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for By a Simple Twist of Fate

1/30/2019 c15 5fanofNC
OoOoH, Rilla's pissed! That's exciting!
Wait, let me rephrase that: they've defined their relationship (or ar least, Rilla has) and they (read: Rilla) have (has) started to realize what Ken's life is like and is not liking it one bit. I have to say, don't always believe in those gossip magazines, Rilla. Those things can be downright nasty, you hear?
Those security people are getting on my nerves, sexy or not. DID KEN APPROVE? I should think not. Go home to Buck House or wherever. ;)
I love, very, very, much, how Rilla protects George. Poor George! If he finds out that there was a possibility that his window would be forever shut, someone would've been scratched to death. Literally.
Well, since that magazine cover is for all to see, I hope that Anne or Gilbert sees it and can reach Rilla in time to prevent her from doing rash things, should she ever feel so inclined.
Awesome twist!
1/30/2019 c15 Jxuan
Bad news indeed... after all their trouble, Ken could just ask Rilla to move in with him lol. I don't see why he doesn't do that unless he's got like secrets to hide? I mean, if I were Rilla I would be wondering why he's always coming and I never get invited to his place.

What's Ken doing in New York? Does he have a long term purpose here? I see him doing disappearing acts pretty frequent and getting photographed each week with a hot babe (they can't all be gay childhood family friends right) isn't good for the budding relationship especially when he hasn't said anything yet. I'm surprised that no one actually managed to photograph him making such frequent trips to her place.

I just would like to see the Blythe family members deal with that pesky eeyore and put him in his place. Such audacity, speaking to the future queen like that. Obviously there's a possibility and yet the chap doesn't seem to give a damn.

And Ken. How he reacts to all these is going to determine how I feel about him. Can't wait to see his face when he reads that message. Oh but then you won't be writing about that. Lol.
1/30/2019 c15 10Excel Aunt
I was really outraged the first time I read through this with Eeyore! And then I got to thinking about this a bit more, and that's a big operation he's overseeing and one that he's probably been after to do for a while. They wouldn't be doing this at all if Rilla was just a fling for His Royal Highness, Ken, Prince of Wales. And they waited to do it when he was away and back in the UK.

So, while I grasped the image of a British man be extremely rude and also an expert martial arts, (another thing I don't associate with the British, although, why not, this points to my own myopic outloo) it occurred to me that Ken's team sees Rilla as the real deal here for Ken. I have to wonder if some of the scorn she's netted is because she's not a local girl from Great Britian proper. And that would make more sense.

Also, another thing I believe is the Eeyore here is not the lead guy of the security team. He's on the lower end of things, because he's the one that got the short straw when dressing up for the Halloween party. He's the one stuck behind in NYC and not following HRH around again in the UK. And, he's so hell bent on making "upgrades" to the apartment to make his job easier. He can't even think of it from Rilla's point of view, who was a lot nicer to this guy then I would have been.

I don't care if he has diplomatic immunity or not, I'd be on the phone with Joy my brilliant sister on what rights I have and do not have in this situation. I would think the NYC Police could get them to stop what they are doing - they just wouldn't be able to charge Eeyore, as I would assume that he's has functional immunity assigned to him from the Unitied Kingdom's embassy. I mean, I'm not sure, hence the call to Joy, but I'd be a lot less agreeable than Rilla to all this.

But, even if Rilla did do that, would she make a call to the police? Yeah, I don't think she would. She loves Ken too much. The jealous Hello Magazine caused her to suffer is rooted in her affection for Ken and I don't think even she's aware of what she's feeling. All she knows is that suddenly she feels ver insecure physically and emotionally.

I did however snicker when she recognized super-MATH! So this guy can't even stay incognito himself! Alright, with Ken out of town, would the functional, diplomatic immunity even been in place still? Joy would know! I'm assuming yes.

I also liked the glimpse of the new character Everett. He seems like a nice neighbor and he made some good points about the cold January. (Speaking of cold January, don't get me started!) I hope Mrs. Weisz can help out wiht George. I wonder if the changes will remove his scent markings making home harder to find.

