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11/22/2018 c5 ImPhilBlake
Love this! Gilbert raised by John and Marilla...and the twins are his siblings. Ok writers heres a plot with an awesome twist, for us Marilla fans. Someone actually started one where Marilla agreed to marry John to keep Mary Maria from taking Gilbert away from John.
11/22/2018 c5 Andrea1984
Aha, Dora and Davy are Gilberts halfsilblings, they shared the same father John Blythe, right ?
I like this twist in the story.


11/22/2018 c5 18Alinyaalethia
Yes. Yes. The answer to the tea query is it certsinly *can* go off. Well, not off. But it tastes musty. I like to think the royals share my aversion to tea that tastes of dust, so I think we can chalk that up as an affirmative. So that’s that major question settled. (The musty tea was not my fault, by the way. I’m the only one at home to drink it and thus stuff had clearly been inherited by us with the cottage over fifteen years ago. It was unfortunate. And for other dire tea offerings, see Lipton. Nothing but broken grounds, that. Here endeth the Gospel I’d Tea.) The Coffee, clearkt, is only there for early morning starts and late-night essay sessions.

You know, there are shades of poor Fred Arnold’s nose in Ken’s inability to go out with Barbara. Of course Rilla can’t blame him.

As ever, the thing you do brilliantly with Ken in all his iterations is extrapolate the humour RoI only hinted at. All that back and forth about names was delightful, and the doll humour is entirely human (and unfortunately, on point). And do I catch shades of Roman Holiday in the motorcycle get-up? For some reason that is the romance my brain has linked forever to Vespas, though probably others have succeeded it. (Shades of Cat in our George too, while we’re talkingclasdic movie references, This should delight him, because Cat was magnificent in his disdain of the universe.)

Of course, in addition to speaking volumes about a person, names here also prove a useful exposition baton. We have Kenneth West who died miserably, but less graphically than the original (no less trauma for Leslie though, I shouldn’t wonder), and Rilla’s assorted grandmothers. Bertha has got my mother’s journalism-to-lecturer career backwards, but they share, clearly, the need to ask random questions of utter strangers. And the ability to get answers. Childhood excursions to restaurants reecho mentally here as I relive ‘Why is that table wearing paper plates on their heads? I’ll just go ask,’ as the rest of us denied all and any knowledge of this force of nature. Yes she came in with us, no we don’t know her. Never met her. Haven’t heard of her. Yes, we spoke with her, but look, so are those people. Bet they don’t know her either. Rilla can relate, I’m sure. The idea of tying Marilla to Gilbert is inspired. It gives Anne family, which is possible in a modern setting, but keeps Marilla in the picture, right down to her thoughts on propriety. And while I presume that in 2010 she’s less likely to revolve in her grave at two strangers sitting on a bed, she can take heart that a Lynde Quilt is involved. It is surely a bastion of moral uprightness, even in this universe.

The fact that Ken gets on with the cat, or, you know, that the cat tolerates his existence bodes well, both for Ken and Ken’s ears. (A nod to Susan’s pet infantile preoccupation, was it?) Clearly neither is going anywhere, so it’s as well they acknowledge this now. Or that George goes. Ken likely hasn’t realised, and neither has Rilla.

And you go realise that when you finally reprise this meeting, the obvious reference will be Gordon Lightfoit’s ‘Did she mention my name’? Just do you know :) But I’m sure you do.
11/22/2018 c5 AnneShirley
So twins appear to be in Gil's destiny rather than Anne's - twin stepsiblings and later, twin daughters! I'd never thought of Marilla raising him rather than Anne, but then, with the old Marilla/John dynamic, that was always possible. It would actually be interesting to meet a Gilbert who was raised by Marilla, and an Anne who had both her parents for most of her formative years - a nice take on the nature versus nurture debate. And poor Marilla had to deal with raising Davy from birth!

Though, of course, Millicent Blythe's death in childbirth in 1950 was just not fair. I mean, most people associate pregnancy in that era with some sort of I Love Lucy-esque fulfilment of dreams, but of course, even with the new and improved technology, things did have a tendency to go wrong. Though it's still sad.

Grandmother Bertha, of course, is incredible. After all that I've been wondering about her, you've really done justice. With both Joy and Bertha, you've worked off a complete tabula rasa, and the result is fabulous. I love the way Rilla describes her - "if a trip doesn't involve a hike up a volcano or some deep sea diving, chances are she will declare it to be boring."

