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5/21 c1 Too much
I could not get past the first chapter. You have your protagonist happily abandoning his child and the mother. Next is the sick discussion between Luna and Harry after he steps through. If this is your idea of a hero, I truly do not wish to read about your villains. I am just thankful you included it in the first chapter so I did not waste more time.
3/24 c6 HellsMaji
It was definitely a mistake to bond with that Phoenix. She's a huge bitch, made him lose his magic for a week for whatever dumb reason you came up with, and didn't bother to help him during it even though it was her fault. Basically she's useless. Also, Harry is pretty much a dumb pussy, who can't bother doing anything himself. He just follows along with whoever.
3/24 c3 HellsMaji
Gotta be careful with that alternate mutant origins. If the magicals were so weak already, and mutants only got a fraction of the magic the wizards had, you can't go around having super powerful mutants like Jean and magneto are usually portrayed. They'd have to be a lot weaker. And since mutants only started existing 500 years ago, you can't have the old ass ones like Apocalypse that have been around thousands of years.
3/24 c2 HellsMaji
So.. he totally ignored the fact that they're tracking him, and did nothing about preventing it..? Also, why the fuck is he going to replace his family castle with a shitty London townhouse? It's not even a real house. What a dumbass.
3/23 c1 HellsMaji
Why the fuck is Harry acting like some savage Ron Weasley while he's eating? Half chewed food all over his face and bed? Disgusting. And why the fuck did Fury answer his phone with "yes please" huh? I dunno, Harry just so far seems kind of pathetic.
3/2 c19 3WhiteElfElder
Dormammu may not be killable in his own dimension, but I bet he can be made to wish he was dead. As for Belasco...he is just going to get torn to pieces, painfully.
3/2 c18 WhiteElfElder
Harry best go back and get everything in that house that he does not want someone to take; there are a lot of things in there that the Ministry will misuse.
3/2 c17 WhiteElfElder
I am surprised that Harry did not do something that would have put the fear of god in anyone going after what is his.
3/2 c11 WhiteElfElder
Whatever became of the snake that Harry was supposed to meet?
2/25 c17 UzuRyu
Yeah... The stones levels powers are inconsistent as fuck as are Harry's... It's really annoying how the stones keeps changing their power level constantly.
2/24 c1 2kanjichibi
Good start
2/19 c3 Mastersgtjames
So... considering that Hogsmeade and Hogsmeade station are a thing, then the Wizarding World collapsed some time during or after the late 1800's. So it would be the CURRENT governments that did it, not some old/ancient/dead one. MC should NOT work with shield when they report to those same Governments. Also, the Wizarding world is MUCH larger than Great Britain, there should be more wizards still.
2/1 c2 Squarekiddo
I dont understand, you said he left a listen charm with Fury, so he would've heard Fury saying that he planted trackers on him, thus knowing that he was being tracked, why the hell didnt he know? dosnt make any sense. Also "I need to find a way to contact Luna" Luna literally told him he just need to THINK about talking to her and she would appear, unless otherwise engaged, why the hell would he need to find a way to contact Luna? he already has a way, a truly easy way.
Any please, the Disney logic with calling a woman Lady constantly isnt charming, its cringe, its what I would guess a young teen would do on his first date because he dosnt know any better, what woman would find being called my Lady constantly charming?
1/14 c17 Guest
Welp, you're an asshole and your story is shit, he gets bach there only for Daphne to die, go jump off a cliff
12/29/2021 c19 kellen23
Only 19 chapters? Fuck. All the good fics die young, it's so sad.
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