The trip into Manhattan was great, it reminds me of my one and only trip to NYC myself, as you're right, there are street vendors everywhere. When I was there there was so much trash on the street, bags and bags of garbage, I don't know if there was a strike going on, but it was gloriously dirty.

Well, I hope Ken calls her back or texts or does something marvelous. I don't think there's anything with this Lady Henrietta (love the name!). It sounds like they're one another beards or something of that nature. If they've known each other this long and there isn't a romance going on, I don't if the security detail would bother with Rilla. But because they do, I have to believe that they see Rilla in as a very loose end to get tied down. And, that seems actually promising overall.
1/30/2019 c15 47Tinalouise88
Eeyore, oh how I loved Eeyore as a child. Winnie the pooh was rather large and still is here lol.

This Eeyore though. I don't like so much and really telling her cat can't go outside!

That said Ken is gonna have one heck of a phone message. but then again he deserved it. Really give a girl a heads up he may be on the cover of some magazine with probably some lady who he's known since he was five who is also in a relationship that no one knows about, or he just hates with a passion? or maybe she's gay haha.

Essentially you just tore my heart to pieces. Ken can be really clueless sometimes and i just want to smack the side of his head and tell him to smarten up lol.
1/30/2019 c14 4Anne O' the Island
I'm going to write my review for this chapter before letting myself read the next. Conscientious of me, don't you think? But I actually have the time to do that, being once again bed-bound (and, I have it on excellent authority, being "an interesting shade of grey.") My seemingly yearly cold has struck again, it would seem.

But really, I loved this chapter - and I fully relate to Rilla, especially when it comes to economics. Why did either of us think it would be an easy subject to take? (and more importantly: how did my mother ever survive majoring in it? I think she's a kindred spirit of Chelsea's).

"Over-cooked pasta to under-funded students" is a lovely phrase, and it sadly rings very true :) Ditto for the lights.

As to your A/N: that Anastasia movie. I admit it sent me on my own Russian history craze. I've taken Russian literature every year for...is it four years now (possibly five)? The literature has gotten progressively weirder especially in the past year, because we finally got to the 20th century (and also to the Romanovs).

And really, Ken hasn't heard the word no enough times in his life. The quick peek I had at the next chapter made that clear ;)
1/30/2019 c14 AnneShirley
Aw, imagining you clapping for me half a world away has pretty much made my day! Thank you for your kind words, and you're completely right about the sari. The number of pleats is impossible, and the worst thing is that nobody in my family can actually tie one, so I remain dependent on the kindness of strangers and the nice ladies at the local hair salon. And on the fact that I can last for awhile on shallow puffs of oxygen rather than actual breaths.

(Update since I've been working on this for several days : convocation is tomorrow!)

This chapter - I particularly love the way that you show how the royal romance is shaking Rilla's world. Too often, when royalty or celebrities fall in love with one of us ordinary mortals, the media tends to focus too much on the famous person and how their lives will change, not on the other person. Here, however, you show the romance causing, not exactly inconvenience (what kind of curmudgeon would say that?), but definitely a change in the way Rilla views her daily life. I know from personal experience how surreal it to watch the world going by as usual when your headspace is being thoroughly renovated, and Rilla appears to be getting that.

The study group was a hefty slice of my life, and I'm usually Chelsea. There's always got to be one person who tries to find the right page in the textbook and who does more eye rolls per minute than a zombie. Also, Bobst Library is my new definition of heaven! Eight or nine floors of books! (*throws back head and breathes in the smell of leather bindings with embossed gold titles and crumbling pages*)

When it comes to Brian, I'm not much of a Beat Generation reader, but I do know that a guy who chooses to do his English Literature project on a drug-fuelled possible murderer is not the sort of guy I'd give the time of day to. Also, is he really that incapable of taking a hint? I mean, Rilla has told him to go fly a kite in three different ways, and yet he goes maundering off into the British Parliamentary Papers. He's actually sort of a Roy Gardiner to Ken's Gilbert Blythe. Also, Nia theorising about a split between Joy and Dan had me chuckling at my oatmeal a few mornings ago. Why do I love all the trouble that Rilla's getting herself and those around her into?

