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1/23/2019 c14 14elizasky
This was a good chapter for introducing us to new locations (NYU generally, Rilla's workplace specifically), other friends, and doing a minor check-in re: Rilla and Ken’s relationship status. Thus, there wasn’t too much plot, but that's fine as you’re setting us up with a lot of details that I imagine will support things that come later. (I am glad the Faculty Club worked as a location and you caught my eye with talking up the babysitting cover story to anyone who will listen.)

This chapter also had quite a few cultural details that helped flesh out the world. I liked that you included the Harry Potter reference without explaining it, as it would be part of the ordinary cultural vocabulary for someone Rilla’s age. There is also the reference to the NYU library suicides (I remember that — I was in college at a peer institution nearby and it was a pretty big deal especially because there were also several recent suicides at Cornell and Elizabeth Shin’s family suing MIT). I also appreciated Rilla calling that dude out on the Burroughs nonsense. Accident indeed. I must say that I generally agree with Rilla’s views on 20th-century literature, if not her views on 20th-century music. Though I have my eye on that Burroughs dude – the boy can’t take a hint, which makes me wonder whether he might get jealous or dangerous in some way. Even if Rilla weren't with Ken already, that guy does not sound like a promising prospect. (Bridget is also on the watch list.)

In terms of writing, you did a good job of moving Rilla through the space of the library to give us a feel for the building and the university more generally. I also appreciated the way you gave us the shower scene in bits and pieces — that was a nice bit of conveying how the memory keeps surfacing in Rilla’s mind as she goes about the rest of her day. It was also clever way of telling a bit, but not too much. I tend to think that writing sex scenes is important for any story about sexual relationships, but in this story it seems like a good choice to be a bit oblique, both because Rilla herself is someone who does not like to think about sex in too much specific detail (as we saw last chapter with her "it's just too cold alright?" even in her private thoughts) and also because so much of the story is about privacy/exposure/attention. Ken lives a public life and a private life with plenty of hiding/dodging involved, and Rilla will soon know how intrusive that can be, so a narrative refusal to let the reader actually into the shower with them (or under the blankets in other chapters) is a good way of making the form of the story mirror its themes. It positions the reader as an intruder and allows the characters a bit of privacy, rather than providing an all-access reader experience. That seems like a good choice for this story.

(Very small localization note: In the US, Megan would go to “practice,” rather than “training.”)
1/23/2019 c14 38oz diva
I giggled at the reason Rilla ran late that morning. You don’t go into details, but you don’t have to.

I think this is the first chapter wher we see Rilla studying and I quite like that she isn’t too clever, she has to put in the hard yards, too often fan fic heroines are excellent at everything they do, but Rilla is more believable like this.

I’m also pleased Rilla gets a bit of attention from the other sex, Brian and the chap from Awasa don’t realise it, but they’ve go chance. But it’s sweet that they try. It makes Ken’s interest in her more believable too.

Now you’ve called this chapter Lies in Every Step and she certainly is weaving a crafty story. I can’t wait to see the reaction when it all comes out. Mind you Chelsea and Megan know something is up, not that they’d guess the nature of it in a million years, I mean a guy yes, a prince, not so much.

I was pleased that Ken was good to his word about getting some information for Tracey, I want to khow that conversation went, I’m asking for a friend?
1/23/2019 c14 10Excel Aunt
I gaffawed when I read that Rilla and Ken tried to save time by sharing the shower. Yeah, that works when you're in the most passionate stage of a romance. But I would venture to say that Ken and Rilla are going to have to work a bit on time stewardship. Ken's coming from a place where the world moves to his whims. Rilla's is blessed to know how it's really done. That yes, she wants to enjoy the new relationship but needs to make it fit in her life.

I do think though if that's Ken at the Faculty Club that boarders on stalking. I mean-I can't imagine he would just waltz in and do that. He's planning to bring food for snacks back to Rilla's place. So, I'm not sure who this is she's greeting.

Just a thought on Brian. He seems sweet in a way, and although he's fairly obvious, he's not exactly unhelpful here. Back when I was in school I figured out early on to write the paper that involved the least amount of research. (I know, that's not your style-I actually think you put a lot of work into this update with your locations). Doubling up on research is a smart way to get a paper done, especialy if someone is better at it.

Why do I think Ken is going to learn about Brian here and have something to say about it? I'm just dying to figure out how it becomes known that the Prince of Wales is dating roly poly Rilla Blythe at NYC.
1/23/2019 c13 AnneShirley
I know this is a little late, but I've been pretty rushed this week - I get to graduate school with three of the main prizes (yay!) but have to wear a sari for the first time in my life (believe me, it's harder than it looks!)

