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12/27/2018 c10 4OriginalMcFishie
Firstly love the family gathering. Of course Anne would be ott when it comes to Christmas, and love that there is no homier home than Ingleside. And i can totally see Anne focusing on babies and not logistics. Joy had a shotgun wedding? I expect by choice, it gives you the sense of the night loving family. You get a real sense of Jem and Walter here and it's lovely. Interesting back story on Cecilia , would live to know more, if it doesn't work here perhaps yet another one off. I really liked Faith too. Gilbert seems the warm cuddly Gil of early canon witty warm loveable, everyines favourite dad. Monday was cute as was his story. The whole family life is gorgeous.
secondly I see the only details we have in Rillas life is a gasp at the mention of royalty and a reference to it being surreal. Did they follow through on their heated flirtatious behaviour or did Rilla have to suddenly catch her plane or did the secret service jump in and drag Ken away. I know you're going to test my patience and I'm going to hate it (while secretly loving it)
12/27/2018 c9 OriginalMcFishie
Ken's reaction to Rilla's friend's plight melts my heart. No judgement just genuine empathy and compassion. And he's feeding George, seems a lot of progress has happened in the last month.i can totally see Gilbert in a band trying to make his definitely would have been a flower child. Meeting at an anti Vietnam rally is totally them, and another one shot in the making. Love the music chat, there is something about music that speaks right to the heart and to connect over this is a wonderful way to show their deepening connections. And what a musical selection (I'm guessing your as well?). Now why do you not want Gilbert to adopt you...could our prince be falling for the girl.? What I really like this is the everyday normalcy where you make average meals together and talk about everything and nothing, The sort of chat that leads Rilla to ponder on the lyrics without thinking about what she's saying. Way to go HRH to take the comment and turn it into an invitation, sex you enough to melt any girl, respectful enough that she can walk away from it without pressure if she's not interested. And cudos to Rilla for responding in the same ilk, yes that does interest me HRH but you're going to have to work just a little bit harder to cross the line
12/27/2018 c8 OriginalMcFishie
Well done for Mrs Weisz for bringing out into the open what would have otherwise have been left unsaid. His explanation reminds us how complicated his life is, even when he's not hanging out with a Canadian girl he met at a party. Nice to hear an explanation around the name Persis, always seemed a bit out of its time. I'm guessing LMM thought it exoit. I'm impressed with your knowledge of English public schools! Love the hair colour photo, a creative way to bring in descriptions of the sisters! As for the brothers a nice explanation of the names and characteristics of each. And nothing breaks a warm and friendly chat than a dead mouse. Love how George's acceptance symbolises how comfortable they've become in their chat togetherness. Which of course brings us to birthday cake. I'm wondering if it's his birthday that day or just over the thanksgiving weekend (and if it is that day interesting he wants to spend it with her) . The fact that Izzie took a slice out of it takes some of the pressure off the cake and makes it the fun gesture I think she intended. His reaction shows how cautious he has to be when it comes to friendships. ...but we've identified they're friends.., heart racing skin tingling friends.
12/27/2018 c7 OriginalMcFishie
I adore Nia and Seraphina, so reminiscent of Phil and Stella /Priscilla I almost forgot whose story you are telling. The perfect buddies for life, and I'm sure there's a one shot if not more I through story with Tristan. What better way to confirm that Rilla's heart is involved here than to have one I'd her friends suggest she makes a move. Dibs well and truly called. I get the feeling Seraphina will come in handy later when Rilla is being invited to all kinds i
of regal parties.
And what friends don't get out of you sisters do. it takes Mrs Weisz to get Rilla to realise what she is feeling and what she wants, even if it does take him 3 weeks to call her, and then he expects she will be available and able to see him!
12/27/2018 c10 5fanofNC
Anne! Christmas! Gil! Everyone but Di comes up, so yay!

Honestly, it's so great I don't have much to say. That family banter though, I love it. Especially when Joy, the master of stingy comebacks, is beaten by Gil, who is known for his remarkable conversations with Anne. Parents rule, especially awesome ones like Anne and Gil :).
Oh, that Rilla still calls Gilbert "Daddy" is adorable!