Also, I loved Rilla's interior monologue during the conversation with Ken - I particularly like the way that she's questioning everything she says, but still throwing caution to the winds when it comes to a chance to spend the night with Ken (also, I have a question. Does Mrs. Lynde's quilt remain on the bed as a symbol of chastity and morality? I want to know.)

I'm glad that Ken has found some leads to help Tracy, but I also worry that she won't use them, simply because she's too afraid and because her husband is too controlling. What's to prevent him from checking her phone history or call logs to find out that she's planning an escape? I have a feeling that in spite of Aunt Mary on Ken's side, and save-the-world Joy and Una on Rilla's side, neither of them is actually sure about what to do to help Tracy.

All in all, I loved this glimpse into two different sides of Rilla's life - her existence as an ordinary (ha, if only they knew) college student at NYU, and her sex life with the Prince of Wales. I love the light humour interwoven throughout this chapter, as well, but I hate to say that I miss hating Ken.
1/26/2019 c14 47Tinalouise88
Oh, poor Brian lol. How can he compete with a Prince?
Also- Brian don't be a creep haha.

Also, does Ken's family know he's jetting off to New York whenever possible? Or possibly adding days to a trip that are wide open and free of a schedule? Does his family know about Rilla? Surely they must know something? or have an inkling that he's not just going there for work at this point since he never sleeps at wherever he's supposed to say? Surely his protection knows? Actually, that would be a cute storyline of Rilla meeting his protection thinking that someone was either following them or something haha.

side note. I do not miss waitressing haha. Poor Rilla.
1/25/2019 c14 slovakAnne
Brian Kovac? Well, you truly did ask for this review, kslchen :-)
I like your chapter titles. I always try to guess the song, unfortunately I don't know most of them. I definitely recognized Alphaville though. I love all the interactions between Rilla and Ken, even when they aren't together. I just wonder - how do you know that you are falling for somebody not because he is a prince but because he is HE? And how do you feel that you are THE ONE not because you are a prince but because you are YOU? I guess you will address these issues later, when the L word will be discussed.
Meanwhile, I've already got used to the fact that new chapter brings new situation. It's very inovative. And I also like that you are not very narrative but still say a lot about your characters and the story.
So that's it. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
1/25/2019 c14 5fanofNC
Okay, I certainly do not think that a relationship that isn't equally developed in all aspects is a good idea, but... honestly, did you think that sharing a shower would save time?! I laughed so hard when I came across that line before I sobered up and wanted to question Rilla on whether she really should be letting her life be flipped just because of that one man, significant may he be.

Brian, my friend, if I may kindly lead you to the side? This is for your own safety and psychological health, sir...
Oh, haha, I hope Ken shows him up or something :D.

I love it, though for their own sake I hope they address what they need to address soon!
1/24/2019 c14 18Alinyaalethia
Lovely to see more of Rilla’s life. Megan and Chelsea finally crop up somewhere besides her Facebook page and vividly recreate the horror of Alternative Learning Groups for me. (In this scenario I was Chelsea. If she too is secretly plotting to murder her study group, I will be still more sympathetic and unsurprised.) You do a good job weaving in the geography of Rilla’s life, the stair rails with their guards, the vastness of the library, vestibule conversations and the kind of restaurant she waitresses. (Shades of the Cambridge Buttery there, from my perspective, though we had no equivalent, being only the third oldest university in Britain, and all ;) )

You also start to get at the way this covert relationship is threatening to spill over into mundane life. There’s only so often she can site her nephew and niece as an excuse (see further those divorce rumours) to dodge social events, it’s rearranging her work, cutting into study time and classes...She doesn’t appear to mind, but the complications are definitely merrily multiplying.