I love that you're a Romanov fan, cause honestly, I read Simon Sebag Montefiore's book on them during my finals in the fifth grade, and have been somewhere between halfway and completely hooked ever since. Also, I think Walter would approve of both of us, and I guess that one small detail could be a connection between him and Ken - am I right? And my sympathies about your nose - I think one of the least realistic parts of canon is Anne having a shapely nose. Seriously, nobody has a nose that wouldn't be an utter insult to the rest of their face!

The first lines actually made me feel cold! I'm serious, I read about the heat pipes being dead and thought, oh for a nest of blankets and five layers of clothes and a cat, even one as haughty as George! I read fanfic in the car most often, and the heater gave up the ghost a long time ago, so your opening was a very real description of my life under a varsity jacket and my school blazer, not to mention the multilayered school uniform (I might adopt the tights idea). I particularly love Rilla's conversation with George - definitely not a monologue! I was the sort of child who could carry on an animated conversation with the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, so talking to a cat isn't at all foreign to me - seems quite fun, actually.

Ken outdoes himself in this chapter. First, he reduces the two weeks' gap in canon to a matter of a few hours, which is impressive by my standards considering jet lag and the drama that is air travel. I've never done an international flight, but I have a friend who's been to eleven countries, and the rest of us have a rough rule of thumb that we probably shouldn't call her for a week after she gets back unless we want to have our heads bitten off. Considering that, I'm impressed with him.

Apart from being more dedicated and gallant than he was before, he's also more entitled and what we girls would call 'urk' than ever. A toothbrush, Kenneth? That's such a suave move, don't you think? You keep such a fine balance between Ken the Pretty Nigh Perfect Boyfriend and Ken the Outdated Snob and Offspring of An Obsolete Racist Patriarchal System (I think I picked up a little bit of Di along the way), that I'm awed. His idea of buying jewellery was a good one, though again, I think his reminding Rilla that she's the only woman he can buy jewellery for was a little bit much. You know, excessive affirmation could raise the possibility of a denial.

But the fact that he's willing to join Rilla under the three blankets and the Lynde quilt even when he could be enjoying functional central heating at his pad says a lot about him. I wonder how he'd have acted in the snowball contest of last chapter. I also like that he's working with charities that battle addiction, and I'm assuming that's a reaction to the way Leslie's brother died. Also, whoa to that exclusive tour of Buckingham Palace. Does it include a personal meeting with the King and Queen? I can already picture it - "your Majesties, the random Canadian college student who just might be the next Princess of Wales and the mother of your grandchildren. Charmed, I'm sure."

Anne, of course, is magnificent. In middle school, I was this shy and anxious kid who needed to be in contact with my mum and dad as often as possible, but the problem was that school didn't allow mobile phones. So I'd carry my hand-me-down Nokia (I have a better phone now, but that one was literally my first love, which is why I mention and commemorate it) with me to the bathroom, sit down on the toilet seat, and text them various inanities about my day. So I can keenly appreciate Rilla's feelings in that scene, and of course, Anne is incredible here - not only does she provide a much-needed vent space for Rilla, but she also looks ahead to what might happen, which, if I know Rilla well enough, has crossed her mind, but she refuses to think it over until it's too late. The questions she asks are what any mother would ask her daughter, but Rilla's evasion is a little worrisome.

Also, Bob Dylan. You know, don't you, that any chapter with a title from one of his songs, or Joan Baez's, or Joni Mitchell's, or Diana Ross', or Donny and Marie Osmond's, or ABBA's, is guaranteed to have a positive review? Also Don McLean. Also Kenny Rogers. I think I'd better stop before I start listing the contents of my Apple Music playlist. Also, the great thing about our respective time zones is that I can wake up on Thursdays to a chapter of Twist of Fate, which is awesome. Seriously. It's almost better than coffee (Mrs. Weisz's, not Rilla's).
1/21/2019 c13 18Alinyaalethia
It’s -18 over here, which has the dogs picketing with little, canine picketing sticks, or did until they ate them. The cat is aggrieved, but asleep on me, while I am wholly sympathetic to Rilla. Happily, the central heating is functional. (But see further for a treatise on the hideous power outage of fourth year university, when people were sleeping in cars for heat and we lit our gas hob with matches. Also, we all learned Ice Quakes were a thing.) The point being, you readily evoke the feeling of a frigid building. Nothing puts you off childhood aspirations to Laura Ingles lifestyle than does a broken boiler and no electricity at -20. Blankets, candles and wood-burning fires are your friends. Though obviously you can’t go to sleep with gas hogs still burning...

