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6/2/2019 c13 7Amelia-Queen-Black
This fic was epic!
I love all the changes you've made to canon, I loved seeing Oliver and Tommy acknowledging that they both changed and slowly accept each other for who they are now. Tommy's conflicting thoughts at the end were particularly on point. And yay, he's still alive!
Your portrayal of Oliver is on point, we see how the island still affects him in everyday tasks, we feel how important his mission is to him, and how it slowly changes to become something more.
Superman was a great addition and I loved each of his appearances, how he unsettled Oliver and helped him choose a better path for his mission.
Diggle and Felicity were also true to their characters, always being there to help Oliver. It kind of broke my heart when he thought that Felicity would leave once Walter was found. Thank god she cleared the air directly.
I am going to stop here, but I loved everything about this fic, thank you for publishing it, and I am going to check its sequel :)
5/26/2019 c13 Star1X
Interesting. Tommy alive. Is Felicity the romance pairing? Kara or Lena could be interesting if you went that route
5/24/2019 c13 Arrow fan
This has been amazing story. These last two chapters have so good. You nailed these characters so well and their P.O.V's too. And that ending bit with Oliver and Superman so cool and so ominous. I'm really looking forward your take on of season two. Especially with Tommy alive and Oliver not exiling himself to the island. Oh Yes, there's going to be a lot of differences, hopefully good. Because Oliver didn't get proper character development on the show nor did he improve his relationships with his love ones. They put too much focus on Team Arrow(Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.) and Olicity, which was ok at first, but it wasn't suppose to be the endgame ship. It was suppose Oliver and Laurel together. But then turns out one of the writers was obsessed with that ship and made it canon. And had Laurel killed in season 4. It was a dark turn for Arrow. And that was never suppose to happen.

Cant wait for the sequel! See you then.
5/19/2019 c12 19HakushoRurouni
Another well written chapter!

It wouldn't be a Queen event without something going wrong for our dear Oliver, so kudos for that. I really like the fact that Oliver didn't just throw himself at the gunmen in the club. His faith in Diggle and then drawing the attention off everyone else was really well done.
5/17/2019 c11 Guestreader
Yes! A sequel! Thank you for continue this story. And good chapter, and great characterization of the characters and how they felt about the undertaking and after it. (Love the hints of everybody taking about what would've happen if Superman wasn't there, nice touch. Kudos for anyone who figures out what I'm taking about.)
And don't worry about your portrayal of Clark's writing, you did well on that. Even the article was good, not to mention there was a lot of good come from that.

'AU' /Alternative Universe, more like 'AC' Alternative Canon, let's be honest the show's canon storyline started to suck after season 2,(where everything started to go wrong) and it still sucked right towards the end of season 7. Your version is better.
5/16/2019 c11 HakushoRurouni
The article was really good and something that I think Clark would have written in response to the Undertaking to not only help assuage the fears of the public, but also Oliver's guilt for what he had to do during the chaos.

I'm glad to see Tommy listened to Oliver even after his father's death. I hate to see that relationship, when Tommy does survive, written off because of his overbearing hatred at the deed.

Great chapter!
5/16/2019 c11 Arrow fan
Once again, you outdone yourself. Fantastic work! So much detail and writing. Amazing ending of season one. You did Oliver and everybody's characters very well, including Superman's. I can't wait for the sequel!

These pass two weeks have been very emotional. The last two episodes of Arrow really got to me. The first one was when 'Tommy' came back. When Oliver and Tommy started talking about the day he died, Tommy admitted that he wish he had done things differently when he was alive and Oliver regrets on not helping Tommy more when he was going throught a tough time about learning the truth of his father, when that happen I instantly thought of this story. Was it a coincidence that you uploaded that chapter at the same time/week as the episode was aired? I literally started tearing up when Oliver and 'Tommy' said goodbye to each other one last time. Merlyn/Queen brothers forever!

The second one, the final episode of season 7, is self explanatory. There were a lot of tears involved. Stephen Amell is the best actor and the best Oliver Queen/The Arrow/Green Arrow ever!

