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for Time Goes By

5/29/2019 c9 4W0lfLink420
Great story love the idea of them knowing about there passed lives.
1/5/2019 c9 4stuffedcookie
Each chapter is so nice to read. Great work.
11/2/2018 c8 18FeugoFox42
I Headcannon a few things about RWBY. One of my weirder ones is that the Overwatch and TF2 Universes are linked to the RWBYverse. In it, Reinhardt is Nora's "Grampy", and Coco's Uncle is the Heavy. Now, when you said about the Magical Girls, I thought of my HC and that everyone in the Universe is one.

"Tell Uncle Heavy he is prettiest princess, масло какао!"
"Uncle, you're embarrassing me in front of m-"
10/24/2018 c5 Ruby
This feels like kin memories
10/25/2018 c1 RomanStachewick
could swear i read a whitrose story like this before... either way good job
10/22/2018 c3 2Cavetroll001
Hey DASM, contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. Although life IS slowly killing me. :P I like the concept you're going with for the overarching narrative,and the flashbacks are fun to read. I would like to see more meat to those flashbacks, but I understand that they are part of a writing challenge, and need to be kept short due to time constraints. Perhaps, if you continue with this story after the challenge ends, you could eventually revisit them with Ruby wanting to know more about the time when they were X & Y.
10/21/2018 c4 7ShadowKnight2099
Okay this is cute, *chuckles* I mean the start seems a touch rushed but its adorable and I love the interactions...and honestly I could see Ruby being rather accepting of the whole 'previous lives' thing. She's a fairly open minded character
10/21/2018 c1 4The Memester
DOOT. I like the idea of the reincarnation soulmate thing and that it takes place it a kinda-normal version of RWBY but the second one is why i can't read this. I don't like RWBY being normal but that doesn't mean i didn't like the first chapter. I can tell it's good and i would have loved to read it more if it wasn't nornal. Still write tho, other like this and im just not the type to read this. Sincerely, Spooky Scary Saber
10/21/2018 c4 1Tankster99
Loving this story keep up the good work
10/21/2018 c3 10gothboy.wxlf
This is so cute, I always love my fair share of ladybug stories
10/20/2018 c1 gothboy.wxlf
I absolutely love this! I can’t wait for more! Keep up the great work my friend
10/19/2018 c2 Ryoji Mochizuki

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