but her commenting on the dress or her lack of them at her wedding made me feel that nothing is ever good enough for Di.

Raise your hand if a better movie would have been 'Coyote Ugly' than the stupid Hallmark dribble. The Hallmark movie was a great device to refresh our memories but the end with Rilla sneaking out to join Ken in bed is the reverse "Coyote Ugly" joke they shared the first time they slept together. I mean, Rilla had to explain to Ken that folks rather chew off their arm than wake up next to the wrong person, and here you have Rilla chewing up traditions and protocols so she can join Ken in bed. So, the wrong movie was watched in my opinion.

The guard's protectiveness was touching. I wondered where Hanson was in all this. I suppose he's off duty gearing up for the big day.
7/8/2021 c131 1Massive HTTYD Fan
Oh, I am so loving the wedding already. This is actually their moment and however long it took to get them here, now they're just... getting married.

I loved a lot of little details here, but honestly what stood out was Jims being Hanson's son and one of the pageboys. That's just... really sweet.
7/7/2021 c131 6DrinkThemIn
They are getting married! Yahoo!
All of it was lovely - the motorbike was a real flashback to the NY days. You continue to throw in the little reminders of what’s been.

I also quite enjoyed the contrast of messy hair and sweatpants (braless and oily face, certainly!) with the Princess look. I only wish I could see behind to the real future king and queen. I imagine a spazzed out prince being calmed by his lovely wife. Or a stressed mother needing some assurance from the father. The real day and real life bit, the gritty and comfortable. We can’t know what truly happens behind closed royal doors (much as the paps try) and so this in an excellent stand in!

Oh, sisters! I would’ve blushed with the “peeling off” comment but Rilla is perhaps more stoic than I. She’s definitely not undignified!

Of course the nods to Disney now has me humming along to a most-famous waltz! Second only to Aurora’s woodland dance.

Gilbert was just as we’d expect. He’s retired though! How wonderful and huge for them! He will be further occupied by grand babies soon, me thinks.

They really just need to get through the ceremony and then this celebration. I’m sure it’s equally as wonderfully written! :)
7/7/2021 c131 47Tinalouise88
It's a nice throw back to the motorcycle and them, especially on their wedding day. Izzie of course is a cheeky little thing then again she must be about 10, so all those prepubescent hormones must be twirling around in her making her extra cheeky.

I still say Pip had an impossible job, thats a tall order and you can't change my mind about that. Fictional or not, sewing, creating, its not easy and the work is long and hard hours. Though the dress does sound like a lovely, typical royal wedding dress we see these days, mines the cape/train. Not sure how much warmth is would actually give her, but luckily England is warmer then canada.

So I google this before I am even writing them, but Amethyst is purple, there is not really a strong hue of blue in Amethyst, the only one I could find about blue toned amethyst was very rare and barely seen, and if its being labels as such, its probably fake. Yes, sometimes a darker Siberian purple with a flash of blue or red depending on the light, but its still purple. I grew up with my mom hoarding Amethyst as it's her birthstone, my uncle mined her huge raw piece and its light to dark purples, but it almost never has enough blue in it to call it blue...especially enough 'for the whole something Blue'. So that just feels off to me, I keep thinking of Periwinkle or something for a blue/purple colour. Of course the brooch is a lovely nod to her family and family heirloom, though I just got confused when she was using it for blue...it's not blue!

I also don't really see the issue with Gilbert's remark on a coronation one day...yes not totally a happy thought, but it is her future at some point in time. Embrace it and remember to cherish who is with you, because one day things will change and if your prepared for something it will inevitable make things easier.

But its a lovely moment either way for them in the carriage( which I am surprised at! usually its a car, plus its December!) And Hansen! and Little Jims( he must have been so proud, and now I picture him also occasionally show pictures of a Jims to Rilla here and there when she asks about him. Especially if he was invited to be part of the wedding!) Then we get the chapels and the beginning of new life for her.
7/7/2021 c131 3DW.618
Sigh! So beautiful! I wish I could literally see this unfolding in person, but I feel like I can hear the crowds, see the people, feel the weight of pulling the long train on the cloak. What a difference for Rilla than for Amy as she was walking down the aisle. Rilla is already familiar with so much more of the pomp, ceremony, and life of a royal. AND she has a loving, affectionate relationship with Owen, Leslie, Great-Aunt Tanya, and the rest of the family. Bobbing a curtsy to Owen and Leslie along with a genuine smile to them is comfortable and natural for Rilla...but certainly would have been more of a fearful formality for Amy.

