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12/3/2018 c6 1Will Solace
I absolutely love the dynamic you have between Rilla and Ken in this story, as well as rose between Rilla and her sisters —your description of Rilla’s inner thoughts are hilarious.

Thank you for writing and sharing this story!
12/2/2018 c6 5fanofNC
I love your modern Anne very much! Come up more often, Anne? And with Gil too!

Purple People Eaters! I would've burst out laughing on the spot. Much unlike our sophisticated prince here ;)

Speaking of sophisticated princes, he isn't going to be shocked at what a mess American parties can be. Good luck! Stick with Rilla, and don't you dare do anything rash!
12/1/2018 c6 2Kim Blythe
Wait, now, tell me, how many times did Ken come to Rilla's place, for them to have a nice time together and already be so at ease, comfortable, friendly with each other ?!

Not that I mind them being that way, because, I mean, this is just so great how they seem to fit together !

Sexy batman ! (I am still laughing over that one) !
12/1/2018 c6 4OriginalMcFishie
We get to see an adult Anne. And what an Anne. Loving literature. A balance of whimsy and practical, supportive of her daughter (perhaps too much, write your own essay Rilla!). Its a wonderful glimpse.
I like that she has the conversation with Ken listening in. It shows how comfortable they've become with each other and while they're still learning about each other, they have quite quickly become quite close.
Love the reuse of the dress - a very studenty costume. I get the feeling that the dress would look super at a formal do with 10 inch heels, and more casual if paired with boots. I bet she looks a million dollars. And sexy batman is a typical bloke (low effort) while perfect to enable him to remain hidden.
I'm intrigued by the introduction of Teddy - a whim or does a second sibling - a male sibling - play into where the story goes...
I can see that they're already negotiating life - have to take a cab, but can walk from around the corner to still look studenty . I suspect once word of their relationship gets out they won't be able to do that anymore.
Great first date. time for a goodnight kiss?
11/29/2018 c3 12MrsVonTrapp
Firstly, you give us Queen; next, you give us (particularly we Australians) Air Supply. And you then encouraged me down a YouTube wormhole to follow this latest diversion and I have only recently re-emerged. If you give me any of the following - A-Ha, Take That, the Beatles, or ABBA that is IT. I am yours for life.

But I digress, again. I believe you are also writing a story here, so I should do as reviewers must.

I applaud anyone who can make Conversations With Cats as diverting as you do here, and George is obviously proudly cat as only felines can be. As others have mentioned, that was a lovely shade of Holly Golightly and Cat, and there is definitely in your Rilla a real sense of Holly, so much so that I almost imagined her in pink eye mask and wondering where she hid the telephone. Was your naming the cat George for George Peppard as well as for a certain King? Ooh, I certainly hope there will be more Audrey - Alinya and I will obviously play that game together, having seen her reference to Roman Holiday in her later review for you.

Now, Rilla is not exactly the Mouth of Truth in her new-fangled video conference with her sisters, is she? She'll lose a hand at this rate for sure. You do a lovely job of bringing us up to speed on the various family members and their exploits, whilst creating modern iterations of these Blerediths that still feel true and tempting to us. I wonder if you share an affinity with Nan? I can't help liking Joy, with her Gilbert-esque searching out the facts (oh but what that boy wouldn't have given for a mobile phone back in the day!) and her Mulan warrior-princess cup LOL. I love how Nan retains her literature-love and Di her ability to call it as she sees it. The boys will be really fascinating to learn about in time, and I'm thrilled there seems to be JERRY in this universe and here's hoping that he only has a use for a bed in the ordinary fashion, and that he has MANY happy years ahead of him with Nan and her knick knacks.

And Gilbert and Anne... of course, they would both be brilliant, with their own independent, successful careers. I wonder at the children's books Anne writes, and whether Rilla's narrative will dovetail at all...

I guess It's All Up to You ;)
11/29/2018 c6 38oz diva
I'm with Rilla, although the closest I ever got to Joyce was when I had to type up an essay for my mum. It didn't make me rush out to buy a copy.