Feline George (His Magesty, I mean) continues to delight me. No one captures cat mannerisms quite the way you do. Here you document the Sacred Paw Washing, the Half-Submerged Cover Stage, the Guarding of the Feet and several others most expertly. (Miss Resi, by the by, flatly refuses to believe any cat, bar any, would hide under the covers. She might get squashed, or worse, lose the ability to breathe. Though burrowing under covers when seeking sole dominion of the evil balmkies is entirely different.)

As I strive to be sane about all this, I enjoy the continuing evolution of Rilla and Ken as a couple. Echos here of ‘is it Rilla-my-Rilla’ in the way he just appears without warning and resumes where they left off. Though, you know, Anne May have a point about clarifying where and what they are. And while I get the disinclination to not have that chat over the phone or internet, that line doesn’t hold now. Not, you know, that in a frozen flat where heat is at a premium, I’d be rushing into messy conversational water either.

Still, the jewlery is a very Gilbertian gesture, even if this necklace is less an enamel heart. It also gives us a hint of Ken’s taste and his sentiments on the subject of the relationship. With previous few exceptions, you hardly gift jewellery to an occasional acquaintance. Nor, I suppose, to you turn up unannounced on their doorstep after a flight. (I’m with Rilla on reoeienting after a journey. I was always exhausted whenever I returned to Scotland by plane, train and automobile. All and any visitors would have been unwelcome intrusions.)

Also enjoyable here is Rilla’s utter unselfconsciousness, even defence if her multiple layers. There’s no scrambling to polish or tidy up, and isn’t that refreshing. I sense a combination of practicality and I ate confidence at play there.

Anne, as ever, has some excellent advice. She really does make for a lovely mother. And Rilla’s reciprocal protectiveness of her is sweet. But she’s not wrong - hammering out a detail or two would probably be a productive thing to do, albeit potentially fraught. We’ll get there, I suppose, given time. But for now the fairytale is nice enough, more or less.
1/18/2019 c13 5fanofNC
Okay, first off, George is ADORABLE! He is such a clever cat, and Rilla's monologue- excuse me, dialogue, is very intriguing. Oh, my, stars, I just love that cat.

And, all that fluff was cute and awesome! Though, really, Rilla, you should listen to your mother. Dating a prince is a huge deal, and the decision to go public or not is a big problem in and of itself. Then, there are repercussions for not knowing enough about each other before taking a step forward physically. Now, I'm not saying they don't know each other- they do, but there are a lot of things that have to be talked about. Something tells me that's going to be a major plot later...

I love it, despite my disapproval of the way they're driving this car. They don't even have a relationship status, for star's sake! Lol, I'm sure it's for the plot ;).
1/17/2019 c13 4OriginalMcFishie
Gotta love a chapter with so much kissing. Parking the whole future king thing these two are so cute together. I love that she doesn't rush to brush her hair or pit makeup on, they are very comfortable together. The necklace sounds gorgeous but appropriate. He clearly cares and yet they are still finding their way: a toothbrush raises an eyebrow, he asks if it's okay to stay, the idea of packing her and George to stay with him while her heating is fixed not even a consideration. Ithe feels like the connection is there but logistics need to be worked out
Love the chat with Anne. It shows the closeness of their relationship and she plays several roles here - friend Co conspirator and of course Mim because things do need to be considered and yet they need time before such heavy chats happen. I wonder how Ken will feel about someone else knowing about then? I know it's her mum but it's a step closer to them being public. I can see her sisters being doorstepped by rouge reporters before they know they've been found out!
1/16/2019 c13 14elizasky
This was very cozy! Perhaps I am inclined to be sympathetic because I grew up in 19th-century farmhouse with non-modern heat and original windows (we tacked quilts over them in the winter). So I feel Rilla on her layers. Lucky for her she gets such a nice co-sleeper to keep her warm. (I *did* have an electric blanket, but was always terrified that our elderly cat would pee on it and electrocute me. I suppose George would not stoop so low.)

Ken is so cute in his eagerness to see Rilla. Rushing over as soon as possible, smiling with pleasure to see her, demonstrating with some very satisfactory kissing (nicely written!). Is it wrong for me to worry about his poor security detail out there in the car or the fire escape? Maybe they can make friends with Mrs. Weisz. Or start renting an apartment in Rilla’s building. Uh . . . not *right* next door, though.