After Joan Baez, Bob Dylan. Incredible! I'm now revisiting songs I've not heard since I was twelve, and searching out for lyrics that could someday become 'Twist of Fate' chapter titles. I thought this one could've come from 'Diamonds and Rust', but then again, that's too much Baez consecutively.

And now - the main encounter. Just thought I'd better get all the grandmothers out of the way first, seeing as I've been so curious about them all these weeks. First, that allusion to Protective Dad Gilbert is the sweetest. I'm seeing shades of my own dad in him, and I truly love it. I couldn't help laughing at the configuration of Rilla's apartment, which reminds me of the cubby hole our school generously describes as a home science laboratory.

I liked that line about Rilla's tea starting a war - only a daughter of Anne (who after all entertained Charlotte Morgan with her nose dyed red) would give the Prince of Wales a glass of water and invite him to sit on one of Mrs. Lynde's quilts (glad to see she exists in this universe).

He seems a lot less puffed up with pride than I'd have expected him to be, which I guess comes from the fact that he probably never expected to become Prince of Wales. Seeing his aversion to the very topic of his grandmother, I'm sure Queen Alexandra would've tried to introduce a provision by which the incumbent monarch can subvert primogeniture in extreme circumstances, such as the heir presumptive marrying a divorcée whose brother died of an overdose. Even if she couldn't, Kenneth and Persis would definitely have dealt with some flak from the rest of the royals. (Oh, and thank you for ripping away most of the horror from the canon death of Kenneth West. I had nightmares after reading that at the age of five. An overdose, though still tragic, is at least a little more common, and involves much less blood.)

The part about Ken, though, is the reason why, when naming a character in a story who resembled canonical Kenneth Ford, but who happened to live in the modern era, I settled on Liam rather than have any allusions to plastic dolls. (I have a little cousin who persists on letting her Barbie dolls have Marilyn Monroe moments and then pointing out to me that they don't actually wear anything resembling underwear, which probably adds to the aversion). The teenage male humour is all too familiar, and I really feel bad for the Prince having to deal with the constant doll jokes.

And George's first name being George the Third is ridiculously appropriate. I'm noting down the fact about the human George III and the 'Prussian King' for no other reason than that it will come in handy when we study the American Revolutionary War later this year. And I love Kenneth's nonchalance when Rilla insults his ancestor - it's clear he knows what he's gotten into, with this irreverent, spunky republican Canadian with a royal cat and very little respect for the Royal Family - by the way, you're going to have to have Rilla parse that Albert joke for me, because it went right over my head. Am I right in assuming that it had something to do with Anne Boleyn's incest, and hasn't been debunked?

And I totally agree that Mrs. Weisz knows that a certain dark-haired man in a mirrored helmet just visited Rilla, and that our heroine will soon be obliged to provide an explanation!
11/21/2018 c5 Jxuan
Nice...another clever conversation to draw out the grandmothers and grandfathers story. Surprise! Marilla and John are the parents of Davy and Dora! So that means Gilbert actually has step-siblings! Now that's something fresh. And some very smart thinking.

Love the way the Prince arrives. By motorcycle helmet. That was very clever thinking to evade the pesky paparazzi. I wonder if Rilla actually wants to go through all that though. She doesn't strike me as wanting to hide under a helmet for dates with the Prince.

And of course it had to be Ken. Alright. That was taking one of my not so favourite characters and planting him in royalty no less. Let's see if this story can change my very bias opinion of him? Btw I didn't get the joke on Albert.

Millicent. Ah. Gilbert's mum. Why does that name remind me of Davy and another story now lol.

The Prince is going to fall for her. Because she's just different. Meeting him in that unruly state, twice, serving him water, sitting on her bed to chat about family and whatnots. These must be pretty refreshing for him. And thank goodness she's Cinderilla not Cinderbarbie. Now I wonder how he'll ask her out. There's no dress to return this time.
11/21/2018 c5 14elizasky
Goodness, Prince Ken is pretty cheeky, trying out that Prince Albert joke on a girl he just met! It makes me not really believe him when he says he didn't mean to tell her the overdose story about his uncle - he seems pretty comfortable with Too Much Information too quickly and testing his new acquaintance's boundaries. Is he trying to see whether she will roll with him being slightly inappropriate? Maybe it just shows that he is comfortable with Rilla, but it's a tiny little bit creepy to spring penis jokes on a girl when you showed up to her apartment, have her surrounded, and she is clearly annoyed. I suppose you can get away with it when you are a prince and have been socialized among the Etonians (and their not quite Marilla-worthy manners).

