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for The Greatest Villain Of Them All - TGVOTA

12/26/2018 c4 9Gremlin Jack
Most interesting setup. Grammar needs some work, but color me intrigued.
11/25/2018 c4 2Blond Dude 42
Nice story, although Tom seems a bit more well adjusted than I'd expect. Regardless, the story is interesting and I hope you take the time to update again eventually.
10/30/2018 c1 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
..And in that strange world he found something truly remarkable... A Tom Marvalo Riddle with a conscience.
10/29/2018 c1 Nick Kane
Just an FYI: "Critics United Members" are hacked, for more info go to the WormFanfic SubReddit
10/28/2018 c1 41eragon33
love it don't listen to the idiots
10/21/2018 c1 sisac9
Good start for the story, hoping u will continue

whats with all those breaking policy comments?, is grammar wrong or somethig?
10/21/2018 c1 GameWhino
Decent start to a story. Shame about all the sperglords in the comments section though.
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