Although what saddens me is that, despite his hero sacrifice, Oliver ended up failing in saving his city in the end, seeing the state of star city in the flash forwards. (Not to mention that fact that Oliver lost so many of his love ones over the years as the show progress, including the love of his life) That really sucks. I hope you'll do his character justice in this story as you write than the show's.
5/14/2019 c10 Guestreader
This is absolutely the best ending of Arrow season one ever! You somehow made Superman being here work. So realistic and believable ending. I wish this happen on the show instead. Tommy didn't die! No one died! You have done Oliver and his story of his first year justice. Awesome chapter! Very well written. (I'll be honest, when I first found this story, I was very skeptical since this is not story out there that has 'all' the heroes existing on the same earth, but it doesn't always end well nor doesn't feel right. You somehow make this work. You should feel proud. :)) Great work.

'Also, I have finish this story!' You mean your take on of this version of season one Arrow, right? I hope not the story itself. This is the best Arrowverse story I have ever read'd. I really want to see this continued. Especially since now Arrow ended. But it's not the ending how I wanted the show to end, especially with Oliver 'dying' next season. And failing saving his city. One of the reasons I fell in love with the Arrowverse is because for once it was not about the Justice league(Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash(I don't know which version, Wally West?), Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl.) but about Heroes who don't usually get the spotlight. Hell, before 2012, before the show aired, I didn't care or know about the Green Arrow, he didn't seem that important back then and he wasn't in the JL all that much. But now, Today, he's one of my favorite heroes and most memorable and well-known. Although I was greatly disappointed with how the shows progress, it started to suck. Especially with how scattered all the heroes seem to be, with living on different Earths thing. When they started relying on the multiverse too much, it kinda made it worse. Don't get me started on Time travel.

So yeah, please continue this! You'll make so many people happy, including me!
5/13/2019 c10 Guest
The story is good overall! But I don’t like the idea of Superman throwing his weight around and bullying Oliver. Should Oliver kill all his enemies no but people like the count, Malcom Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Vandal Savage and others like them if you are not prepared to do whatever it takes to stop them then you will never be able to defeat them!
5/7/2019 c9 guest
It's been a while since I read'd this story. (Thank god I remember it!) You and the help your getting have done excellent job on it. Your method of uploading chapters and story same as the dates of the show and our time is still brilliant. I feel like I'm following Oliver's 'adventures' for the first time again like when the show first aired. (Good times) I love the changes you've done to the Arrow storyline, even if their small. Especially the change of Oliver and Tommy's relationship. (No offense to the show...no..wait, YES offense! I hate the show's version of season one ending, it sucked so bad! I hate it when Tommy died! And how much it affected Oliver through out the show. From now on, Im going to accept this as canon. I hope you don't mind.) :)

My favorite part of story is when Oliver met Batman without knowing it. What I find it funny and ironic is how very similar personalities thoses two have. XD (I can't be the only one who sees this.)

(Oh BTW, next time when I review, it will be under the name 'Mark' because there are other reviewers with same name 'Guest'.)
5/5/2019 c9 HakushoRurouni
Usually, I like a lot of dialogue in the stories that I read, if only because they help the story speed along. But I really am enjoying the introspection when it comes to Oliver, so kudos!

Looking forward to the rest of this one.
4/26/2019 c8 Arrow fan
You don't get enough credit. You done this chapter beauitfully, the events and scenes, and some insight in Oliver's character, that small changes he's going through, you did it really well.

I love the reactions and interactions with Felicity and Diggle when Oliver told them about Superman's visits.

Brilliant work and great writing!
4/25/2019 c8 HakushoRurouni
I have no idea what it was about the scene with Oliver in Verdant just doing inventory, but it just calmed me down. Literally. I felt like I was watching an ASMR video...

Well done chapter!
4/14/2019 c7 Guestreader
Great job! I'm loving this so far. I like how your slowing changing the canon storyline and not doing all at once. It's really a good difference.

It's good that you have help. :) Never know if you need a helping hand.
4/12/2019 c6 A concern fan
Brilliant chapter! Everything is so good. The writing, the characters and the timeline of this. Everything fits so perfectly. I can't believe Oliver met Batman! And he didn't even know it! XD

Just to make sure, everyone is on the same earth, right? if you ever make it that far into the story, like flash season one era, please do not have Barry(and Thawne) make the real Wells take the fall of the murder of nora allen. That always annoy me. I really don't like how the show handle that. I mean really, there was enough evidence left behind by Thawne. What was the point of the build up of Thawne's reveal if they were going to make the real wells the bad guy. The writers did it so lazily and poorly and that's not true justice right there, even Superman wouldn't approve of that. That's something to think about. and Jesse doesn't deserve that, to have her family ruined. (that and she was raise by Thawne, crazy right.)
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