I’ve decided I like Brian less than Robert. He seems...deliberately obtuse? Am I being uncharitable? Do I mean overeager? Anyway, I wish him luck in American lit and quietly shake my head over his taste. It’s probabky not his fault, and there aren’t many Burroughs era American writers I recall being taken with anyway. To which end, Rilla’s Shakespeare rewrite is perfect for exactly that reason. Rilla might dabble in literature, but Nan still feels more likely to quote Shakespeare off the cuff. Rilla studying it around to be about modern pop culture though, is perfect.

I alsolike the further glimpse into Rilla’s romance with Ken. We don’t get many details, but we don’t need them either. You sketch just enough to suggest the scene several times, but always find clever ways to undercut it. Studying, surroundings...it works well, because isn’t life like that? And yet, when we do get a whole phone conversation, we’re left in no doubt about that shared intimacy. Though I really must protest on George’s behalf - second breakfast is important! (Augie agrees. Just so you know. He’s mortified to agree with a CAT but there it is.)
1/24/2019 c14 4OriginalMcFishie
Rilla and Ken are clearly enjoying spending a lot of time together. You can sense that energy of an early relationship (let's shower together to save time indeed! ) and how much they are enjoying their secret. Though something is going to have to give soon. Rilla can't keep lying to her friends. It's not in her nature . And soon she will need to put in the study time or she will have some serious consequences . Likewise I can't see the king and Queen putting up with the heir apparent being an hour late for official functions for long without asking questions. I get the feeling the honeymoon may soon be over but at least they are invested on each other enough now to fight for their relationship (though not, I'm sure, without some bumps along the way). And a shout out to Ken for getting the info from his aunt to help Tracy. I sense a future ally in this aunt when the establishment pressure ken to give up his bit of skirt in New York.
1/24/2019 c5 wow
I really enjoyed the conversation between Ken and Rilla in this chapter. They already have an ease about each other. What a surprise to find out the Gilbert was the one raised by Marilla, not Anne! I think this is the first version I've read of Anne where she hasn't suffered enormous tragedy. Her mother's still alive and so are all of her children.
1/24/2019 c4 wow
I love Mrs Weisz. I'm curious why Rilla is at NYU instead of a Canadian uni. How does she afford to go there when she can barely afford to live there? Was it to be closer to Joy?
1/23/2019 c3 wow
I have been meaning to read this story for ages. I admire anyone who can write an AU like this, especially a modern day one. I am virulently anti-monarchy so I am looking forward to see if I can handle reading about a young modern woman giving up her independence to marry into such an anarchic institution. They did have a nice meet cute, so that's a start.

I love that Joy is alive and she's both very practical and very smart, so she's reminding me of Gilbert already.

I love the conversation with George so much. And my cat wakes me up by licking my face so I totally understand.

So Anne's a writer and a professor. Does that mean she has a public profile, if she's a best selling author? Gilbert being a neurosurgeon is a good callback to his discovering what was wrong with Frank Moore's brain. I love that they still went and had seven kids in this modern age and that all seven are still alive. Although where they found the time to have so many kids given their busy careers I don't know! I like that you made Shirley the youngest given his horror birth and I espically like that we know how bad it was just by the fact that the eldest kids refuse to talk about it. I'm assuming Shirley's hacking skills is going to be important later on.
1/23/2019 c14 Jxuan
This is a nice chapter that gives a peek into Rilla's college life and the status of her relationship with Ken.

I'm starting to adjust to your way of telling a story lol. You don't continue off from the previous one. Its like I'm expecting the next one to say if they had sex or if Ken overheard the phone call or something, you charge off to another time ahead lol.

I don't like how she's lying her way around though, even if it can't be helped much. Its rather stressful to live like that and the pressure of keeping it up kind of bottles up within you and come a time when you can't control it just comes out in a blast. So I think emotionally its not good for her.

Still, there is an improvement in Ken, calling now instead of sending short texts. Let's see how this goes.

I wonder what his guards do when he's there overnight at her place. Surely they know something's up. Are they the stern mind your own business kind or the easy going ones that tease him a little about it much like good friends? I imagine they've been with him for long and it can be lonely running around to mundane meetings so maybe he has a good established relationship with them?
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