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for Harold the Magnificent

12/26/2020 c6 emoryjmorrill
7/3/2020 c5 Guest
I just finished this story, and I really hope it goes on. It’ll be fun to see Harold drag the Wizarding World into the embrace of Slaanesh. All praises to the Dark Prince!
5/6/2020 c5 NazgulBelserion
I enjoyed it I always liked Slaanesh I was expecting Parseltongue to work on Dragon lol would be interesting to have Slaanesh give him all the horcruxs knowledge this was a fun read and idea from I can remember not too many chaos god Harry stories
5/6/2020 c3 NazgulBelserion
Man I really want that Horcrux to be absorbed so gets all magical knowledge would be so cool to see some crucios and Aks
2/8/2020 c5 LarryTheBird
Now I'm positively giddy with excitement for the next chapter! Please keep this story alive!
1/28/2020 c5 Krystian Garlicki
Next please :)
1/23/2020 c5 10ImperialStar
How could I miss this update?

well it does not matter, it is a great joy to see that this is not abandoned.

more than it allows us to see the first step of the corruption of Harry, his first victim, and as he stands out for being not only so young, but for being a person, without a doubt the education in the home is taking effect.

Oh world, I wish they would give me gifts as epic as that, by chance that wine is not the same as that made with a pen from a Lord of Change?

Anyway, I hope to see another chapter of this fanfic proto.

and I wish you had a hedonissmass to you too. and excellent and new years full of new pleasures.
12/31/2019 c1 Swayn
He is gonna be a little monster I’m excited to see how it turns out.
12/27/2019 c5 Warga
Truly enjoy this story, keep up the good work, that being said if we were to meet im afraid id have to purge you for Sigmar but until then ill enjoy this story like a filthy slaaneshi would.
12/26/2019 c5 Ronmr
Well, can't wait how will Harold grow up.
12/25/2019 c5 Yig
Merry 'Crismass' loved this chapter and can't wait for more :)
12/25/2019 c5 Sable Dawn
That was utterly adorable, the trumpets would probably be brazen bulls, they be large hollow metal bulls you put a person or people in with a tube or pipe leading to the mouth, then light a fire under it, the people ether burn or boil alive and their only air is from the pipe so their agonized screams come out like well a brazen bull,
I get the idea that adding christmas to the chaos wastes would have some funny consequences, like making a lesser daemon krampus or Nurgle going about in red with a host giving "presents".
10/8/2019 c4 Guest
Yay another update it’s always nice to see something that isn’t space marines especially of the chaos verity well I personally prefer the plague father. Seeing love for the gods is always nice
10/7/2019 c4 Lord Asmodeus
Ohh yes. A boy who was never rejected in any request. A boy whose desires were never constrained, or denied. Oh by lord...this boy...will become quite the monster. I'm looking forward to it!
10/6/2019 c4 zdogg1313
Another interesting chapter cant wait to read the next chapter.
Just curious if you will be doing a slight time skip to age 11 with a small flashback of his life growing up? Or will you be going over his life chapter to chapter?
Keep up the good work.
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