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for Stitch's Close Call

5/11/2019 c1 700mary.okeeffe.16
That Stitch
2/14/2019 c1 5NemesisSP
Well, this was interesting indeed, though mostly because it gave me a feeling of severe deja vu. I could have sworn I also did a story featuring Stitch getting pneumonia too. Though I scrapped it so I could incorporate it into another story and it was a long time ago. I'm just satisfied knowing other people had similar thoughts.

Speaking of, concept aside, I found myself enjoying it even though I'm not a fan at all of Yuna and the Stitch! anime, but I think it might be because you had convinced me of her and Stitch as friends much better than the anime did. So seeing her fretting over Stitch was quite believable and palatable.

Here's hoping you continue at some point. I'm quite curious.

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