Dog Monday! Yay!
And Jem, surprising Rilla, surprising me. About that, Gil is such an observant man that I'm sure he'll talk to Rilla later, considering their special relationship. He obviously saw (or felt?) her tense up.

You know, all throughout, I kept expecting Ken to pop up and join in the family. Please tell me he comes back soon? Or at least, that his name will appear soon?

Thanks for the wonderful break from schoolwork :).
12/26/2018 c10 Jxuan
Hahaha the suspense! Did they or didn't they?! LOL

Ohhhhhh I love this family to bits! I get such a nice lovely warm feeling reading this chapter. They sound like so much fun! The easy way conversation flowed and the witty banter! Everyone has a moment and quite capable of holding their own too.

And can I say I'm loving the Gilbert here already? He's definitely close to all his kids and they chatter much like long time friends. The best part? Joy being a novice when it comes to wit. That's why we had you first, to keep the rest of them in line. Nice one. Who says I was joking? Hahaha. That says a lot about Gilbert. I'm already looking forward to meeting Anne herself! Step aside kids. You're no match for your parents. Love it that Gilbert was sharp enough to notice the little slip from Rilla. Will he have a private chat about it with her later? That makes me wonder if Rilla will tell Gilbert about Ken first before the rest of the family?

Ahhhh dear dog Monday! Thanks for bringing Jem's doggie back and he fits so well in this family! I'm sorry though, that poor Jem is on his own with dog ownership (hey I'd expected Gilbert to give him his vote yeah?!) but I'm sure everyone will come round to loving the little puppy in time, even dear Joy-Joy.

I'm also loving Faith here, if just for bringing home Monday lol. I love the ease at which she fits in with them! Clearly Faith has to exist with Jem. Can't have one without the other. I'm curious about Cecilla though. I can't decide what kind of person Cecilla is supposed to be here from the comment about her not caring about Rosemary's cooking and that her kids don't call her mum. John and Cecilla are divorced then?

I also love the banter between Jem and Joy. A lawyer and a doctor (to be) trading barbs and poking jabs at each other. I hope to see them have serious conversations as well. It seems apt that they grew up confiding in each other as the two eldest siblings of the family so I imagine them having close discussions about family and personal matters too.

I like how you subtlely remove Faith and Dan (and the kiddos) so that the Blythes can have their reunion. Not that they don't belong but there's something about seeing how this family interacts amongst themselves. I can't wait for Nan, Di and Shirley to join in the party.

Ingleside is going to be a jolly lovely place this Christmas. Wish I was there too! Lol
12/26/2018 c10 10Excel Aunt
The scene you describe sounds like Terry Redlin painting with so much detail that makes you stare at it for so long you know what each figure on the canvas is up to. Overall, I found your entire update to have loads of movement with many characters and conversations, each expressing their point of view to stand out from the crowd but everything still looked seamless as a family gathering. It's brilliant. I know I always struggle so much with crowds and action and I have to say, I'm impressed with how you make it look so easy. (Maybe it is easy for you?)

For some reason, I found Jake calling Anne "Granny" very funny. I laughed as I listened to my phone and had to back up the playback. I could really see Izzy on Anne's hip (somehow Izzy sounds very solid, like a kid that weights twice as much as you'd think) and then Jake puts Anne and all her energy into place with "Granny".

Rilla's pretty convinced that she's not going to pop out a baby in summer, but if she did, the world would be watching. And Anne would elbow her way past the obstetrician to catch little Fitzroy, not that anyone knows right now of Rilla's new boyfriend. I wonder if Ken carries condoms? Or were there some left in Rilla's shoebox apartment from Tristan days? Speaking of Tristan, I feel like his Mom named him after "Legend of the Fall" which is a bit too young to be named after Brad Pitt's character unless Rilla was hanging with a 16-year-old-so, I'm going to say "no" to that then. Nevermind.

I got a bit lost on the "technically speaking" part and then Anne complaining that Nan and Jerry want to get married first before having a child. I'm going to guess this is some commentary on Joy and Dan's relationship, but when I first read it, I really thought Anne was sort of miffed that Nan wasn't expecting Jerry's love child yet.

But it's sort of interesting how you have the family dealing with Joy's baggage in the very real way of unloading her luggage. I don't know if you were going for the metaphor or not but I find the fact that she gets help (with the luggage) very moving and supportive and very non-dysfunctional.

