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for Rainbow Rocks - The Legend of Friendship

8/27/2020 c7 8speedstar2k
Time to read LOF Harmony ( LOF is short for legend of friendship
3/22/2020 c7 brune47
It's very great your fanfic now the next ''the legend of friendship-the friendship games please
1/15/2020 c7 elenajames
Friendship games now
4/7/2019 c7 1johannvanguard
It's good that the Dazzlings accepted their faith and will live on their own, but still want revenge on the Rainbooms. It was funny that the human world's Star Twinkle ran into them just to get home. Good to see that Star Twinkle has Comet and has Twilight Sparkle from Crystal Prep as his friend. I'm glad that Star Twinkle and Twilight are great supportive friends, and I wonder if one of them has feelings for the other.
4/7/2019 c6 johannvanguard
The fighting among most of the Rainbooms really got out of hand. Luckily Star Twinkle and Sunset helped them snapped out of it, but only for Radiant to make it worse. Thank goodness Sunset knocked some sense into Radiant, which freed him from the spell. I'm glad that Spike showed up to free them and the Rainbooms worked together to prepare for the final face off. The battle between the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings was amazing. With help from Sunset and Radiant getting their new forms, the Rainbooms defeated the Dazzlings, who were no longer a real threat. With the new portal, it's great that Twilight, Star Twinkle, and Spike can visit CHS whenever they like to. Now with Sunset part of the band and being accepted at last, everything seems well for her and Radiant.
4/7/2019 c5 johannvanguard
It was great that the Rainbooms made it to the semi finals, but are still arguing with each other. Thank goodness that Radiant came back, but was on edge being under the Dazzlings' spell. With Trixie's insult, Rainbow Dash really wanted to do a solo to show how awesome she is and to help the band. Too bad that Rainbow's solo almost got her magic and the plan exposed, but then Sunset stopped her, which ruined their performance. Sunset had it rough with some of her friends angry at her and the other students thought she was back to her old evil ways. Thanks to the Dazzlings, the Rainbooms would move on to the finals to face the them. It was terrible that Trixie trapped the Rainbooms beneath the stage for the finals.
4/7/2019 c4 johannvanguard
Even with the sabotage by the other teams, the Rainbooms still did well in their performance. I feel bad that they blamed one another for the poor performance. It was terrible of what Flash said to Twilight and that the Dazzlings tried to make Sunset and Radiant feel bad so they wouldn't be able to help their friends. Too bad that Radiant fell under the Dazzlings' spell during their performance. I wonder how Star Twinkle and the others will react to Radiant now under the spell.
4/7/2019 c3 johannvanguard
With their magic not working, it's good that Twilight and the others would have to use music and a counter spell to defeat the Dazzlings thanks to Sunset's theory. It's nice that Twilight and Star Twinkle would sing instead of playing an instrument. While the girls had their slumber party, I'm glad that Star Twinkle and Radiant had fun at Radiant's house. It's great that the Rainbooms would compete normally with Rainbow as lead until Twilight's counter spell was completed. Too bad that the Dazzlings have their own plan to make sure that they can absorb the magic from the girls so they can become powerful.
4/7/2019 c2 johannvanguard
It's good that Sunset's message got through and Twilight and the others heard of the problem at CHS. Once she got the info about the sirens, Twilight built a portal to CHS, and she, Star Twinkle, and Spike went to the other world. When the gang got back together and talked a bit, Twilight told them about the sirens, and they told her about their magic power. It was nice that Star Twinkle ran into Flash, who wanted to see Twilight. Star Twinkle unknowingly running into the Dazzlings was funny. Too bad that nothing happened when Twilight and the others tried to defeat the Dazzlings with magic. I wonder if Star Twinkle might join the band and what instrument he might play.
4/7/2019 c1 johannvanguard
It's nice that Radiant is doing well, but Sunset is having a hard time fitting in because of her actions at the fall formal. At least Radiant and the Rainbooms know that she has changed for the better. It's surprising that the Rainbooms transform when they play their music. It's good that Radiant helped the new students Adagio, Aria, and Sonata with showing them around the school. Too bad that the new girls planned to cause trouble for the musical showcase by using their power to turn it into a battle of the bands and making Celestia and Luna agree to it. Need Twilight's help, it's lucky that Radiant had Sunset's old journal, which she can use to get a message to Celestia then to Twilight. I wonder how Star Twinkle will react to the Dazzlings.
2/3/2019 c1 700mary.okeeffe.16
I've got the music in me
11/30/2018 c7 26Shadow Kick
11/30/2018 c7 6DanieruLOF
Don't forget to tune in next week once "The Legend of Friendship - Harmony" is up!
It is supposed to be read after Season 4 of "The Legend of Friendship" so don't miss it out!
11/30/2018 c7 33Cloud4012
I like Star Twinkle the best, great job.
11/26/2018 c6 26Shadow Kick
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