I'm glad that nothing bad happened via paps or crowds on Ken and Rilla's way back from BP to Clarence House. I was a bit worried. And how fun that Izzie was the one to out them! I think his reminder to her that the hoopla is for everyone else...the marriage is for them...was exactly the right thing for ANY bride to remember.

Gilbert's words about the coronation took me by surprise also. I hadn't thought about the fact that on the sad occassion when Owen dies and Ken becomes King, this huge event will basically be replicated...but with tears due to Owen's absence at that future time. But I agree with Gilbert. She should forget that he mentioned it!

Having her ex-boyfriends there seems quite fanciful (most ex's aren't on such good terms with each other) but also absolutely deliciously fun. For Eric and his wife, it was a genuine "thank you." For Tristan, it was a "what do you think of me NOW?" snub to his mom and sister (even if they see it as an honor and confirmation of their status). And for Alain, I guess it was an honoring of the conversation at the WEQ and also a "I'm over you" statement.

I had never considered how the real life Royals would have their security near them in parades like this. Having Hanson (and probably other PPOs) dressed as footmen in livery...that makes So Much Sense! But hopefully Hanson gets to see Jims in person at some point during the ceremony.
7/7/2021 c130 4OriginalMcFishie
I loved this so much. Night before are hard nights, you try to be casual but it's anything but. This is a perfect night before. Surrounded by love, lots of silliness (so cute thst they watched the film of Rillas romance,) and then sensible bedtimes. my favourite part however was Rillas escape (followed closely by the guard thinking ahe was going to cancel and getting defensive). it lifts this from a Disney romance (girl meets both and life is perfect) into a true adult relationship. They are one. they need each other to sleep, not sex, but to reconnect and recharge a s they don't care about any silly superstitions about night before . They simply know where they want to be and that's together. Beautifully done
7/6/2021 c130 18Alinyaalethia
Well this was lots of fun. I hope GA Tanya and Izzie get a chance to meet because they’d get on like a house on fire. Tanya could give her all the pointers on what to wear when. In fact, I’m deciding that if the parrots somehow outlive Tanya, who can never die, Izzie is inheriting them. This is news to Joy but I’m fine with it. So is Izzie.

It’s also nice seeing all the women connected to Rilla together, even if Katie is at the dinner. We get an excellent sense of character for each of them in the few lines they have. Mind you, the hallmark movie really does sound dreadful. But it’s kind of fun seeing a story we know well fabulously butchered. I mean, Hallmark *would*. And it’s good odds they’ve either cast a Brit with a terrible Canadian accent for Rilla or an American that can’t do British for Ken. It’s always how these things go. The lion king reference is particularly perfect because it’s sort of integral to this relationship.

Rilla goes unwittingly Buffy later with her line about bring nervous about the wedding, not the marriage. Hell’s Bells isn’t the episode I’d be quoting but since neither you nor her watch it I can chalk it up to coincidence, safe in the knowledge that no guy with a thousand year old vengeance scheme will turn up to muck anything up on the day. Very glad we all are too, because Hallmark would have a terrible time selling that...

Seriously though, I enjoy Rilla wanting that last evening together. It would be odd after months together to spend it apart and she’s never beentrafitionsl anyway. After all, she’s the one that proposed! All yo say, very much looking forward to the wedding.
7/5/2021 c130 DogMonday
Sorry to come back with an additional comment on chapter 130. After I had posted my review a couple of days ago a new question started bothering me. Here it is. Now a wedding is first or foremost a union between two people who love each other. But it is also a union of two families who need to get to know each other. I know that Owen and Leslie previously met Anne and Gilbert and also Rilla’s sisters. But the Blythe family are so many more people. And the wedding itself with all these 2000-3000 guests does not lend itself to that kind of family bonding. So why did not Owen and Leslie invite the Blythe family prior to the wedding to meet their family? It seems like a respectful thing to do. I’m thinking especially of meeting Rilla’s three grandparents with their different outlooks and experiences. So why a special dinner for the Royals attending the wedding but not for Rilla’s family?
7/5/2021 c130 32Feux follet
Hello :)

I'm terribly sorry for being so late in reviewing, it was a bit of a roller-coaster in the last days, I'm sorry.

I was so glad to read and discover that we're finally here, and that in a fictive tomorrow, it will be their wedding! I particularly enjoyed the fact that you showed us this moment before the wedding, with both the tension and the eagerness too be there. It was great to see this moment with only the girls and women of her family and her friends, there was something both moving and empowering there.