You drop in the snippets about the royal way of life quite casually, eg the tracking device and his education. I suppose in way it's foreshadowing. This is what Rilla will experience should she decide to move the relationship along. Conversely, Rilla is able to demonstrate for him how 'normal' ie poor people live. Like not taking a taxi if you want to remain incognito.

I do hope we get to see the party, that sounds like lots of fun, Sexy Batman better step up to the plate.
11/28/2018 c6 Jxuan
Oh a brother for Ken! Why Teddy though? Short for? Sounds like a strange name for a prince. So Ken is clearly the first born and will be the future King. I wonder how Rilla would feel at being the future Queen.

The GPS tracker is interesting. Do british royalty actually have to wear those? The halloween party is the perfect excuse to go in disguise though I wonder what he will do when its a normal date out. Can't be wearing a mask all the time yeah?

I'll admit I didn't get most of the "jokes" here. And I didn't read those books either haha but they both seem to banter along pretty well and the prince is getting comfortable with her, very comfortable too, to be laughing at emm sexy jokes on the side lol.

I like that he's getting some insight into her life and her family. So in this story he's around Jem's age? Is the age gap closer than in canon now that you've swapped Rilla and Shirley around? Those conversations with the family are so enticing I can't wait to actually meet them! And I'm looking forward to when Ken gets to meet them too! Will it be a surprise kind of thing or will Rilla prep them for it? Will they be courting by then? Ahh so many questions! This Ken is seriously getting very interesting.
I wonder if he's concerned by that wikaka chap. After all, a prince is also a normal man who would want to stake his claim on the girl he likes. Ken seems confident enough.

I hope we get the party! It would be interesting if Ken gets busted and to see how that is handled. And what happens after the party lol.
11/28/2018 c6 14elizasky
Oof, I am 100% with Rilla on Joyce (the novelist, not the sister). That really puts an interesting spin on modern Joy’s name – canon Joy was born too early to be named for James Joyce (though I suppose Montgomery could have read some Joyce before she wrote AHoD). But modern firstborn-of-an-English-professor Joyce very well may be named for the novelist if Anne loved Ulysses so much ("Shirley" is looking comparatively kind if "Ulysses" was ever on the table). Someone in my grad program named their kids Langston and Zora (and another gave their child the surname Whitman – I got the baby a lovely illustrated edition of “Miracles” when she was born). But as for Rilla’s paper, while I cannot generally condone that amount of “helping,” I have great sympathy for anyone faced with Joyce or Faulkner (though Joyce’s letters to Nora are fabulous). There’s just no way to digest those texts on a semester scale, let alone write about them intelligently!

Ken’s desire to go to an American Halloween party is sort of sweet. I wonder if he is thinking anthropologically or if he just wanted to ask Rilla on a date but not the fancy sort. A Halloween party is loud and dark and not great for conversation, but they’ve done some conversation already and that went well, so on to some drinking and dancing. I do like a Halloween party for conveying character through costume choice (a good exercise in character definition). Ken has a good practical explanation for his, but it is also charmingly childish. For someone who has to wear a real-life GPS tracker, the idea of a powerful secret identity must be really resonant. But does Bruce Wayne dress up as Batman or does Batman hide his true identity by going to fancy parties dressed as Bruce Wayne? A salient question for Ken as well. Which is the real one and which is the mask?

Your characterization of Rilla here picks up some important threads from canon. Here, she goes to school (rather than dropping out at 14) but she’s not really particularly fascinated by her courses nor particularly ambitious in her academic aspirations. She’s got an ability to make light of a trying situation, though, as evidenced by her repurposing of the wine dress. Not every girl would go for the corpse makeup on her first date with a prince. (I’m sure it’s a very cute corpse.)