Though of course, this now has me wondering what on earth is up with the texting/non-calling. If Ken’s so eager to see Rilla the minute he touches down (aside – does he fly commercial?), why the terrible communication while he’s away? Is his phone being monitored? Maybe he’s afraid of hacking or surveillance or perhaps some PR person reviews all the family’s outgoing communications so that they can stay out in front of any scandal. You’ve turned me into a conspiracy theorist. Though I am also on the lookout for points of vulnerability where Shirley may be of assistance.

In any case, Ken shows prudence by getting Rilla a gift she can actually wear. Nothing flashy or overly sentimental that might invite too much scrutiny. And the fact that it’s belated means that he was thinking of her and picking it out even when he wasn’t being a very satisfying correspondent (I hope. There's also the chance that he delegated, but benefit of the doubt here). There was lots of good imagining in this chapter, with Ken and Rilla both thinking about what it might be like for her to visit castles with him and not cluttering up their fantasies with sticky details like logistics or introducing her to “the family.” (I’ll be interested to see who Rilla meets first. From your description, it seems like Persis might be the one most likely to pop up unannounced in New York once she gets wind of goings-on.) Their little nicknames and banter is all very comfortable and warm and normal-sounding, even when they do get onto topics like castles and private ATMs.

I liked the setting of the bathroom for Rilla’s conversation with Anne. It’s handy, of course, but coming right after the conversation in the pantry, it enhances the clandestine quality of these advising sessions. They’re whispering and hiding in places that aren’t really made for chatting, which provides a good contrast to all the cozy murmuring under blankets from just a moment before. There’s also the warmth/cold contrast, as the bathroom must quite cold and uninviting in these circumstances. I can imagine that becoming a theme - Rilla texting/calling Anne from uncomfortable/confined places. It also raises the specter of Shirley's panic app and how one day one of these calls might be from a Rilla who is hiding from more than a dozing boyfriend.

Then at the end, some classic Rilla denial. Her protestations that this means *nothing* ring a bit hollow when she is surreptitiously calling her mom from the bathroom immediately after Ken fell asleep – clearly even Rilla knows that there is *something* worth discussing. At least Anne is thinking five steps ahead here. (Incidentally, I wonder whether she has shared this with Gilbert yet. Respecting a child’s privacy is well and good, but I imagine she will need someone to talk to as well at some point, even if she keeps the details vague.) I'll be interested to see what parts of Rilla's personality you draw on to have her meet these challenges as the relationship becomes public. The Rilla who believes that following a strict set of rules will lead to a good outcome? The Rilla who makes a decision and won't back down even if she has regrets immediately? The Rilla who can pull together a grand event at the last minute? Or maybe the one who smiles in her pinching shoes and then cries on the way home.
1/16/2019 c13 Jxuan
Hmm. Why do I feel there's an argument coming up? Don't know if Ken is hearing any of that conversation but I'd like him to realise Rilla has her insecurities. A toothbrush, jewellery, private tour of his home (and perhaps his bedroom?) and getting into her bed once he's back. This is all getting a little beyond normal friends. And yet he doesn't say anything. Pretty much a man thing I feel, to show rather than say. But its what a woman wants to hear I think. So I'm waiting for Ken to actually open his mouth and get serious.

Anne's terrific. She's trying to get the point "What exactly are they now?" across but prodding gently. I like the delicate way she asks questions that doesn't make Rilla shut her down and hang up. She's definitely someone Rilla can confide in and talk. So I like that in Anne.

So I'd like Rilla to ask about their status. Is limbo enough for her? Maybe for a while not I don't think she can last very long, not if he keeps showing up with bedroom romps and then leaving in the morning after a quick tooth-brush. Hopefully Ken addresses it first before she blows up in tears or frustration, whether in front of him or not.
1/16/2019 c13 10Excel Aunt
The thing I enjoyed most about this update, even more than a George appearance, is Ken's attempt of walking that fine line of showing affection without being smothering-he's barely hanging in there too. I mean, yes, the toothbrush might have been a tad more overt than Rilla was expecting, but I do think it's good for him to allow Rilla to see that he's regarding her as, not a fling, but as a long term relationship. Better to have it somewhat stated and after all, it's only a toothbrush if things go south fast. (Not that I think it will.)