I wonder if we will ever get the story of the girlfriend whose file he *did* look at. Intriguing.

I laughed a lot at the discussion of Millicent as an undesirable name. These two may find it dreadful, but a little Millie would be right on trend in with my social circle. The last three baby girls born to my friends and coworkers have been Millicent, Enid, and Winifred.

Now, as to grandmothers:

Bertha seems like good fun, if a bit intimidating. You capture some of Anne's spirit in her pronouncement about situations being what you make of them - very much in keeping with Anne's desire to meet bends in the road. Do any of the grandkids (or Anne) go off adventuring with her? I am glad to hear that Bertha is good at getting things out of people, which may be a useful skill if Rilla is reticent around the rest of the family.

Thank you for explaining about Marilla. I wonder how different Anne will be for having her own parents, rather than Marilla's influence. It sounds like Walter's death hit her at a similar age to Matthew's in canon. I'll be interested to see how much of Anne's personality you attribute to nature vs. nurture - is she the same person without those experiences? oz will be pleased to see that Marilla and John found one another again in this universe.

And as for Ken's grandmother, well, I am wondering whether she was personally unpleasant or if this is something about how she has treated members of Ken's family. He does mention that his own mother was previously married, and "still married to her first husband" implies divorce (or mistaken identity?) rather than widowhood. I'm not sure how scandalous you'll make the Queen Leslie situation, but I have an inkling that Grandma Alexandra might have had thoughts about it. I will watch for evidence as to how this version of the royal family deals with romantic partners that might be deemed unsuitable. Will the Queen have something in common with Rilla? And if so, might that be a point of solidarity or defensiveness?

You mentioned people not commenting on your pop culture references, so I quickly did some mental calculations to see if King George III was evidence of Rilla being swept up in the Hamilton obsession that gripped New York for a while, but no - that started a few years later (though Lin-Manuel Miranda did perform snippets at the White House in 2009). I didn't really catch any other pop culture references other than the callback to watching Tudors from previous chapters.

As ever, I am enjoying this Rilla's voice. Her abundant parentheticals give us a mind that is always going in every direction at once, mirrored in the curated chaos of her living space. She acts first and thinks second (opening the door without looking) and does an admirable job of not being overwhelmed by a famous person's attention. The bit about the tea was funny (though why does she keep that horrible coffee around?).

But you've left us in the middle of a scene! Will we pick up where this left off or jump to the next day? A week is a long time to wait.

And if you ever need someone to email a famous historian for you, you know where to find me :)
11/21/2018 c5 10Excel Aunt
Wow, this was worth the wait! It's hard not to get distracted from the point of this interaction, namely, the dress! The dress was replaced, right? Well, is it the right dress? Is it something else? Is it SCUBA gear for a nice weekend getaway in the Bahamas where he can teach Rilla how to get around on Vespas? So many questions!

Well-they're not there yet. What I'm really enjoying about the Prince's interactions with Rilla is the barrier of polite society and protocol and it's just lovely as you can sort of see him wanting to tear it down and be a normal guy. He's necessarily hung up about the press-they (journalists) always come up in the conversation-and his story about deciding not to date Barbara to avoid the press' teases is really sad.

But the real man shines through here, I mean, if he can impress Grandma Marilla with his politeness he's a keeper! He seems naturally close to his family, sharing the little details of his Uncle Ken, (is that suppose to be a test?) and then the Alberts in his family. . . although, I don't understand the joke yet. He seemed emotional at the mention of his grandmother. Perhaps jealous that Rilla has three!

I wonder if Mrs. Lynde is alive still? If she's not, she's going to roll over in her grave knowing that Rilla and Prince Ken had a conversation on her bed quilt. If things get serious, I'm afraid to say that Rilla will need some upgrades to her place. Namely, proper chairs and not the chair/hampers. Although, I did laugh aloud at Rilla's internal thought, "please let there be no underwear about".

I like that the Prince is looking out for George. The feline overlord (another good chuckle there) was being overlooked. And should I read into the fact that the Prince was worried for his ears? Is it the next boyfriend? You know, even if there isn't a romance here, I think Rilla and Prince Ken could be good friends. It seems like he's two conversations away from letting his guard down completely.

I'm still worried about the cat going out? What if some ruthless journalist captures him and tries to ransom the cat for a scoop? (I saw this as my own black beast sits on my shoulder.)

Overall, I would say that Rilla is quite a refreshing change for the Prince. She listens and makes thoughtful assumptions without being too gobsmacked over his peerage. She likes him but it's clear that he's the one that will have to decide. Hopefully, this isn't just a NY fling for him. What happens when his year is over anyway?