Although, I was eating when I heard Jem complain that Rilla would name his puppy after a prince and about choked on my egg. I thought the same thing Rilla did. But then I understood why Jem said it and then way you end this update, I suspect that Shirley and his awesome hacking abilities are going to break Rilla's news before Rilla will. You've made the point twice now in the story that Shirley does tackle governments-was it the Peruvian Healthcare system and now mentions of the CIA?

I gushed when Gilbert hugged his oldest and youngest daughters. I am really happy there's a story where Joy lives and is such important part of the family. I am sure there are other stories where Joy is alive, and I'll get to them eventually, but for now, this is big warm fuzzy. Grandpa Gil and his daughters.

I liked seeing Faith and you write a good one. Firm but compassionate! Funny that Cecelia is still alive here but Rosemary is the mother of choice. It's curious because John is still reverend and they're at the manse. I am guessing that Bruce is kicking as well as Una and Carl.

I wanted some more Ken/Rilla spice but this interlude is very overdue because it's wonderful to get caught up on the Blythes at Ingleside.
12/22/2018 c9 5fanofNC
First off, I really love Mrs. Weisz. She has really good advice, she loves to read, and she has a good sense of what is going to happen to the girl she took under her wing. Gentleman caller indeed ;).

Poor Gilbert, none of his kiddos want to bond with his music. I'm glad Rilla did so, as it was already obvious that Anne shares a special bond with everyone, and someone needs to have that with Gilbert, too. Gil will love you very much, Ken, very much. I really look forward to meeting Gil and Anne ourselves :).

The mysterious, all-knowing music XD. I love it!

WHY DON'T YOU FIND OUT? Goodness, Rilla, now you're cheeky ;). That just- ugh, I can't wait for next week.
(Remind me again when that "one time" was? Was it the night of the Halloween party?)
12/20/2018 c9 Jxuan
Hmm. I'm going to go with No they did not. Because I can't imagine the prince having sex without condoms (and horrifying his grandmother with an unplanned future heir) and even worse, him having a secret stash of it in his scarf which will then creep me out. Alright, if Rilla has some then I've nothing more to say lol.

How the conversation tilts is rather funny though. Seems like there's some sort of hidden agenda in both of them. Wanting to find out how many sex partners the other had previously for instance (oh and that reminded me of Mary and Gilbert having a somewhat similar conversation haha). And trying to see who's game to take it to the end.

I'm pleased that Ken and Gilbert have the potential to get closer and I would like to see that relationship develop further later on hopefully.

So Anne and Gilbert met when he was 19 so that was at Redmond? Anne was never in Avonlea then? Interesting how you reveal a bit of information on the family via these conversations. They've not even shown up in the story but I feel like we already know quite abit about them.

I'm not sure how much I like long haired hippie Gilbert and I wonder if Marilla approved lol. Still, I'm hungry for more.
12/20/2018 c9 Oz diva

You explained why Mrs Weisz always calls Rilla by her whole name, but it always gives me a start to see it written out like that. Her comment about the ‘gentleman caller’ was funny. She’s really so old fashioned isn’t she.

Ken and Rilla are relaxing into this sweet little relationship, actually just being friends is a good way for them to start, and I hope will help them later if things get sticky.

Your knowledge of 70s music is prodigious and it must be nice to explore it here, when you couldn’t do it before. The iPod shuffle is known to be prescient, and you’ve played on that excellently here. Rilla using music to gain her father’s attention was a clever ploy, and it’s interesting that she’s rather more interested in that time/attention than in the music. Regardless she has garnered a good music knowledge. How is she with more modern stuff?

Knights in White Satin made me laugh, excellent placement there in more ways than one, Kslchen. And then there’s this wonderful cliffhanger. Do they or don’t they? Watch this space.
12/20/2018 c9 38oz diva
You ex
12/20/2018 c9 AnneShirley
I'm really sorry (again) for my tardiness and for not even reviewing the last one. The thing is that I'm doing my matriculation exam in March, which involves a lot of prep and not much time for reviewing (though I still do read your updates and did notice that the last chapter title came from Restless Farewell, which I found extremely funny without knowing why.) So my reviews, I'm afraid, will be rather infrequent from now on, but I'm making an effort to complete this one.