There are little bits here of both characters noticing the other's unfamiliar world (explaining no money for cabs, casual mention of his travels to Awasa), but it’s not heavy-handed. I particularly enjoyed the little peeks we got at Ken’s siblings. I wonder how Persis and Rilla will get along. Will this Persis be as headstrong as the last one? And could Rilla ever be ok with other people taking over her life and making important decisions for her? It seems that she’s used to loads of freedom in terms of making her own big decisions about where to live, what to study, etc. Maybe even too much freedom? The other Blythe kids seem to have been fairly self-motivated, so maybe they didn't need too much outside accountability. But Anne in this chapter is really doing more than she should for Rilla, which leads me to believe that Anne and Gilbert have not set very strict standards for her.

(A small note on terms: Ken may call it the Underground, but Rilla, being a New Yorker, will probably call it the Subway.)
11/28/2018 c6 10Excel Aunt
Oh, I've been waiting and waiting for your update! The only disappointing thing about it was the length, it was too short! I was a little bit confused at first with the Ulysses references, as I never read it, I did read Dubliners though but it was so long ago I am afraid it would age myself. Let's just say Mom and Dad had put in touch tone phones that same year.

Like I've said in my previous reviews, Ken and Rilla seem like really good friends that have very thin boundries. I'm still recovering from that penis jewelry joke in the last chapter. I never knew (until you posted). But now there are talks of SEXY in here. Sexy batman! Sexy murder victim! Rilla does have a point about how it's only a halloween costume if it's sexy!

But it's George the Third getting the action. I sort of loved Ken's sympathizing for the nuetered cat. "Ouch" indeed. One thing you'll find in the States that is not done world wide is declawing. My cats are not declawed, but the operation is very popular here and the topic is without contraversy. Since George is cat that goes outside I do hope he has his claws.

I hope that Sexy Batman is discovered. Eventually, things aren't going to work out, and honestly, the discovery would be quite a bonding moment for Rilla and Prince Ken. I had a good laugh at the cab suggestion and Rilla wise assessment of how they would be perceived if they arrived in a taxi. I was routing for the motorcycle though.

They're getting along so well, and with a little (or a lot of alcohol) I wonder what will happen next.

The PPE joke was pretty fun too. Some music is hysterically stupid. I wonder if Ken will do a google search for more information.
11/28/2018 c6 18Alinyaalethia
Look, it could have begun The Moo-Cow came down the road...’ and contained a sermon on hellfire and brimstone from a bonkers priest. I...actually sort of want Rilla’s take on Portrait of the Artist? But until then she should really read David Lodge, The British Museum is Falling Down because it is a genius bit of literary parody and ends eith a Molly-esque speech that ends on ‘perhaps’ by character Barbara. Okay, Anne might like it more than Rilla. But Rilla would like I Capture the Castle, which does stream of conscience while keeping punctuation. Less screaming. And there’s even a clothes drying episode! And that was your weekly dose of Irrelevant Literary Trivia. What would you do the day I wrote a normal review?

You’ll be shocked to hear there are some lines that have a very Buffy feel to them here, most notably Rilla’s bit about Halloween being an excuse to make costumes sexy and be other than ourselves. Demoralisingly, neither she nor the show have this wrong. Though I’m delighted to see Ken quickly makes this equal-opportunities nonsense. Other things I enjoy here are largely humour-related. Ken’s ability to laugh at himself is refreshing in a romantic lead (I blame my book club’s current preoccupation with Dark, Gritty Subject Matter for this observation) But so is the shared humour with Rilla. We really feel through it how these people with radically different backgrounds fit together and are even a bit compatible. (Poor Robert. I know we married him off happily, but really, it’s hard to fault him for a serious case of nerves. I bet the Dutch lass is nice and outgoing and draws him out on first meeting, yes? So it is now written.)

I also enjoy the discussion on subjects. I don’t agree with Rilla at all on her English, but then, I wouldn’t. You don’t read English for five years if you want to scream every time someone missteps. Let’s never let her read Portrait of a Lady, yes? It would put her right off marriage, and possibly men, supposing she didn’t kill Isabelle directly. Anyway, more seriously, it’s also a useful expositional tool for infilling background here. I approve of Oxford for Ken and demand to know his college. I have a mental geography, here, you see, that I want to put to use. And I approve of the addition of Teddy. Also of Rilla’s attitude to poor George. Quite right too, and Ken’s shock was priceless! But how is it we still haven’t seen that dress? I’m now deciding it’s like the famous Schiaparelli dress of The Girls of Slender Means, purely because I’m reviewing in book references tonight. Tell Rilla to read that too. It’s short, weird and interesting. (But Scottish, alas, so not on the current syllabus.)
11/24/2018 c5 2Kim Blythe
Two thumbs up ! Kenneth Ford is the prince, I repeat, Kenneth Ford is the prince ! (Those Barbie and Ken jokes, that was a good one) !