What is Rilla studying at the University? Is it history? Maybe she can go to England to study abroad?
11/21/2018 c5 38oz diva
I quite like the idea of unkempt Rilla meeting her Prince. At least he gets to meet the real her, rather than a sanitised version. Her comment that she just hopes there's no underwear lying around made me laugh, as did the comment about Grandma Marilla's friend's quilts. Nice to know Rachel Lynde exists in this 'verse too.

I know his name must be Ken, but Prince Ken sounds just so very odd to my ears. The Barbie and Ken jokes must abound, a fact that he acknowledges, poor Barbara. No Prince for You. If the press ever get wind of this relationship, the Cinderilla jokes will fly thick and fast. I can see that Rilla might get her fair share of dark helmets and short term hire motorbikes. Is she sure she wants this life?

Bertha sounds like a spitfire. Excellent characterisation there, of course you could do anything you liked with that character, with no canon to fall back on.

I don't have any problem with Millicent, it's better than Bertha. Now his name is interesting too, or rather what the alternatives were, Prince Albert? I don't think so.

So, they've talked together easily for about 30 minutes. I do hope he stays a little longer.
11/17/2018 c4 2Kim Blythe
Cool, Faith is there, in love with Jem, always and forever and everything !

Jerry and Nan are an item as well, and moving in together finally !

That old lady, living in the same building apartment as Rilla, she really do seem like a nice, lonely and appreciative old woman. I like that she knows everything about Rilla's family, even without having meet them all, except for Joy's family, when Rilla is telling her everything about them ! And I also like that Rilla knows everything that is happening in those romance novels and books that she brings to her, when the older woman recounts all the stories to Rilla, with her not having to read any of them...

Oh, so the Prince is still in New-York, just about to bring the dress to Rilla, showing up on her doorstep !
11/17/2018 c3 Kim Blythe
I already fell in love with George, the cat !

That is a nice way to keep in contact with your siblings, over skype. Well, for the Blythe sisters, I wonder if the Blythe brothers to the same as well ?!

So, Joy is one of the lawyers in the family and Walter is the other one, right ?

Nan is going to be a child's phycologist, Di works in a scientist lab !

Jem want's to become a surgeon !

And Shirley, the last one, the last child, like many young adult of is generation, he doesn't quite know yet what he wants to do with is life...

Gilbert is a successful neurosurgeon and Anne teach during daytime and write during nighttime !

I like it that it is Jake who is her first reader !

Nan knowing all about the Prince hookups and breakups because she read all of that in ''Hello'' made me laugh so hard, because it reminded a little bit of my past self, when I used to know everything that was happening in the lives of the celebrities !
11/17/2018 c4 17engineerwenlock
Oh snap of course Anne's daughter would meet a prince in her sweat pants.
Haha Rilla thinking about a long distance relationship being too much work... Is that setup for a long distance relationship to come? Is she going to have to eat her words?

I think my favorite aspect of this story is that Joy is alive. Hooray for modern medicine. I really hope to see what Anne is like in this story as well.
11/16/2018 c4 McFishie
I'm completely in love with Rilla's voice. I love her humor, her breaking the 3rd wall and speaking direct to her readers, her warmth and enthusiams. She's fast becoming my favourite Rilla, and that says a lot given how much I adored DC Rilla. Okay maybe they're equal favourites, but this one I can't get enough of right now.
She's the perfect aunt, defending Izzie and not dwelling on any shortcomings. Love the contraswt with Robert who is almost dismissed for waiting 2 weeks, and a more tolerant attitude to waiting 2 weeks to hear from dress boy (or should that be his royal highness dress boy?)
Mrs Weisz is wonderful. And speaks a lot to Rilla's nature that she's befriended and taken her elderly neighbour under her wing as much as her neighbour has taken Rilla under hers. And a great way to add in bits of flavour about the rest of the family without talking to them directly.
Love how much Geroge is part of her life even when he's not there, it just fits.
And then there's that dress delivery. Of course its in person, and she has no time to get out of the comfy clothes or take her hair down - he's going to love her dressed down look.
I feel I should be giving you a critique to help develop and expand you're writing, and all I've said is how much I've loved this. Sorry! if you want critical reviews write less adorable chapters!
11/16/2018 c4 18Alinyaalethia
Lest there was any doubt where Izzie’s sheer energy comes from, this clears it up rather nicely. I continue to love the way Joy and Rilla tease. Did my tuppence ha’penny, it’s wntirely normal not to want those particular details of Joy’s private life, I’m with Rilla, though I do love Joy’s unflappability here. And poor Robert. He seemed nice enough. It’s not his fault dress catastrophes and conversations with royalty eclipsed him and his place of origin.