And then's the fact he hurries over as soon as possible. That's so sweet, almost cloyingly so. Now, I do agree that Ken should have a Christmas gift for Rilla, but given his station in life that would be a tricky situation. Rilla isn't a casual friend, even if they haven't slept together. And it has to be a nice gift but not too nice. It has to be something Rilla might last the rest of her life but also not feel like a shackle. I think the necklace, with the pendant, (does this shape mean something?) is a good starting point, erroring on the more expensive rather than the too common. And it's not glittery or an heirloom.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Rilla talking with Anne as he sleeps. I would worry he might overhear. Couldn't they text instead?

What I really like about this relationship is how Rilla likes Ken so much even without all the trappings. I wonder if the Prince issue will challenge her as badly as Anne hints. Would Ken abdicate? Does he have an opinion on the royals who have (or is that written out?) And why doesn't he call her when away? That is a good question, especially when he is obviously so taken with her.
1/16/2019 c13 47Tinalouise88
I always want more each chapter...it ends too soon is my only complaint haha. I love ken showing up so quickly, and also that he brought a toothbrush. It made me giggle.

Jewellery such a prince thing to do haha. but i wonder where it actually came from, is it new or is possibly a little older? But if it was older it means in another way that he truly does trust her. Or if its new, that's alright too. He's probably used to thinking all woman like jewellery for gifts.

Anne. Such a mom which I love. Reminds me despite the strain of my own mother-daughter relationship with my own mother. The talks we could have about the men I was dating at times or life in my early 20's.

but anne is right, she needs to ask him why..lol

Ken wanting to show her the real palace, and potentially meet family! well, that definitely says something about how he may feel. His surprised that she already saw the palace on a tour, or that she's already been to London was rather priceless. She may be poor and broke, but I am sure the Blythe children have never wanted for anything and possibly travelled a fair bit with their parents?
1/16/2019 c13 38oz diva
Of course I’ve already told you that I love this, but now I can say it in public.

The moment when Ken digs around in his pocked and produces (drum roll please) ... a toothbrush! Has all the comedy timing we could hope for. And of course a toothbrush is an intimate item which holds far more meaning than just a piece of plastic.

I liked the gold chain of course, but I also loved her second guessing herself about why he’s put her back in bed, but then shutting herself up with - it’s just cold alright. And after all he just goes to sleep.

Now Anne is great here. She’s playing Devil’s Advocate. Yes, she wants Rilla to just be happy in the moment, but this is no normal relationship she’s getting herself into. Prince Ken can be rather blasé about it all, but it’s potentially a momentous change for Rilla, this may be the last winter she endures with not enough heating, (though those castles sound pretty draughty) speaking of which its interesting that the wealthiest and poorest are each cold in their own ways.

I digress, Anne is reminding Rilla that she should just be careful, a gift of gold jewellery frima prince and a promise to take her home (to meet his folks?) is no small matter when it’s coming from him. So it’s good that Anne teases this out of her. It’s not that Rilla hasn’t thought of this herself, but Anne won’t let her ignore it.
1/16/2019 c13 4Anne O' the Island
Jewelry? Oh-ho - the plot thickens! I'm with Anne on this one. I see (well, hear) warning bells all over the place. And the suggestion of that private tour - why do I feel that this can only end very, very badly?

Now, I know you're going to give everybody a happy ending (you *are*, aren't you?), but I see stormclouds, bumpy roads - and the press. (Horror of horrors, but I also can't wait to see the headlines these two create)

But it was lovely to see Ken again, and I do hope we see more of him as we go on.

And before I forget: is there a fairy godmother? ;)
1/14/2019 c12 14elizasky
Shirley! He was actually way nicer than I was expecting. Sure the headphones and music choices say “go away” loud and clear, but he’s nicer to Rilla than I thought he would be. She lets herself into his room, asks him lots of questions even though he is clearly not welcoming them, and then physically touches him uninvited. In return, he not only deigns to speak to her but actually shows her what he’s working on. That seemed pretty mature, staying calm and civil like that even when he is annoyed. The family may imagine all sorts of lurid things he might be working on when he’s locked away being antisocial, but a college-selection program is downright wholesome. Almost cute. I did laugh at the bit about selecting how far from home the college is, wondering if he might be using it to set a minimum. “Ate a clown for breakfast” was a good line and made me laugh. So did “Shirl” as a nickname. All in all, I thought you wrote Shirley very sympathetically. Rilla clearly understands the concept of boundaries when it comes to her own phone and Shirley could have grabbed it out of her hand in little-brother retaliation, but he is the “least one to pry” and offers her an alternative solution without pressing for details. So he was much more patient and mature than I was expecting (even if his tidiness has deserted him).

