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8/15 c22 VikingJedi75
This may be my favorite story that I’ve found with Sara as Pathfinder. I look forward to it’s continuation.
7/17 c22 10Janizary
I'll agree in that paragraphs 3 and 4 are a bit a abrupt. I had to reread a few times to make sure I had not missed anything.

Glad for the update. Hope you are doing well.
6/10 c21 Janizary
Yay, updates!

Crew banter on dorky Ryder, excellent,
5/12 c20 Janizary
Morning after 'said too much'. Heh, if you haven't live it, you can't fully grasp how mortifying it can be.
5/12 c3 Jenn Hollister
I'm elated to have found a fanfic between Sara and Suvi. I've only read two chapters this far and am looking forward to reading the rest! (Even if this game is hated by many and not been talked about for a few years.)

I have my own fanfic in the works with these two, but it's based on after the fall of the Archon...it's a bit of a steamy "NC-17" type but nothing I want to post anywhere as I'm not that good of a writer yet. Still got lots to learn.
4/27 c19 Janizary
Karma, nice. I wish that had been a cut-scene. :)
4/27 c18 Janizary
Yeah, I wish there's been more notices on the board. It was always entertaining, but ran out too fast.
4/10 c17 1JintoLin
Beautiful place for a not date :) While i am with Sara on the "I just like the pretty lights" but i would never turn down someone explaining at as Suvi really loves her job plus it seems like any time Sara can get Suvi to smile makes her happy so its a win win for both

I would bet on Jaal or Kalo as the one that told Lexi as that call is was in no way weird or awkward
4/8 c17 10Janizary
Very nice add-in. Love the setting and the flow.
4/1 c16 Janizary
This one time, at Huntress Camp... :)

Heh, I'm on board with Sara. Cora's gushing was first interesting and fun, then got stale very quickly.

Thanks for the update. More chapters to read during the virus apocalypse.
3/30 c16 1JintoLin
I think the only way i would ever thing about Yoga would be if i was also deathly bored with no internet and the inability to go outside...so probably never. But for the Tempest crew being able to relax and unwind is something they need even more so for Sara
3/7 c15 6DRWPJT
I really like your Lexi. Poor doc must feel like the only responsible adult on the ship. The other crew members seem pretty much spot on in characterisation.
11/11/2019 c12 1JintoLin
It is easy to forget that the Medic or Only Responsible Adult in the Tempest Crew has down moments. Nice to see Sara helping out the underappreciated Doc thou i get the feeling Sara enjoys being "Yelled" at :P
10/28/2019 c11 JintoLin
Yes it is a bad day when Sara is the responsible adult between Cora and Peebee. but in all seriousness i would of toss that juice box ages ago...i might of laughed a bit to hard at Cora crushing it and also with Sara's comment about it lol

I was half expecting the typical comedic monkey (Or in this case Pyjak) reaction of Sara or Peebee getting something tossed at them by there new passenger :P
10/18/2019 c10 JintoLin
Human's Magic Potion i see is well liked by our new friends in Andromeda. Then again who could couldn't find a blend or style to like. I do like Jaal's curiosity here is wondering what everything is with out looking like a kid in a candy store and Sara getting more hints about the fact someone might have a interest in her :D:
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