Mrs Weisz May stay. She reminds me of my Elaine, who among other things was on a mission to make sure I ate lunch. (There was a coterie of these women, but Elaine led the charge with weekly lunches out. Even though I do, for what it’s worth, eat lunch.) Swap Hungary for Australia and we’ve arrived at that same inter generational friendship. All I need now is the instalment where Rilla hears about grandson Jack’s chickens who lay blue eggs. All that aside though, you’ve got another of your charming original characters on display here. I love her background in engineering and selective nostalgia about the past. Between Joy and Mrs Weisz, Rilla is spoiled for mothers away from home. Also worth mentioning is that running narrative thread of the coffee. Something about that really cements Mrs Weisz’s flat as home, even to this tea-drinker. The comfort of it, I think.

This Rilla, I notice is an interesting blend of you and the source. She retains her fashion-over-sense theory, but would seem to be more realism than romance when it comes to novels. Something re-emphasised by her disinclination to wait a fortnight on poor Robert. I still quite like Robert, if he wants reassurance. On the other hand, I have a decided shortage of royalty keeping me in dresses. But I font think that’s it.

Though while we’re on realism and romance, I love your refusal to let this reunion be glamorous. Of course he catches Rilla off-guard in a moment of decompression. What are the odds her phone never even alerted her yo that text because there was a call in progress? I start to think carrier pigeons may have their virtues after all. Economical ethics and Irish lit will definitely keep, though!
11/15/2018 c4 CBU again
Sorry for that!

Of course he wants to get in touch with you, Rilla! You're his fairy tale princess! And when Rilla says *of course* I know I just about squealed. *Of course* you're gonna end up together ;)

Ah, Robert. This feels like Fred Arnold all over again. Wait. Will there actually be a Fred Arnold in this?

I like Mrs. Weisz! She will come up again, won't she?
Oh, so there's Grandma Bertha *and* Grandma Marilla? But if I'm not mistaken, Bertha is Anne's mom? So if they're both alive, then... I don't know, to be honest. Unless you've changed it and made Bertha Gil's mom? In any case, I'm looking forward to that! You know, considering how inquisitive Mrs Weisz is, I'm surprised she hasn't gotten the tale of the UN conference out of Rilla! But it might simply be on the way :)

Ah hah! Right when Rilla decides she's going to relax, changes into baggy pants, and flops onto her bed, the prince comes! Now I'm hoping time will somehow go twice as fast this week so we can get there!
11/15/2018 c4 AnneShirley
Aww, before I start my actual review, thanks for that last paragraph! It's really nice of you to say that, and I'm glad that my reviews make sense to anyone other than me. For someone like me, half-past fifteen with simultaneous obsessions with fan fiction and literary analysis, having my reviews praised as highly as you do is wonderful indeed!

Though your references to Grandmother Bertha are exasperating in that they spark my curiosity no end! I'm actually curious about how you'll work in Marilla without Anne being an orphan. Unless, of course, Bertha was Gilbert's mother's name, but I don't think I'm thinking hard enough on that one. Plus you said in the Halloween chapter that certain characteristics were passed down in the Blythe-Shirley family from mother to eldest daughter, so Bertha to Anne to Joy to Izzy. Yep, she's definitely Anne's mother, and I'm wondering how. Unless Anne was put up for adoption, and taken in by Marilla, but was later able to reconnect with her birth parents. Though Rilla wouldn't refer to Marilla as her step-grandmother if that were true. Or maybe Walter and Bertha divorced and then Walter married Marilla. Or maybe Bertha and Marilla were in a relationship themselves, and Anne (Bertha's daughter) acknowledges them as such. I think that's the most plausible explanation, though I'm quite sure my speculations are a source of endless amusement to you (I've done it too, getting people to guess about my plots and characters just to hear their wild ideas!). Oh, and I'm glad to hear about Walter! I was actually a little bit worried about him.

Joan Baez song lyrics for chapter title - oh my god! Your titles, particularly the idea of taking them from songs, are really extraordinary. I first noticed that in 'Dark Clouds' (remember 'We Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser), and here, the use of songs by my favorite artists is another reason why I love this fanfic.

