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4/15/2019 c1 WatchtoonzRex
great start...I like the interaction of the character...
4/14/2019 c10 Guest
great story and great ending. definitely hope you write another story for these same team soon!
4/13/2019 c10 46vapourtrailreads
loved this ending, loved the interaction between Ethan and Ilsa. amazing work. looking forward to more!
4/1/2019 c9 vapourtrailreads
oH YES THE UPDATE! Love the suspense you've built up, that cliffhanger is gold. waiting for the next!
1/22/2019 c8 vapourtrailreads
excited to see the confrontation between Ilsa and Ramona soon keep it up!
1/2/2019 c7 5CrimeStopper136
Ooohhh! Can't wait for an update! I love the premise of this storyline, looking forward to more xx
12/28/2018 c6 3Yue Zing LanPuzz
I am really enjoying all this and can't wait for the next chapter to come up. :)
However... Is "Anna" supposed to be a familiar character ? Someone who already appeared in the movies ? Or just a new character we don't know aboute yet ?
Thank you, and keep it going !
12/27/2018 c6 46vapourtrailreads
oooohhh suspense! excited
12/25/2018 c6 5CrimeStopper136
What's going to happen?
I love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
12/25/2018 c1 CrimeStopper136
love it! can't wait to
12/16/2018 c5 lmovie1
thanks for posting! glad to see that they finally got a clue on something, can't wait to see what it is.
11/28/2018 c4 Guest
What the;
11/27/2018 c4 lmovie1
nice plot, can't wait to see who is the 'leak' and how it will be dealt with!
11/26/2018 c4 Frust-sheep
Oh I'm sure, that will be very hard for her. I'm glad, that Ilsa has at least Luther as support and backup in this really special case.
"Well...maybe they just wanted to show you that they put the window back" *LOL* Thanks for this little bit humour. ;D
I loved especially their little talk, even if I already can guess and imagine, that somewhere, sometime there will be dark clouds on the horizon.
You really opened up an exciting plot. *Top and many thumbs up*
I think this will really show, if they also can be a spy couple. ;D
11/26/2018 c1 12Ellster
I am intrigued. Can't wait to see where this is going.
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