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5/1 c95 Moral Dilemma
Oof, that hurt. I was holding out for raven to make the right choice till the end, but she didn't. I understand why though. It's really a tough moral question: What do you do with people who refuse to let others live in peace?
My highest respect goes out to you, for not only writing a highly readable story with a complex and interesting plot and consistent characters but also building in deep moral questions and lessons. This is, in my opinion, one of the many characteristics that made the original 2003 Teen Titans so good, and it seems to be missing from most, if not all, other fanfiction I've read.
The episode you were thinking of is called "How Long Is Forever". Why Trigon didn't happen in that timeline is a good question. My best guess had been that after the Titans split up, following Starfire's departure, Raven totally isolated herself and Slade/Trigon no longer could leverage the lives of the Titans to convince her. I feel like the green velvet is a reference I should get, and now it's driving me crazy. Try as I might, I cant think of any significant pieces of green velvet in the cartoon. The "It cost me little, but It was everything to me" made me think she had to sacrifice the titans, but they are alive in this timeline... OH wait! did she kill Brave?! not sure that makes any sense or whether that's what your on about, but it's my best guess.
4/25 c95 12Bomberguy789
Letting such an execution happen... god damn, that very much is morally reprehensible. For Raven to fall so low and the Doctor to still be nowhere in sight when his assistance could be really helpful right about now, my god, I am heavily invested in where this story arc goes. I mean, I still dislike everything about Hedgy's group (not in a "you're supposed to like them," but in a "they represent the strawman figures that plague movements I fully support"), but funnily enough that has made me appreciate Hedgy's death even more; he may have begun as a character I intensely disliked, but there were clear signs he was becoming a better person, so the fact that Raven called for his death despite fully recognising the positive changes he was going through is just heart wrenching. She's going to have a lot to make up for.

Man, I don't have the faintest clue where things are going to go from here, and I love it. Ace is facing one hell of a tough situation. Can't wait for more!
4/24 c95 21TheWriter946
“All those times in history where there was no sign of him...I wanted to know why not. But I don't need to ask anymore. I know the answer now: Sometimes the Doctor must look at this planet and turn away in shameGwen
4/24 c95 25Z-King
Well...now this is what I call drama.
4/16 c1 21TheWriter946
"Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority. The Second Doctor
4/15 c94 AuntieRaven
Oh, dear! That went down hill. Global extermination? Raven wounded and unconscious? I know what she needs! A Doctor! Seriously though, It's about time he shows up again... You'd think he would sniff the Daleks presence from a mile away. (Then again, I might be wrong. I'm used to modern 'Who)

I liked the first half with the baby. I might be wrong, but I think this is the first time Raven has openly stated her opinion in the flashbacks. If so, that's some nice character growth. It's also a nice nod to the episode "Hide and Seek" which is one of my favorites. (The one with Melvin and crew) Yay for Raven fluff done right! a highly pleasing, but vary rare phenomena, due to the incredible difficulty making it work without being cringe or ooc.
4/15 c94 25Z-King
Raven once more the horrors of what the Daleks are capable of.
3/28 c93 Headcanoneer
Nice explanation for Ravens naive trust in Malchior. That always seemed a bit ooc to me, but your explanation fits. I guess the Doctors repeated "interventions" in Ravens life are him trying to justify his choice to let her live. It makes me wonder why he didn't intervene during season 4. Perhaps he trusted that raven would do the right thing in the end, or maybe he did actually intervene, but it wasn't shown... Time to rewatch the show and scour for places to slot in my new headcanon xD
By the way, when do the "present-day" parts of this fic fit into the Teen Titans timeline?
3/27 c93 icicle.c.cold
Rolling countrysides, lemonade on a summer day, and a scent like celery.
Yes, I know who that is.

He came and went quite a bit during her time at Azarath, didn't he?
3/15 c92 Guest
Interesting, it would seem Raven has spider-sense! I can go along with that. :D
Letting Dalek-metal win out over Raven's powers makes sense as well, I guess. It always bothered me, why Raven vary rarely (never?) just "grabs" opponents in the show.
3/13 c93 Z-King
The Daleks really shouldn't try to mess with anyone from the DC universe, also I enjoyed the talks between Younger Raven and to who I assume is the 5th Doctor.
3/10 c1 19magical fan18
I will ask why you keep putting a space between Starfire's name as it is all one word, not two separate ones.
3/2 c92 25Z-King
Nice to see this story still going, and now Raven and Ace have to go toe to toe with a Dalek.
2/21 c1 14evolution-500
I like the idea of this. There are one or two errors such as missing punctuation and capitalization errors, but aside from that, it looks good so far. It seems promising so far.
1/13 c91 3Time Lord Consultant
Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed Raven playing with Hedgy like that. It was cathartic.

Other than that, a wonderful chapter, as usual. Thank you for keeping it up. You're amazing.
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