Mrs. Weisz is less Aunt Jimsie than Rachel Lynde in this chapter, but she's as entertaining as either of those venerable ladies. Her use of the phrase 'gentleman caller' suggests that she's been weaving a fantasy about Rilla and Ken worthy of any of her romantic novels - a very Don Quixote way of going at it. But yeah, taking care of George will not be fun, and she gets major points from me for even doing it.

Rilla and Ken meeting high up over New York in her Shoebox is reminiscent of Rapunzel, as is her 'letting down her hair' before coming out again to see him. If you're doing a mashup of Cinderella, Rapunzel and Rilla of Ingleside, congratulations, you're writing the one story I never knew I wanted to read.

But this Rilla is certainly no damsel in distress - her protection of Tracy takes a lot of guts, considering that if Tracy's husband uses money to tether her to him, he's not going to be very kind to anyone who supplies Tracy with means to escape. Also, Ken helping out, while hugely unrealistic (though his excuse does remind me of Bryony's inability to understand German currency in Dark Clouds), does paint him in a nicer light than the Toronto boy who speaks, only half-deprecatingly, of girls chasing him. And am I right in assuming that Ken knows about behaviour traits of abusers not only from his charity work but also from his mother's past?

Though all said and done, I don't think Ken has any idea of personal space, does he? And yes, Rilla has excellent taste in music, and the fact that she learned it the same way as I did was incredible! I mean, my dad was ten or so years younger than Gilbert, so he wasn't exactly of the Woodstock generation, but he did grow up on classic rock and folk coming in on the airwaves from Radio Ceylon. And having a daughter who couldn't stand the music of her own generation was just about perfect for him. I think I knew Blowing In The Wind before I knew our national anthem.

Also, tell me - what did Marilla think of her stepson becoming a rocker with long hair? I can only imagine it, and it's not pretty. (For some reason, the only image I have in my head is of Jonathan Crombie with long hair, being yelled at by a former math teacher who my friend and I had nicknamed Marilla). I think I want that AU next. Anne as a flower child made complete and utter sense, and the idea of her meeting Gilbert at an anti-Vietnam rally only makes me wonder what weapons were around for her to whack on his head after he teased her about her hair. Though it would've been pretty mutual in this case.

Owen fought in the Falklands war? And Leslie was married off for money to a man who sold arms - among other things? These royals really do dysfunctional better than anyone, don't they? Somehow, Aunt Mary seems like a character I'd love to meet. She seems relatively normal, unlike *gasp* Uncle Al. And you've made relatively normal seem like a good thing.

I am still trying to wrap my head around Gilbert the guitarist. It's so cool, in a way, but GILBERT BLYTHE, my first literary crush! Unbearably cool. Also, I think I'd fit in pretty well with Ken and Gilbert, but I'd still be reduced to nodding and smiling when things get beyond me. You see, I was to learn the guitar in school, but the teacher turned out to be a pedophile who groped me and kissed another girl on the mouth, so things ended there, I guess? Though I can still appreciate the skill of Santana and Joni Mitchell (thoughts, Gilbert? I love the totally unique sound she and Jaco Pastorius create). And I just found out that Love Song to A Stranger comes in three parts. I'd always thought it was just the one that goes 'They brought me a beautiful basket of fruits...'

And let me just say, Nights in White Satin was the perfect way to get to this point! 'Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore' - Rilla and Ken have been keeping a lot of secrets from each other and from the rest of the world, and anyway the song itself is just so reminiscent of what I imagine New York to be like. The fact that Rilla goes straight to sex without even the formality of a first kiss is really, well - Rilla? You know, carrying home a baby in a soup tureen without even telling anyone? Classic Rilla.

Also, though I am looking forward to the Christmas reunion in Halifax, I don't want to leave these two here like this, and unfortunately I can't even attempt to pierce alternatives with a hatpin. So... morning after. Please! I need to know if the MATH suspects foul play and barges in to Ken and Rilla manifestly NOT reenacting Coyote Ugly.
12/19/2018 c9 14elizasky
Yay Rilla! I’m glad that she decided to be bold at the end there, skipping merrily past first kiss and going straight for staying over. I’ll be interested to see when your next chapter picks up chronologically. I’m all for half a heartbeat later, rather than a jump to Christmas in Halifax (as eager as I am to meet the family properly).