As for this chapter itself, I love the street scene in the beginning, and the juxtaposition of Rilla's crowded, hassled commute with the relative peace of the memory of the UN reception. Izzie the force of nature is a cute callback to the plight of poor Brian two weeks ago. I wonder if she ever forgave him or thought of showing a little compassion for his plight. I highly doubt that.

Robert - I pity the man. First, he's super-shy, which isn't a fault in itself, unless he's dealing with a girl who is spunky enough to make a scene at a United Nations reception to help someone, as he very well knows. Second, he's competing with a prince, and a very debonair, charming prince. And third, Rilla has a real mental block against his place of provenance. (I'd never heard of Awasa and had to Google it, so thanks very much for that) Fourth, this is a very eerie callback to Billy Andrews' proposal by proxy to Anne in canon, and no daughter of Anne would agree to such a repetition of history.

I also loved the image of the older sister kidding the younger about sex - Rilla's naïveté and modesty come out very strongly in this chapter, as well as last chapter when she chose not to tell her sisters about her royal encounter. It's kind of sad, then, that if and once she begins her relationship with the prince, her every movement will be scrutinized.

Rilla's neighbourhood sounds interesting - I was reading Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts' book about Harlem, which is facing the threat of gentrification just as other perceived un-fancy neighborhoods are, and I'm glad that at least a few areas in New York are still the way they used to be. And Gilbert not being comfortable with the relatively high crime rate is such a great insight into his character as a protective dad - with seven kids, he must really have a tough time!

That door is almost like a character in my world, since the door to the apartment in which I live is another savage beast in which a friend broke her arm once. And it now has a new and improved magnetic closure, added a year ago. I'm sure Rilla could enumerate all the ways in which that could go wrong. And yeah, her choice of handbag over backpack is one I'd make if I had a choice. But as long as I keep carrying the eighteen books I need for sophomore year, I do not.

Mrs. Weisz. Whoa. Can we pause to appreciate the utter brilliance of this character? A Hungarian immigrant, who got married too early and was stuck in an unhappy marriage, who was once a famous engineer (a STEM woman in what I think would've been the 1960s or 70s) and who now spends her time reading romance novels and mothering the young woman on the top floor. She has echoes of Josephine Barry (quite a lot, actually!), Miss Cornelia, and even Miss Lavendar, but also just something that makes her herself.

Her insistence on being surrounded with photographs is poignant, when the majority of people in the photographs are probably dead, and it was a sweet gesture for her to have a photograph taken with 'Marilla'. I love the way she keeps track of Rilla's family while her own don't call at all - I know many women like that, abandoned by children who've gone away in search of a better life, and to see Rilla and Mrs. Weisz chatting and sharing the plots of romantic novels is really nice. I also know a girl who's exactly as obsessional as Mrs. Weisz when it comes to fiction - Cassandra Clare in her case - which has left me, a non-reader, fluently conversational about the characters and plot.

Oh, and since I'm named after my own grandmother, Rilla's thoughts on being called Marilla were interesting. Me, even though my name is rather old-fashioned, and of Spanish origin to boot, making it unpronounceable where I come from, I love it for its meaning (goddess of war), and also because it's my only tangible connection to my grandmother, who died when my dad was only sixteen. Besides, all the diminutive forms sound like names for cats.

The Jerry/Nan age gap is one that I'd never noticed in canon, yet it makes sense, somehow, mostly because an older and more mature Jerry would help balance some of Nan's flightiness (assuming that she's more similar to canon Nan than we saw on the Skype call). Oh, and nice to see Faith being mentioned. While I still maintain that LMM's main motive in introducing the Merediths was to provide brides and bridegrooms for some of the Blythe kids, it would be hard to have Blythes without Merediths, particularly when discussing the years during and after Rilla of Ingleside. Di's line about thrown pillows and scented candles reminds me a lot of myself and my crew, and I do know people who would crawl through phone lines and fiber optic cables, or coast on the backs of Wi-Fi waves, to choke the breath out of any one of us, or preferably all four. I love the way these comparisons just flow to my fingertips after reading your work. It's so realistic that way.

The prince cometh! I started writing this review while wearing sweatpants, a borrowed shirt, and my hair in a messy bun, which is ironic considering that there probably isn't a prince waiting for me downstairs. His crush on Rilla is blatantly obvious, which is just a little creepy, and I do feel bad for her, knowing that she isn't yet ready for all the media attention. But yeah, that was a helluva cliffhanger, and I certainly hope the lift is defunct or the prince is an exercise nut or something (or there's no lift - Rilla herself trudged up), giving Rilla time to change while he climbs upstairs.
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