It was amazing to see Izzie again, and I'm looking forward to see how she'll do at the wedding. In a way, we started this story with Izzie and Jack, and to have this moment with her niece - well, both but it's not the same with Zoe - felt right, and great. And Izzie trying to convince her aunt to let her wear the tiara at the wedding was certainly funny.
I googled Iveagh tiara (that's what I love with your story, it's that we can find the elements you're quoting :) ) ... well, it certainly is something. It could be worst, of course, and more impressive, but I too would constantly press a hand on it to be sure it won't fall - or, better, I won't touch it at all, it will avoid many problems and pressure!
Katie offering to confront those who wouldn't have made Rilla feel welcomed made me laugh, too. In some ways, it made me think about a family gathering, but with more ceremony.
I was glad to see Faith and Una, too!
Also, I hope we'll see a bit of Izzie watching over Zoe and Preti doing the same with Puddle, for it seems promising! :)

I enjoyed the way you show Rilla reassuring everyone, telling that she'll be fine, then ending up with not being able to sleep. There was something very touching here, because even if it's not doubts about marrying Ken, there is still this tension about the ceremony. And the fact that she goes for Ken, and not for her mom or her sisters, or even her friends, was great.
The poor guards seemed quite confused, though, especially the second. At first, I was a bit surprised that he told her he wouldn't let her pass if she was to call off the wedding, but maybe it was a way for him to keep his future-king and his country safe?
It was great to see Ken and Rilla talking. I know, I'm repeating myself, but there have been so much progress on this side, and it feels right to have this scene with them talking about the wedding and what scares them and what they want it to be. For a normal wedding, it already seems something big enough to scare someone, but here it is a royal one, with the press, the people they don't know but still had to invite for the ceremony ...
Maybe it is because I didn't live it yet - and it will be years before I do, hopefully - but I always felt that a wedding with plenty of people around didn't belonged to the married persons. That it wasn't something for them, but some sort of play they'd do to please others - in a way, it was that, at first, but there is still something of the stage. I remember going to some weddings, and it was as if the people invited were running the festivities. Here, it's even harder because there will be the press, and through their eyes, anyone who wants to watch them. No wonder Rilla is afraid to make a fool of herself - even if I'm sure she'll be amazing.

Sorry for this paragraph, you can ignore it. Again, I really enjoyed this chapter, there was something in it, a dynamic which resumed their path, or at least Rilla's, with the start around Izzie and her family, and then her way to Ken. I can't wait to read the next chapter :) Thank you again!
7/4/2021 c130 DogMonday
So now we are on November 30? Finally there! But no embarrasing hen’s night, no boisterous stag party! What a relief! Nice with a different and much calmer version of hen’s night, with almost all important women and girls in Rilla’s life, from grandmothers to Zoe, there in support of her. And all with comments unmistakingly theirs. The female Royals aren’t there if course, busy, I assume, with the Royal dinner. Did Amy dare to go to this one?One Canadian missing is Rosemary Meredith (nee West and in canon second cousin to Leslie...), but I sincerely hope she will attend the wedding? John Meredith will be there, right? Or is it enough with Una doing the presbyterian side in the cathedral? I was hoping for both of them...

Now tiaras is not quite my thing, but I know I’m not the only with the reflection that Rilla won’t be using the Iveagh tiara for the wedding. I think the Girls of the Great Britain and Ireland tiara would be the natural choice for Rilla, considering What we now know of Rilla’s ancestry. What I’m really looking forward to find out is of course the wedding dress. So I hope the first part of the wedding day that we get to see is the dressing if Rilla, with all details of the dress, all these old/ new etc things and the group of women including family honoured with helping wedding will if course be covered over several chapters, each one focusing on a different part if the day. What at treat for us readers!

Rilla certainly did away with a tradition when she sneaked into Ken’s room the night before the wedding. I wonder if she is prepared to skip another old-fashioned and out-of-date tradition. I would love to see Rilla and Ken enter the cathedral together, as equals. I mean, the bride being handed over by one man to another man, what kind if symbolism is that? Although Gilbert would of course be so proud to escort Rilla into the Cathedral. And maybe this idea is to take things too far.

A couple of additional comments on chapter 129. Thank you for the clarification of Rilla’s grandparent’s ancestry. Impressive of Bertha to properly learn her deceased husband’s original language after he is gone. The older you are the more difficult it is to learn a new language, especially the pronounciation. But your overall comment that they are all primarily Canadians rings very true if course. I’m privileged enough to come from such a family, all of one nationality today, but over the years from different countries originally. Add to that different religious beliefs and your outlook widens. Such a treat!

The other additional point on chapter 129 is how exciting and very, very special it will be for Ken and Rilla to make an official visit as the Prince and Princess of Wales to Canada in the near future. I suppose you are going to close your breathtaking story with the wedding and the flight disclosing where they are going on honeymoon. But I really would like to read what you would make of that official Canadian tour, with your meticulous research, your eye for significant details and your carefully drafted dialogues!

