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12/31/2020 c2 Guest
Is he outside his mind? Why the fk would he want to do anything with some old fk as dumbledoor when he knows that he is in a magical world. A world when there is possibility of mind rape, editing memories, reading memories and so on. A planeswalker should do one thing first and that is get the money, the second thing was to tour the world all over and get as much mana as he or she can. After that travel to universum where space travel is possible and cheat the ever loving shit out of the mana on all those planets avaible in the nearest galaxy. When gained enough and a planeswalker is immortal till killed travel to another universum rinse and repeat towards ultimate power.
8/12/2019 c4 LysanderArgent
Choosing to get picked over just telling Dumbledore that Moody is a fake is really stupid to me. It doesn't follow logically at all.
7/29/2019 c4 SkylerHollow
Thanks for the chapter.
7/29/2019 c4 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
as for the cup always liked the idea of the levitation charm and confundus options
6/12/2019 c2 ImaginativeFury
Dont turn this 8nto some tired old cliche gryffindor shit or friendship with can9n characters garbage please
6/12/2019 c3 ImaginativeFury
This pisses me off, why the fuck are you calling him professor instead of his actual title headmaster? It fucking bothers me a lot.
6/11/2019 c3 SkylerHollow
Interesting story so far, curious on how his MTG mana will change things for him. Looking forward to where this story will lead.
6/11/2019 c3 habdi04
I think this was great, some grammatical errors, but I felt like the story came together in the end!
1/17/2019 c1 Hannah Abbot
I like it a lot. I think gallions are worth a lot more than the transaction you did at gringotts. The way Ron mentions them in book 4 makes them seem more valuable than the prices in your story would suggest, with meal prices etc. Otherwise, great!
11/13/2018 c2 habdi04
very nice, quite like what's going on. There are some grammatical errors and there are some parts I feel could be moved around for the stories integrity. bits which may need to be addressed. But overall, I feel the potential. yeet!
10/18/2018 c1 Guest
Awesome I wish there were more Great Planeswalker Fanfics hope this one will grow
10/19/2018 c1 ImaginativeFury
ugh quickly turning into Hogwarts plot.
How disappointing.
10/17/2018 c1 habdi04
I can't wait to read more, it gives me an epic vibe idk why...
10/17/2018 c1 2tobi.zt
You had my curiosity when you had Planes-walker and spark. When you entered Harry potter, now you have my attention.

I wonder how your adventure will go, will you make Diagon Alley your first land so many questions I like to ask.

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