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10/17/2018 c1 10Excel Aunt
I’m glad you’re starting this story and I'm happy to read something that feels light and fluffy and hopefully, not too serious. I giggled at your comment about needing a break from wars. I know you didn’t phrase it that way, but it was sweet how even you gave yourself a double take.

There was some initial surprise that you’re using Joy. But as you’re advancing the story about 70 to 80 years ahead of when Joy was born, I suppose she would have survived with medical care being better for mother and child. Joy is every bit “older sister” “I know best” attitude, isn’t she? I wonder how her being alive affects Jem's personality. It’s always such a mystery to me how the oldest in every family takes on this authoritative persona. But she’s not unkind or lovely. I like the idea she was crazy enough to get married so young and still complete her studies and be admitted into two bars!

The nice little nods to Di and Nan were great as well. So, you have all the Blythe girls touched on upon and their gifts to the world.

Oh-Izzie and her opinions (great characterization!) feel like a chip from the Joy block.

It’s sort of funny how you titled this as “An invitation you can't decline.” Oh, I would have “no” to something like that. Too many people, too much pressure to look a certain way. You really did a good job at relay what a girl goes through to go out. But, if Rilla has great legs she might as well show them, so I approve of her going, young person that she is.

I’m looking forward to where you take this!
10/17/2018 c1 AnneShirley
Wait... I just read the summary and I think I'm getting it. Cinderilla indeed. Only... isn't the Prince of Wales a little old for her, assuming that this story is based on reality? (don't mind me, my mum is twenty years younger than my dad).
10/17/2018 c1 Guest
This is what comes of writing reviews on my phone... Just as I'd gotten to Joy.

Like I said earlier, Joy is doing my dream job as a humanitarian lawyer, and her husband Dan is a sweetie. (Who works at the UN - how cool is this?) Your introduction of this couple is a brave literary move, seeing as Joy dies in canon. Still, I love reading my own future in her!
10/17/2018 c1 AnneShirley
I'm a hundred percent sure that today isn't my birthday, and the lack of mistletoe and tinsel everywhere suggests to me that it's nowhere near Christmas, so I'm just staring at this story and wondering just how I'm so lucky as to be reading a kslchen story... starring Rilla... with Joy as a major character who's doing my dream job... with a title taken from a Bob Dylan song... and set in the modern era!

*proceeds to do Merida impression*

The stomach flu line at the beginning was a nice callback to the days of the Spanish influenza, tamed to a modern elementary-school epidemic, though of course, Brian's throwing up was a real tragedy. I'm loving your Izzy, let's just say. And Jake is a cutie as well, testing his flirtatious literary pickup lines on Rilla. There were very few children in 'Dark Clouds', which is why I'm so impressed by your ability to write kids who are cute without being insufferable. I have learnt in my writing that that's a real feat.

And, yes, Joy. Id
10/17/2018 c1 5fanofNC
Ooh, I like it already way too much already!

So, Joyce! I was thinking about that recently, how different it would be if Joyce was there all along, another watchful eye over Rilla, and here it is! It is a wonderful coincidence, and I'm excited to see what you'll do!

Dan is cool, by the way. Anyone who works for the UN is cool by anyone's terms. As for the dark-haired Prince of Wales... don't tell me it's him. You know, him. Are you using the actual Prince here, or did you change it like I suspect you did? ;) I mean, after Rilla's conversation with Joyce, it seems like there might be a chance that he and Rilla will get closer.

Ah, Sharpie for eyeliner! I haven't tried that before, and the first thought that crossed my mind was how in the world did Rilla wash it off? We used to get sharpie on ourself in class, and you have to resign yourself to that mark for a couple of days before it washes off. If anyone has a good solution for sharpie marks on skin, feel free to tell me! XD

Anticipating the next chapter!
10/17/2018 c1 Andrea1984
A little, nice story. Thank you for this.

And I wait for the next story about DC, because I like your charakters so much.


