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for The Rough Draft season 2

12/28/2020 c36 9fezzywhigg
I always liked Ellie and Devon and their spy date. Merging that with Alex and Morgan's story...very cool.
12/27/2020 c36 4WillieGarvin
Great job, Marc. Ellie and Awesome are so cute playing spies. And they are competent spies at that. I loved the gadget dress and the innuendos thrown around between our second favorite couple. Now let's see what Orion has in store for Alexei and Decker.
12/25/2020 c36 Crazzywally
Several stories going on here. Elle and Devon playing spy games, and Chuck and Sarah in trouble. Oriin is making progress with intel.
11/15/2020 c35 WillieGarvin
Thanks for sharing, Marc. Really curious to see how the Ellie/Awesome date goes. Very impressive Sarah that she can discipline her mind to think of her mom and not her husband while undercover. And Volkoff is a creeper, but we knew that. Take it easy and stay safe, my friend.
11/6/2020 c35 9fezzywhigg
I think you did an excellent job with the bits! I'm also enjoying the exploration of the compartmentalization of Sarah. It's not the same but it reminds me of "Not This Time" and the different facets of Sarah. Thanks
11/6/2020 c35 justjoe248
Love this chapter and this story, thank you for sharing!
9/29/2020 c34 Crazzywally
If anybody, Chuck will be able to figure it out.
9/29/2020 c34 4WillieGarvin
Great to see Alex and Casey have at it. Overall, I think Gertrude is a pretty cool leader. She takes good care of her people and her boyfriend both. And Orion and Carmichael know that Decker is the traitor, so that's good. Thanks for sharing, Marc.
9/29/2020 c34 9fezzywhigg
I enjoyed Casey and Alex so much that I went back and read the previous chapter again to get into the flow of that story. The lesson on holograms was interesting but the cool part was your working it into the Sarah part of the story and now it would seem, the baby's. Chuck and Orion's back and forth was a good build up to how you will handle Mary's story (definitely waiting to see your take on it!). Thanks!
9/26/2020 c33 fezzywhigg
That was so Alex in her approach to the file but your Verbanski is pretty rock solid in her handling of the situation and her explanation to Alex. Maybe Morgan will survive after all. Awesome chapter!
9/19/2020 c33 4WillieGarvin
Alex the Terminator. I guess we can expect no less from John Casey's daughter. Gertrude was surprisingly rational and convincing. I like the way you write her. Looking forward to the conversation between John and Alex. Thanks for sharing my friend.
9/18/2020 c33 Crazzywally
So many irons in the fire. Which iron is the most important? It's a jumble, at 5he present time.
9/13/2020 c32 WillieGarvin
Great as usual, my friend. Thanks. If the Ring knew how good Chuck and company were, they'd fold up their tents and take up knitting. Such fun little nuggets. Rye's incessant yabbering would have driven the interrogators nuts. Heh. Von Vogel's decryption key. Naked female unarmed combat - I think there's an entire internet channel dedicated to that. Looking forward to next time. Thanks for sharing.
9/9/2020 c32 9fezzywhigg
This story is entertaining on so many fronts. The original characters and the time put into the stories of the central characters is awesome! The details that you put in really make a difference. I feel like I'm reading at least 3 stories at once but it's great to see them intertwine. I'm eagerly awaiting Alex finding out about her dad.
9/5/2020 c32 Crazzywally
You have a lot of irons in the fire. Difficult, but no impossible, to keep the stories straight. You st yourself a daunting project. We all say thank you for making it interesting.
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