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for Shadow Man

10/21/2018 c2 2CasualCactus
My heart broke reading this. Very nicely written, also so tragic!
10/21/2018 c2 390Queermazin
Well that was dark and morbid... I love it! :D
Thanks for writing this wonderfully dark peice
10/21/2018 c1 Queermazin
Ooooh love this concept! Hope Elsa isn't turned into a frog ;
10/18/2018 c1 LxWP
I quite enjoyed this piece. Will it be continued?
It's not like the average elsanna harmless crush fic so its refreshing to see a darker emotion in it
10/18/2018 c2 7Kocham-Else
It was very intense story, and I feel sorry for what Elsa had to endure, especially since she still ended up hurting Anna. And Facilier was in character with his little "deal" he made for Elsa's soul.

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