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for Chilly Scenes of Star Wars

1/21/2020 c2 5ShadowLDrago
Good to see Yoda having fun.
1/21/2020 c1 ShadowLDrago
Huh, I suppose it makes sense that someone growing up on a desert planet would take poorly to snow.
1/4/2019 c10 3Scholarly-Cimmerian
Wow. Perfect ending to this.
I definitely see the influence for Vader's dialogue in this chapter. The ending was an especially well-written part as well.
12/26/2018 c9 Scholarly-Cimmerian
This was a lot of fun. XD There's some good irony in that closing line, of course.

Also, this chapter really highlights the fundamental difference between Luke and Anakin in some ways, doesn't it?
12/26/2018 c9 62Kondoru
Oh, now the Wookies got it matted in his fur...way to go, Chewie!
12/21/2018 c8 3Scholarly-Cimmerian
This was good reading. I really liked the interaction between the different Imperial officers (the fact that Motti reaches the wrong way at the table makes me laugh, because of course he does XD), and Tarkin is well-written. I also like Needa and Piett's characters too, since they're more noble or at least pragmatic than some of the others here.
12/20/2018 c7 Scholarly-Cimmerian
Nicely done. Bittersweet in a lot of ways, which fits perfectly for Old Ben Kenobi. He has many, many regrets... but there's still hope for the future. _
12/17/2018 c6 Scholarly-Cimmerian
A nice and somewhat somber piece. I've always enjoyed Maul and his tragedy - he's a twisted and insane killer, but he's so screwed-up that you can feel some pathos for him.
Especially in this bit. It's probably for the best that he didn't find that animal again (I can't help but imagine what might happen if he ever got angry with it around) but still... you feel sorry for Maul being alone again.
For just a few moments, he had some form of companionship.
12/17/2018 c1 23fanofthisfiction
What a cute one shot with a much younger Obi-Wan putting up with little Anakin. The snowball fight is a lot of fun to read and how funny the playful side of Obi-Wan ends up biting back with him having a sick child as a result. Too funny.

One tiny typo if you were interested: I bet you can't use the Force to (do) anything about that. Word in parentheses is missing.

Great winter chilly fun scene here. Thanks for sharing!
12/11/2018 c1 39Mako-clb
12/11/2018 c5 3Scholarly-Cimmerian
Aww... This was so adorable!

Bail is a good father to Leia. I really liked the way he handled her, it was cute and clever and just really warmed my heart to read.
12/10/2018 c4 Scholarly-Cimmerian
I think this might be one of my favorite chapters in the story. It's introspective, and wistful, and provides a nice insight into Dooku's character. I really enjoyed the use of snowflakes in this one, especially the way he examines the second set.
12/9/2018 c1 62Kondoru
Did you see the trailer for Force unleashed?
12/9/2018 c3 3Scholarly-Cimmerian
This was nicely done. I feel like it really captured the good side of Anakin and Padme's characters in their exchanges about skiing and the winter.

That bit of dialogue at the end was well done. Of course, we all know what'll happen later... :-(
11/22/2018 c2 Scholarly-Cimmerian
Hehehe. "Jedi on Ice" sounds like a parody of Star Wars that you'd only hear about in a comedy show.

But this is actually really charming. I like the idea of Jedi skating as an exercise in self-discipline (and also as a way to have fun too). Nice to see Yoda get some focus here. And also to see Adi Gallia too! She's a good character.
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