I assume the emergency call app will come in handy at some point. Chekov’s app? I’ll be on the lookout for a stalker or a kidnapping attempt or maybe just some overzealous paparazzi. I wonder how else Shirley might end up being useful (getting her file maybe?), or whether Rilla’s fame will end up imposing on him in much more significant ways than just a brief conversation.

I was FAR more shocked at Jem who doesn’t know the name of every person in a 20-mile radius. SCANDAL! :) But of course they don’t really live there, and that was a good way of reminding us we aren’t in canon anymore.

In the snowman-building section, I liked the way you conveyed Jem’s and Faith’s energy both through the gathering of all the people and by having their little sidekick dog also exhibit high energy. That was a good use of a surrogate to get that across. I also enjoyed Jerry’s characterization, which is brief but very effective – rational, observant, and more formal in his diction. Walter seems to be in sympathy with Shirley in not particularly enjoying being imposed upon by over-enthusiastic siblings, and I guess I’d put Di on that team as well, seeing the way she goes along with Nan. (Apropos of nothing, I liked the reminder that Walter would be the one with opinions on mythology.) Joy, Jem, and Rilla seem to be more the sort to assert themselves over their siblings, whether it be over luggage, horror movies and mandatory family activities, or small talk.

Which they seem to get from Anne, LOL. Shoving Rilla into the pantry was pretty funny. This was a good reworking of Anne’s many matchmaker plots in canon, where she is over-involved in other people’s romances. (Not that Rilla doesn’t need the help – it’s good that she has someone to talk to, even if that someone is a teeny little bit stalkerish (Anne’s rationalization was excellent)). And in the end, Anne is just looking out for Rilla’s well-being, which will probably turn out to be a bigger job than one hurried conversation in a pantry. Rilla *is* special, but is her happiness worth making lots of trouble and worry and heartache for everyone else? You know that’s a question I’m always interested in — How do you balance your own needs and desires against the harm that acting on them will cause for the people you love? — so I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out in this universe.
1/12/2019 c12 18Alinyaalethia
As someone with a brother-object who at a glance shares seemingly nothing with me, I know these conversations well. The headphones, the monosyllabic answers, the screens and pulling-teeth to extract a whole sentence scenario. You write it well, so top marks there. You capture Shirley a couple years shy of The voluntarily talking stage, which feels right for his age. As do the dishes cultivating spots and the dey humour.

I also seriously question Jem’s sense of child-appropriate films, though that goo tracks eith older-brother syndrome and his love of pranks. But then, if It is even a patch off the literary block, I shudder to think what that was like to watch. (Someone tell me it was edited down at least. It needed it somewhere around the eighth prologue.) I can also see why that would well and truly put Rilla off of clowns. And spiders. And, quite frankly, any awful thing you can conjure with. But I digress. (You are, naturally, the height of surprised at this revelation. I never digress in reviews. Never.)

Right, back on topic, I am glad to see Miranda still exists and that she has filled the void of Non-Meredith-Glen-Friend for Rilla. That needed doing in canon, but doubly so in a modern reworking of canon. It expands her friendship scope past the Manse and gives her something approximating a bosom friend. As discussed, I approve.

Also well done on evoking sprawling familial Christmases. That snowman competition is the fort of thing my six aunts and uncles, along with assorted spouses, cousins, cousins partners, etc& would orchestrate. It would go about as well as above, with a healthy dose of bawdy humour because that is par for the course on that side of the family. As is the picking if teams. (I am Walter in this scenario, there because I was drafted and, I hope, reasonably placid about it.) Anyway, you do a good job showing us the family by showing their response to Snowman Conscription. The only person truly unfazed round appear to be Monday, which sounds about right.

Now, as to Anne. Obviously Rilla was meant yo say that she needed a nose for the snowman. Obviously. But I mostly meant to say that I continue to enjoy Anne’s insights into relationships. I’ve taken the libert if assuming a Roy into her past, so feel she has at least as much advice to offer on how things can go wrong as right. And she’s trying to give Rilla as much of that as she can shirt of spoon-feeding it all to her. Because we know that if she tried that Rilla would reject it all out of hand. On principle. As it is Rilla’s ‘are you stalking him?!’ nicely sums up what is surely everyone’s response to maternal interference in their love life. As does her irritation that her mother isn’t completely wrong. You’re righting all kinds of wrongs by illustrating their closeness, and I’m enjoying what that brings to the vastlynapparent that all Anne really wants is for Rilla to be happy, and even Rilla can’t argue with that.
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