George decided to be ignoring everyone tonight...

Wow, all three of Rilla's grandmothers are still alive ! (I was wondering why she was always mentioning what grandma Bertha would say or do), Gilbert's mother, Millicent, have died in childbirth, John remarried with Marilla, making her Gilbert's step(real)mother and Bertha is a widower, because Walter died when Anne was a teenager !

This is all really so wonderful !
11/23/2018 c5 17engineerwenlock
Haha what a fun bonding chapter.

I was kind of confused by the Prince Albert stuff. I think I maybe missed a cultural reference or something.

I kind of love that Marilla married Mr Blythe. That's an interesting AU on it's own wow.

Anywho, nice job!
11/23/2018 c5 4OriginalMcFishie
Rilla's 'I don't have time to change how I look so I will make the best of it' attitude reminded me of ROI meeting Irene Howard with mismatched boots, although this was far more delightful. And HRH Ken is everything a Ken should be, witty, charming, I can see his gorgeous smile even though you didn't write a description of just how swoon worthy it is. The improvised sofa with a grandmotherly quilt was perfect and transferred the bed from an inappropriate object in the room to the pefect sofa for their conversation. Love the Ken and Barbie jokes (though I suspect those Eaton boys would call him Babs or something worse - no doubt morphing it into smutty carry on film references, if that translates) . I wondered how the two grandmothers would manifest. I didn't imagine it this way but now I know the story I can't imagine it any other - its the perfect way to include both Bertha and Marilla . The light banter was fun as these two get to know each other. The effort he went to answer her jest quetsion about Anne Boleyn admirable. I laughed out loud when I understood George's name. It would have been funny without the royal connection - this just makes it hillarious. The reference to 'my last boyfriend' - clever Rilla, clever. if he had any doubts he now knows for certain that you're single! The humour and warmth is this chapter is wonderful. How does Prince ask a regular girl out on a date...and where does he take her?
11/23/2018 c5 5fanofNC
Well, well, if it isn't His Royal Highness Prince Kenneth here! Sir, too! I hope he found Mrs. Lynde's quilt comfortable ;)
Barbie jokes! From such a posh crowd? I am as shocked and disappointed as Rilla in teenage boys. Nice touch with Barbara, too.

Thank you fr explaining the Bertha-Marilla thing. I like the new family, and I'm curious as to whether a broken-slate event would occur in this universe, even just on an emotional field, if Marilla was Gil's mother, and Anne had parents that probably showered her with love and left her with no doubts that red hair is admirable. I want to meet those grandmas! And, you know, Rilla mentioned that Marilla would approve of Ken's manners, and I definitely want to see the actual approval process from the Blythes ;)

Nice inheritary traits with literature there, by the way. :)

You know, I'm looking forward to meeting this Leslie. We know she is beautiful, and there was a Dick Moore in her life at some point, but I have a feeling you'd give her a modern twist, just like with little Kenneth West.

Now, I'm not familiar with the English royal family, so if you don't mind, maybe you can explain to me what scandal Albert was involved in?

I loved this chapter! We will see the prince in the next chapter, right?
11/23/2018 c5 8Catiegirl
I haven’t reviewed this story yet, but it’s so adorable! For some reason I didn’t connect Ken with this story immediately, and I was so chuffed to see him here this chapter! I didn’t pick the Princes name- That was a lovely surprise. I loved this chapter especially- love your tie-ins to canon, love those little Rilla-isms, and the mention of her grandmothers- Ken is adorable, and I love that Rilla is holding her own so easily with him! I can’t wait to see where you go with this!
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