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2/27/2021 c4 18AirashiSakura
This was indeed a treat. Haha.. Initially, I had Hima-chan in my mind too, but I felt bad to accuse the innocent baby. Then the second chapter led me thinking it would be Sakura, then I was like how would she know where Boruto hides his treasure. LOL... Anyway, this fic was a good one with nicely thought plot. Thanks for sharing!
2/27/2021 c3 AirashiSakura
I think that's the beauty of children - how fast they forget about the issue and indulge themselves in little things they have. The last part where Boruto brags about having the number of candies is cute. Thanks for sharing and also to remind us adults that sometimes we also need to be carefree like them :)
2/27/2021 c2 AirashiSakura
Oh ho.. The suspense intensifies. Now I really want to read the next chapters and know about it!
2/27/2021 c1 AirashiSakura
Oh, man! Now I also want to know why there's one less than expected. Baby Boruto is very adorable protecting his candies. Hehe. The other children, too. You really brought out carefree nature of children in this chapter. This chapter is really a treat to lighten one's mood. Thanks for sharing!
12/23/2018 c4 4MLLu
I knew it, Isimply knew it! I should have listended to my guts from the very beginning :D
It was an nice little mystery/crime story have you written. So light-hearted and sweet. Besides have a sweet plot you also managed to showcase the sweet and innocent side of the characters which I'm absolutely crazy with. Defintely, you have written a nice story! :D

It was a pleasure to read this! FANTASTIC JOB! :D
12/23/2018 c3 MLLu
I simply love the adorable scene in the beginning. That is absolutely sweet and I can totally imagine young Boruto acting like that, jumping to conclusions :D In fact the whole chapter is really REALLY sweet.

While reading this I still don't know who the culprit is. I seriously need to polish my detective skills. In any case I will now move on to the last chapter.

Just to emphasise it. This is a sweet story, just what I need before christmas ;)
12/12/2018 c2 MLLu
All of Boruto's friends and family are theives :D Everybody is a suspect until proven otherwise.

It is indeed a very sweet and cute story you have written so far. I really like to read about the characters' childhood. That's why I'm writing about their younger years too ;). Anyway, I honestly don't know who the thieves are. I thought I knew based on the first chapter but guess I'm not right!
Like your pace in this chapter. Starting out as if nothing has happened and then at the end revealing the the crime once again!

It's a great chapter/story and I can't wait to get to the bottom of the halloween mystery! :D
11/21/2018 c1 17Emma Raye
This is so cute! I love how well you show Boruto's competitive nature. You characterize him and Sarada so well. Hm, part of me wants to say he miscounted - but I think Himawari might have stolen a piece or something cute and silly like that.
Thanks so much for sharing!
11/20/2018 c1 4MLLu
I LIKE it! Sweet and fun story and I like how you introduced the mystery behind it. The mood you have set is wonderful. I like how Boruto acted towards Sarada. It's so like him to be show-off and then feel guilty. That is so like him. Thus you nailed his personality really well in this first chapter.
I can' wait to read some more once I have time again!

Well done Fanofthisfiction, well done! ;)
11/16/2018 c4 11darkprincess888
Can I be honest? I had a whim it was Himawari too! And can I take personal offence about girls being not trustworthy?
OH, Himawari is definitely a fierce Ninja in making and I loved you added the little snippet from the ova! It was amazing to read!
Keep writing!
11/16/2018 c3 darkprincess888
It's hilarious to see how worked up Boruto is about the 'Candy Bandit'. I also adore the way how Hinata's trying to instill good manners in her son. It gives the story some life!
Ohhhh! I'm curious, whoever maybe the culprit!
It was a fun read!
Keep writing!
11/16/2018 c2 darkprincess888
I just love all the Himawari you put in this FIC! She's such a precious child and deserves more love. I hope canon gives her a few moments and develops her character!
Aaaaahhhh! All these kids are way too adorable! It's really good to see them all bonding like normal kids! I'm quite intrigued my the mystery though!
Enjoyed it a lot!
Keep writing!
11/16/2018 c1 darkprincess888
This was SO so SWEET! It's always fun to see these little Boruto and all other kids! Boruto and Sarada interaction was adorable! They are good friends, aren't they? Ahahahaha! And Hinata is such a lovely Mom!
Great job!
Keep writing!
11/14/2018 c2 6yara9292
Wow I'm really curious now who took the candy from Boruto:) of course he's proud now of all the candys he gathered and no wonder he's angry about the missing piece.
The story is so cute and nice and Himawari is so adorable. I love little Himawaribshe is so sweet. And Hinata is a great mom.
11/2/2018 c1 yara9292
How sweet! I really enjoyed reading it. It's so nice and the kids are adorable. I'll defintely continue to read :) and it's nice to read something new from you
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