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for The Rough Draft season 2

11/11/2018 c3 39Zettel
Nice chapter! The Ellie/Sarah conversation is really good. Loved Chuck's Groot bit.
11/11/2018 c3 98David Carner
Beckman’s I look forward to it may have stole the chapter. Sarah telling Ellie all of that and now Chuck’s going to tell her his story...Beckman might need to be concerned
11/7/2018 c2 PeterOinNYC
It may be the hardest, but damn it's worth it. Ellie is fantastic in the chapter - from her interaction with Casey to "engaging" Chuck and Sarah. This is the kind of over the top Ellie I like, as opposed to the one that over protects.
I liked how you are really linking Chuck and Sarah here too. All the little things they say and do that illustrates how intertwined they are right now. Leo is going to have a fun time with them, trying to distinguish co-dependency from true love.
Thanks for writing a brand new season for us!
11/6/2018 c2 avidlector
Absolutely love the proposal. That coming from someone who thought Ellie got away with far too much interference. Wonderful in small targeted doses. Poor Casey, five days straight - then again Devon has years and Chuck a lifetime:-)
Good to see Beckman having regard for Chuck's mental health.
11/4/2018 c2 1Chesterton
I’m enjoying the pacing of the story! Keep at it! As to your authors note, Chuck wants a family more than anything, not getting married would be unthinkable for him. Sarah is the same way, although she convinced herself she didn’t need those things. Foregoing marriage would not make good sense of chuck or sarah’s past.
11/4/2018 c2 47phnxgrl
I loved Casey's reaction on Ellie screaming for joy. Please continue.
11/4/2018 c2 9fezzywhigg
This is so different from canon. I love it. It's interesting to see why you do the things you do to the story. Thanks
11/4/2018 c2 98David Carner
I love Ellie...just love her! Great stuff...and the twist ties. Perfect!
11/2/2018 c1 sevenrez
This was a great start to the new season. I thought it was well balanced. Of course Casey and Ellie was entertaining. I loved Chuck and Sarah's connection, it seems natural. Thank you.
10/26/2018 c1 devious418
Still loving this Marc. I love the way you write Casey around Ellie. I always felt that canon never treated her character very kindly. It could have been so much more. Your ninetofive series is just such an example of what should have been done with the character.

Thank you.
10/26/2018 c1 PeterOinNYC
Your back! And with an absolutely fantastic first chapter. So much depth. So much insight. So much in front - and in back - of them for us to discover. The Beckman interaction was fantastic - and I would LOVE to know what Sarah told Chuck then her - and how she told it. But, the Casey Ellie was even better. This Casey is fantastic - such a great balance of concern and consternation. Also, good to see an Ellie that is not just plowing forward like the bull in a china shop she can become. Really looking forward to this season.
10/25/2018 c1 47phnxgrl
I loved the debrief in the General's office. Please continue.
10/25/2018 c1 8Grayroc
Welcome back. A good start. I like you didn't like the quick transition from killing Shaw to hoping on the sleeping car. I really like Sarah saying...I'm not alone.
10/25/2018 c1 TianC
Welcome back! i already know this one will be great, also... i already know that it won't end nearly as close to the ending you're planning, you being you and all :P can't wait for the next one!
10/24/2018 c1 9fezzywhigg
I'm so glad to see your return. The chapter certainly hits the ground running. I agree about Chuck needing something and I think you handled it very well. Thanks
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