10/17/2018 c1 14elizasky
Hooray! I am so glad you have started publishing! I’ve been looking forward to this story for months! No/less war! No/less death! No/less bone saw! Let’s just go with no bone saw, actually.

Your writing is so good here. “34 pounds of pure, undiluted opinion”; three-quarters of a cracker; lots of excellent phrases. Beyond the phrase level, you’ve conjured a delicious, vibrant world and an intriguing character in just a few thousand words. It’s really a pleasure to read.

You write Rilla wonderfully here. She is so shiny and fun – the sharpie-eyeliner was inspired. You do a great job of painting her character without being overly explanatory – details like eating Izzy’s food because she knows you need a foundation before going to a party shows us that this Rilla likes a dance as much as canon Rilla did (and is probably familiar enough with alcohol to shock the Temperance Ladies of canon).

Joy is terrifying. A magnificent creature of extreme competence – I have a couple of friends like that, the ones who have kids and solid marriages and are getting tenure at their universities in their early 30s. They tend to have day planners that break things down into 10-minute increments and it’s exhausting to be around them. From what we know of Joy, she had a baby after her freshman year of college and then went on to finish college and law school, then landed a high-powered job and fit another baby in there somewhere. That’s damn impressive. I don’t know how you’ll characterize Anne and Gilbert here, but Joy seems to be Cooper-Prize-Gilbert distilled and gender-swapped.

You mention that Jake was “shuffled around” in his early years, so I’m wondering what that means. Did he live at home with Anne and Gilbert while Joy finished school? Or does it just mean that all his uncles and aunts took turns babysitting?

The details about all of the Blythe girls are lovely. You’ve given them all an area of expertise so well defined that I half expect them to start their own makeover reality show. Let me make sure I have this correct (in height order):

Nan loves home décor and has a home, so is presumably out of college/grad school or at least in her own apartment. Job and relationship status undefined.

Joy is a lawyer who loved to cook and has two kids. She lives in (and can afford) a NYC apartment, so things are going pretty well for her financially. He husband is the real prince so far - adorable, loyal, and smart (it’s the name).

Rilla is in some sort of school, perhaps college, though we aren’t sure what kind of “classes” she takes. She works as a waitress and has canon Rilla’s weakness for cute shoes that don’t fit. She is an ace at hair and makeup. No romantic partner (yet).

Di loves fashion and spends all her time in a lab coat, making her either a med student, researcher, scientist, or doctor of some sort. It is unclear whether Di and Nan are still in school. No romantic partner mentioned for Di. It is also unclear where they live – are Rilla and Joy the only ones in New York?

I eagerly await more. I’m interested to see what you’ve done with the other characters we know and love. I hope that Rilla has a lovely time at her reception and that Joy has a pot of goose grease for her heels when she comes home. (*If* she comes home. It is 2010 after all, not 1914.)

Though, as oz diva points out, it is a crime not to call this Cinderilla.
10/17/2018 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
ooo I've been waiting excitedly for this. Great opening line. Love the pace and tone, and love how you describe the heights of the sisters. Stories where Joy lives always feel a bit weird to me as she was never more than a concept in canon, but I look forward to getting to know her, underachiever that she is (UN husband, humanitarian lawyer - I wish I was that smart!). And we have another Rilla to fall in love with - can I love her as much as I loved DC Rilla? I'm looking forward to finding out. Can't wait to meet this handsome prince (aren't all princes handsome) who I suspect will only have eyes for the girl in the white dress and purple heels. Ooo this is going to be a fun jaunt.
10/17/2018 c1 39oz diva
Well thank you for your lovely words, kslchen. It is my pleasure to help you out. You actually write better in your second language than many native English speakers.

That is a killer of an opening line. And as as unromantic a way to start a story as I've ever heard.

This reincarnation of Rilla is interesting, she loves shoes and makeup/hairdos and is thoroughly modern. I love that we get to meet Joy too. I also enjoyed all the family member's character traits that you casually dropped in.

You've set Rilla/Cinderella up to meet someone interesting, and I can't wait to read about the ball er reception. Will she lose one of those shoes?
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