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1/1 c28 DontMindMe
I love your stories you have a talent. It is a sham you lose yoyr muse, as with both the lone traveler and your harry potter / DS9 crossover.

I had a few issues with you skimming events and these last few chaters but this one especially felt overy rushed.

But thank you and i look forward to your next stories as they have helped me threw some dark times. (Im hoping for another HP crossover.)

Thank you
12/18/2020 c28 51briwd
Great job! This was a fun story to enjoy. You merged both universes very well.
9/15/2020 c28 68KyliaQuilor
A fun fic
9/2/2020 c28 djolds1
An excellent conclusion to a very good story extending over two large fanfics. There are details I would quibble with, but a well told epic and the depictions of the characters from the various universes are very close to the depictions in the shows.

The Mass Effect setting was undoubtedly influenced by Reimagined BSG. The endless cycle of rise and slaughter by AI vs organics. The author tried for an original way to settle that conflict here. It works well, though I don't think the settlement depicted would last.

The reality in this fanfic is one I would very much like to visit. A shame the Quantum Mirrors in SG-1 are not available. Someone please drop me a line when one is located. 8)
3/30/2020 c1 Darth Gumby
I would just point out... Earth Force aren't stupid. The Colonials might be faster thanks to their instantaneous jump capabilities... but they are by no means the only faction that can appear quickly and attack the g.o.d satellites. Given the nature of the platforms... and their intent to be used against capital ships... they are covered in anti-fighter weaponry and defended by interceptor grids. Vipers and even Raptors would be useless against them. The Idea that a Battlestar would survive within it's own weapons range of more than one platform... is fanciful. A single hit from those Heavy Particle Cannons would cut a Battlestar in half.
1/4/2020 c1 6LoneWolf1968
I haven't finished this story yet but I already love it. My biggest pet peeve about B-5 was they killed Marcus. He was my FAVORITE character of the entire series. I love the fact you fixed that here. Thank you VERY much.
12/15/2019 c2 11Independent Dude
Have to agree with Marius1117. His reference to that Simpsons episode was exactly what I was thinking of! These stories read like they are half diplomatic protocols, half military communications.
12/7/2019 c28 2marius1117
this story and its pre sequel is boring. It's like that episode of simpsons where new cosmic wars movie was released season 15 episode 15
9/5/2019 c28 Guest
The story was okay. Boy great but okay. Again, a huge part of it was 'and then this happens and then that happened' a lot of tell, very little show. There are a few key points that seem to be misinterpreted. Mars never left the Earth Alliance. What they left was direct Earth Control. There is a difference. An analogy; it would be like West Virginia breaking away from Virgina and not the United States.
7/20/2019 c3 11selenepotter
having ship classes and planets named after earth people (Christopher Columbus, Nikolai Copernicus) is distracting in what is otherwise a very fine story.
7/11/2019 c28 1Priest
I just finished both of the stories in this series and would love to see more like them in the future.
6/25/2019 c28 Sable Dawn
well that escalated quickly, I was reading and reading and had no idea I was on the last chapter, so many things seemed to just end, plot threads left hanging,naggling at the mind, but all that said it seems a good enough place to end things without drawing things out.
6/20/2019 c28 Ullaich
Love this. Great storyline! Well-written.

6/1/2019 c28 PCHeintz72
Hmmm... Thoughts as to what I would have done were I Adama as a wrap up, I would have:
- Mothball but completely fix/repair update the 1 Nova and 1 New Jupiter Commandstars.
- Mothball but completely fix/repair update the 2 Mercury Class Battlestars.
- Mothball but completely fix/repair update the 4 Titan Class Gunstars.

- Scrap all other ships for raw materials.

- Build 4 ships of the new Atlantia class 2400m long, call it a Commandstar.
- Build 4 ships of a 3/4 Atlantia size based on same tech base 1800m long, crew approx 1200, call it a Battlestar.
- Build 8 ships of a 1/2 Atlantia size based on same tech base 1200m long, crew approx 800, this would replace all smaller/older Battlestars/Gunstars/Battlecruisers with a more robust platform meeting needs. Call it a Combatstar.
- Build 2 ships for fleet provisioning, able to supply ammo/food/fuel/water/ship parts/medical support... suggest based on fannon Ebba Maersk Block I super freighter but with dual drive, approx 3000m long. Call it a Utilitystar.
- Build 2 ships for mobile docks, suggest based on fannon Ebba Maersk Block I super freighter but with underside caging instead of cargo, approx 3000m long. Call it a Dockstar.

- Build new military station with dock and building facilities to replace Lobo Negro and use that for parts/scrap. Suggest a design based on fannon Vallahar class repository (while bigger than needed, would give growing room).

- Recover and upgrade Ragnar anchorage, can be used as a civilian station.

- You mentioned that the colonials had mothballed fleets before, you had not mentioned them ever visiting the old locations to see what could be retrieved. Even if old or badly damaged, can use for scrap metal.

- Design a few basic civilian ship designs, hyperspace drive only... maybe with a common hull design. Exs. freighterstar, explorerstar, foodstar, miningstar, passenger linerstar, waterstar.
4/25/2019 c6 Donkeydog7
I understood that Galacticas nuclear weapons we're still fission based where as in the Babylon 5 universe they were fusion is why it took 2 2megaton warheads to kill the black star where as it would take 12 megatons of fission grade material to destory a ship of the same size.
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