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for WWE - Shadow of Darkness

5/8 c5 32Debwood-1999
I personally think that this should be more realistic. Perhaps Dean's sanity can gradually slip away, with his closest friends unable to fix him themselves and going elsewhere for help. But at the same time, Dean could become professionally successful. So while Dean's at his highest professionally, he hits bedrock mentally, and that's when he finally decides to get help.
5/4 c4 Debwood-1999
Welcome back! Didn't expect an update (or two updates) so quickly. I think it would be kinda interesting to see Mox/Dean with a split personality as the result of some massive emotional and physical trauma. Looking forward to what you have next:)
1/6/2020 c2 3CHARMED2011
Just wanted to know when you are going to update this story, cause it has been a long while since you updated this & also i would like to read what happen during the course of the story; so please update. :)
10/14/2019 c2 9LHisawesome4ever
I'd like it a little realistic but its ultimately up to you. I just want more updates cause this is good!
4/11/2019 c2 32Debwood-1999
Personally I'd make this one shorter. I still think Dean's got undiagnosed schizophrenia, and his friends won't figure it out until it's past the point where he can be treated. You could make this a story about the consequences of not getting help when you know you need it, and the consequences of not reaching out when you see someone in trouble.

Of course that's my opinion, but maybe you can find something here:)
4/10/2019 c1 guest
love it! i think realistic would be cool :)
10/28/2018 c1 Guest
Oh wow
10/24/2018 c1 Debwood-1999
Welcome back to the WWE fandom!:) Sad that Romie has been diagnosed with Leukemia, and I hope he's able to beat it again.

Now, with the story... I think you should go straightforward and grounded in reality. Maybe Dean has an undiagnosed mental disorder (schizophrenia, maybe?) and everyone around him decides to take advantage.

BTW, have you dropped Once Revived? It would be nice to see it finished:)

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