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for Bad is the New Good

6/6 c8 1Maleficent Bertha
What happened? Why can't Freddie go back? Pls reply.
9/8/2019 c9 Arbiter8991
That was awesome written speech even if villain wouldnt care about stolen enchantments and using them they should care about giving their life a purpose. hopefuly not the world domination kind of purpose
9/8/2019 c7 Arbiter8991
damn that was good example of rising tension. and of course more good examples of the group dynamic
9/8/2019 c6 Arbiter8991
Well sudden and swift frankly against types likes Mal and Jay very good tactic. You know your stuff in rewards to action scenes
9/8/2019 c4 Arbiter8991
how generous of evil Queen to come to Eve rescue. Not much surprises on the Carlos old home but it felt natural (within disney logic that is). also Even here you sneaked some humour. You truly are Cheerful person arent you
9/8/2019 c3 Arbiter8991
minor typo (Glaudine) Glad to see some actual Villains even as a joke. I also like determined Uma taking leadership a true woman of action (I know shes young its a phrase)
9/8/2019 c2 Arbiter8991
some fun (bells and flowers) plenty character mention and worldbuilding, also some serious stuff (harrasment, yes pun intended). you really know how to fit many themes and make logical connections all within single piece
9/8/2019 c1 Arbiter8991
you did research about that horseman and as engineer I respect research always. great transition between fear of the the barrier situation towards the actual topic. theres also humor I like and thats just 1 chapter
11/17/2018 c9 73Jesus' girl 4ever
Yay! Love the happy ending!
10/23/2018 c6 Jesus' girl 4ever
Oh, no. Uma is trouble.
10/21/2018 c4 Jesus' girl 4ever
Glad Evie and Carlos got out of that!
10/19/2018 c3 24Anonymousnette
Well, the villains did kind of lose their minds on the Isle.

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