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12/25/2018 c10 citylily
Hee hee a perfect and funny ending to this incredibly entertaining and unique story! Was neat to find out about the train numbers changing. Glad the Henry's are back in their rightful dimension and that the whole gang was there to greet them. :) Thank you for sharing this tale!
12/23/2018 c10 21N3GatorFan
I love this chapter!

I really enjoyed reading the chapter! I am glad that both teams are able to solve their cases. The other dimension's Mrs. Periwinkle sounded like she was as sweet as her name suggests. It's sad that her own sister was greedier than her two neighbors. (At the same time, it's amazing what money can do to families at times.) I think that she would have been glad to help the authorities stop the people selling the poisons. As for the other Mrs. Periwinkle, it sounds like she gets what she deserves.

And I love the resolution to the two Henrys' stories. I'm glad that the other Jo takes back her Henry. Given how much he had hurt them, yeah, it will take time for him to fully gain what they had before he decided to mess it up. Hopefully, one day, they get back to that point...and then some. At least Jo moving out of her mother's house and Henry giving her a key to the shop are a start. As for our Henry and Jo, I love that he finally gets to tell her his story and that they begin dating. I love how he tries to get her age out of her. And whatever is going to happen to our Lucas? He is in for some trouble.

Again, great chapter and great story! I really enjoyed reading it.
12/10/2018 c9 48foreverHenry919
Had trouble correcting "pillar" to "support column" and making other corrections. The site was so user unfriendly! But I should be able to get those corrections done soon.

There will be one more chapter to end this tale. Thanks to all of you for following along and please check out my latest one-shot, "Regarding Abe - Again". It's a sequel to "Regarding Abe".
12/9/2018 c9 21N3GatorFan
I love this chapter!

I really enjoyed reading this chapter! I love how the other dimension's Jo refuses to let the mystery of our Henry and the disappearance of hers go, even if it meant scaring her mother and harming the baby. Leave it to the doctor in Henry to see that the other Jo will not rest until she gets some answers. (I like that you have Henry remind the other Abe that he IS a doctor.) Man, the other Henry had to be as talkative as ours is in S1 for the other Jo to partially deduce the truth about her Henry. I also had to laugh at how the rest of the other dimension's team finds out about everything.

I also enjoy reading the switch. I like how you have both Henrys catching a glimpse of each other as they pass through the light. I read in your AO3 note that you had thought about adding some dialogue, but I think that it would have detracted from the scene. I had to laugh at both Henrys kissing the other dimension's Lucas in a way that he doesn't expect. I also love how you depict our Jo's knowledge and acceptance of the truth. Things are going well for the other Henry, but what is happening with ours? I'm looking forward to reading it.

Again, great job! I really loved reading it.
11/28/2018 c8 N3GatorFan
I love this chapter!

I really enjoyed reading this chapter! I love how you let the other Henry finally join in the case. A guy like him cannot stay hidden for long. To be honest, I love how innate curiosity, a bit of stubbornness, and a very strong dislike for Dr. Washington remain a constant in Henry's life, no matter his circumstances. It's cool that you use Henry's birth and first death dates as train car numbers, and, in my opinion, it lends itself to a bit of unintentional symbolism within the story. (Our Henry looking at how his life could have changed after he becomes immortal, and the other Henry looking at what his life can be like...including the chance of a friendship with Adam.)

I am so glad that the other Jo's labor pains were a false alarm. I like how you have her going to her mother's for bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Something tells me that she might be surprised when her Henry comes home and tells her about his adventures in the other dimension. Whether she accepts that he has changed, only time will tell.

Again, great chapter! I'm looking forward to reading the next one!
11/26/2018 c8 48foreverHenry919
Usually, each chapter is devoted to either Dimension One where the not-so-nice Henry is or Dimension Two where our Henry is. This chapter is split between both for the purposes of continuity. Both Henry's have had their secrets revealed to both Jo's now, with both Abe's present. Each counterpart has met both Henry's except for Lt. Reece in Dimension One. She hasn't met the not-so-nice Henry yet. I'd like for that to happen in the next chapter which should be the last one or next-to-last one.

I kept Adam in his hospital bed in Dimension One and basically out of the story. Likewise, the nicer Adam in Dimension Two is merely mentioned.

Thanks to all who continue to follow along and I welcome, welcome, welcome your comments!

I do not own "Forever" TV show or any of its characters. But it pains me greatly to have to admit that.
11/22/2018 c7 21N3GatorFan
I'm sorry that I haven't reviewed this story yet. It's been a crazy month. Every time that I have gone to review the story, something came up, keeping me from really concentrating on either. Anyways, here goes.

I am really enjoying this story! It reminds me of an Earthbound version of Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror" episodes. I like how you have made the team in the other dimension far more cynical and jaded versions of our team and the Adam in the other dimension the polar opposite of the one we know and love to dislike. I also like how you take Henry's worst tendencies and combine them with our Adam's attitude. (***Shudders to think what could have happened if the other dimension's Henry had met our Adam before this trip into our dimension***) At the same time, I like how, by and large, Abe, Jo, Lucas, Mike, and Sgt. Reese almost completely mirror ours in personality and mannerisms. The points where both Henry's lives are identical or almost identical are great and goes to show that maybe the other dimension's Henry has a heart for people after all.

I love how both Henry manage to out themselves in front of the other one's Jo! Our Abe might need a talk with our Jo and-once he gets back to his dimension-our Henry about taking a life to help him recover from shooting the other Henry. I like how the other Henry is more forthcoming with his fears about his immortality than ours. I hope that it will give the other Henry the desire to change his ways. I love how the other Henry pretty much confesses ours' love for Jo, and I love ours thinking of each other as a couple when they haven't even discussed their mutual feelings yet. Hopefully, the son of other dimension's Jenry will be okay! Our Henry will never forgive himself if something were to happen to it.

I have to wonder how many similarities in circumstances must match exactly for the two Henrys to trade places again. We still don't know what the other Henry was doing before he slipped into our dimension, and that could impact both sides' attempt to do the swap. And, if something were to go wrong with the swap, how will each side let the other know what they have gleaned from the failed attempt? I know that you know or have some idea, and I am looking forward to finding out how you will work this out.

Again, great story so far! I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!
10/25/2018 c6 citylily
Wow, this story is wonderfully imaginative! It's fascinating to see what's the same and what's different between the two dimensions. I think my favourite change was regarding Lucas- Walhdorf Astoria is so great. Though it did sadden me a little bit that his love for graphic novels was so tempered.

The character interactions are fantastic and I love how the clear difference between the Henry's is how lovable and considerate our Henry is. 3

Looking forward to Morgan meeting our Lucas!
10/20/2018 c6 5Ashazara
This is such a captivating story! I love the way your writing both dimensions view-points, it really adds to the story. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

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