And now, the weddiing day...
7/2/2021 c130 JoAnna0
Yay, we're finally getting to the wedding! And what a road to the wedding it was... I'm glad it took so long for Rilla and Ken to get there, because now we can be reasonably sure that they're going to be alright ;).

So... we can cross Iveagh Tiara from the list of potential wedding tiaras for Rilla? If she's already used it for the dinner, she's not likely to wear it again the next day :P. Is this dinner a real thing? I've never thought about how it'd happen with royals from all around the world coming for a wedding...

Haha, I love Hallmark movies when I feel like not having to think for an hour and a half :D. I suspect the one about a royal wedding would be even more cheesy than the normal ones, but that's what makes it kind of funny for Rilla and her friends and family - the sheer ridiculousness of the idea of a film about your relationship plus the film itself being one big cliche after another.

I don't know what people mean by "the bed felt empty", I sleep better alone, but to each their own, I guess ;). Rilla's still risking it a bit with sneaking out in my opinion. Yes, this time everything turned out ok, but it could be totally different and I have a feeling if Hanson knew about it, he'd have something to say :D.

There was something heart warming about Rilla's "I'm nervous about the wedding, but not about the marriage". There's so much talk about having cold feet before the wedding in so many books or movies, that it's nice to hear that while yes, Rilla's afraid of messing something up during the ceremony, there's nothing but certainity that this is the right choice and they both can't wait to just be married.
7/1/2021 c130 47Tinalouise88
Sorry for the delay we had someone who needed a ride home from her boyfriends who lives out in the country last night. But this chaper is lovely, I had to double take at the month, but then of course, the eve of her wedding would be November. Such a girls night for everyone though, starting off with tiara's and Izzie getting to try it on.

It was interesting to hear of Rilla's night up until now it most have been a whirlwind to meet so many other monarchs, but I would feel unintentionally rude if i was in Rilla's shoes and didn't attend so I a glad that she made time for it. Though watching bad hallmarks mvies about her and Ken is one way to spend girl time with her female family and friends. I also love Izzie promising to look after Zoe, she must be close to two by now? But still it will be a big day for such a little girl who doesn't really know what it's going to be like.

I'm not really surprised the Rilla snuck out to see Ken, but I am rather shocked at the guard actually voicing his opinions/assumptions to her requests. I would have thought he would have been trained to keep such things to himself. It mighty unprofessional of him thinking she was trying to call off the wedding! Who saves that to a bride to be on the eve of her wedding! I don't even think it ran through Ken's mind of why she was there until she said it.

Now she just has to sneak back to clarence house in the morning, which i feel like would be harder. Or Izzie comes looking for her and she's not in her room in the middle of the night! That might cause some chaos!
6/30/2021 c130 DrinkThemIn
Oh boy, the Hallmark movie…of course there had to be this. I cringe!

Our favourite couple both seem to have had fairly tame evenings. I suppose it wouldn’t be proper to have an heir-to-the-throne Prince go wild on a Stag night. Brit press would love that a bit too much.

Who doesn’t love ‘the couple sneaks away to meet’ trope? Usually it’s a big, swinging gesture by the groom but our practical Rilla still manages to make it a sweet scene. I’d have told her that placing a pillow adjacent to her in bed really helps. ;)

Soooo, the big day is next! I’ll be secretly hoping for DJ e endearing slip-ups!
6/30/2021 c130 1Melbel1
I enjoyed this chapter so much. Rilla sneaking across the street and saying that no one will see her because they do not expect her was a throw back to Ken's halloween outing. I loved the Hallmark movie. I'm not sure how I feel about all these boyfriends. Of course, Carl and Tristan (and yes, I love his entourage of snobby women getting there's), but the others? I ran into an ex before my own wedding and in a moment that was awkward plus impulsive I invited him. I was filled with regret within five minutes and still had to send the invite. I was so happy that he declined.

I love the girls, the grandmas, the tiara, and the worried security guard.

Thanks for the smiles.
6/30/2021 c127 1Massive HTTYD Fan
She really is a princess now, isn't she? She's doing pretty much everything a princess does, and doing it well, too.

I love the dressing scenes so much. I might not have grown up on princesses the way others do, but I am in nm way immune to beautiful dresses and jewellery. It's such a good thing that in this timeline, the Russian Tsaric (is that a word?) jewellery survived.

Also, I think Rilla very much should be glad she's not entertaining any presidents of Sri Lanka. They're extremely controversial people, aren't they?
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