I enjoyed the little character detail of Rilla not rushing up the stairs enough to make her winded. That was a good way of drawing attention to Rilla’s own attention to detail and making an entrance. Between that and the dress that is too tight to be comfortable (but cute enough to help with her tips), Rilla comes off as someone who is strategic about how she presents herself to the outside world. I imagine that’s a skill that will come in handy even if she doesn’t have other good training for interacting with aristocrats and royalty.

That came across in the bit about Gilbert and his music as well – that little Rilla made a strategic decision about how to get maximum time and attention from Dad, rather than pursuing the music because she loved it. I wonder how else that character trait might surface later, when Rilla has to make decisions about her own likes/interests/values vs. acting strategically to accomplish larger goals. (Side note: I can definitely see Anne as a flower child, especially if she didn’t grow up with the dyed-in-the-wool Conservative Cuthberts. I'm wondering more about Pacifist Gilbert - whether it is a merely generational difference from canon Gilbert or if this Gilbert's politics will become significant to the plot.)

That music section did make me laugh, though. Oh nooooooo Ken is a music snob! Worse, a BASIC music snob. Oh well, nobody’s perfect, not even princes, and it was nice to see the Normal Dudebro jump out there for a minute. I loved that Rilla called him out on his boring opinions. Hard eye roll on that “you’re not like other girls of our generation” nonsense, Ken.

I’m glad to see their relationship moving forward. Excited for next week’s installment, whether it is a sex scene or a Blythe family Christmas.
12/19/2018 c9 10Excel Aunt

NO Romantic Cliffhangers! You are evil! (But I loved the update so I will bow down to your power to tease.)

Oh Rilla, my-Rilla! This story is advancing a lot faster than I had expected! And I really don't know what Ken's going to do here! I mean, most men would be like YAY SEX but he's not 'most men'. I almost wonder if he'll come back with a contract for Rilla to sign first or he'll mention standing romantic protocols have to be in order.

You know, before we got into that moment, I was thinking a couple of things, like how Rilla's bed, sans Mrs. Lynde's quilt is NOT a sofa-bed but just a regular ole' bed. And I was wondering about the laundry situation overall, if those chairs still hold too much clothes that they could sit on those, but nope, to the bed the go anyway. And then I was thinking how Ken feels liberty to touch and tap Rilla, and it's all very playful.

Honestly, Rilla doesn't really know that much about Ken, he's pretty standoff-ish about his family, but the little glimpes he reports shows a family with a lot of dysfunction, or at least more so than Rilla's family. Another passing thought I have had is Shirley learning about this relationship first through his internet searches and hacking. Now it seems to be getting serious. Not that this shouldn't surprise me at all. I mean, they're getting cosy, aren't they, with Ken bringing food and groceries and cooking together. The cat knows to trust Ken to eat. I mean, they're really looking domestic. And Mrs. Weisz, what did she say, "gentleman caller?" Dude, what does she hear from Rilla's apartment? Squeaky bedsprings?

I had the best laugh at Gilbert as a hippee, guitar player. I mean, well... let me work on that idea some. I did like that as far as musical tastes go, Ken and Gil seem to mirror each other exactly.

But oh my! I'm so curious now as to what Ken is going to say to Rilla's rather bold statement. (And of all the songs to come one? Nights in White Satin!...on lord, I wonder if Ken programmed the iPod).
12/15/2018 c8 38oz diva
In a way they both have interesting families. Though of course Rilla knows more (or thinks she does) about his family than he can about hers. But when you think about it, she has all these oddly named or nicknamed siblings, and lots of them; a family of seven is unusual in 2010 and five grandparents.

Now even though he had to be away for family business, that's really no excuse for not keeping in touch. I know he comes from an old family, but even he must be aware by now of a little thing called The Internet. He could have emailed or gotten a message to her by some means. Isn't it funny, I can't remember when Skype started, I'm assuming after 2010? But he could stay in touch even if he's across the pond. Got to step up your game there, Ken doll.

So the final mark of approval has been won, George likes him. And on we go.
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