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for The Lost Child of Azarath

5/22/2019 c13 icicle.c.cold
Cold stone indeed...SCARY cold stone.
Yeah, the Oncoming Storm is terrifying to behold.
Raven will not forget this, and hopefully, she will learn from it.
5/22/2019 c10 icicle.c.cold
I loved the way Tennant did that with his voice as the Doctor. You couldn't NOT listen to him, he just had you entranced. Nobody could do anything but listen as long as he didn't shut up. I loved it and called his Filibuster Power.

I have no idea what's that kind of crisis is called...moral dichotomy? I dunno.
5/22/2019 c6 icicle.c.cold
Well, she didn't cry...but I did.
There isn't an O at the beginning of it. I checked.
Waffle explanation, I declare thee canon!
5/22/2019 c5 icicle.c.cold
Yep...Dad jokes.
I am cringing at someone trying to tell her Dad jokes, but if anyone could do it and not get throttled, it would be him.
5/22/2019 c3 icicle.c.cold
This was highly amusing, and yeah, the TARDIS is really mothering her. Like a lost little chick. I love the TARDIS. I wish I could be a companion, or at the very least, enter the TARDIS. Live there.
No religious offense here, that was hilarious! Also, it should be "read, ate, drank, and meditated."
5/21/2019 c50 12Bomberguy789
I'm just saying, Delores can't report them if they know out her teeth and make her mute. I'm just saying what we're all thinking!
Cool stuff though, and I like the additions to chapter 13. That's one of the things I like about this fic, it gets better as the story progresses not just because the story, well, progresses, but also because you clearly aren't afraid to correct mistakes made in previous chapters, or put new rooms on a balcony and add the foundations for it when needed, even making it obvious for us readers by saying hey, I made a change, here's where to find it, here's why I did it. It's something I have come to very much appreciate, and I'm glad for the contributions I can safely say I have made to the story.
5/20/2019 c50 25Z-King
Nice having the the first part of this chapter being messed around like Raven's personal thoughts where changing, way to go! Also now that you mentioned it I kind of do see the Cartman in that witch. Dolores not Raven.
5/20/2019 c50 2lautaro94
well now we've Pertwee, still, the headmistress mystery deepens
5/15/2019 c6 4Michael78
Second there I was expecting Charlie to show up
5/13/2019 c49 25Z-King
The name works for me!
5/13/2019 c49 12Bomberguy789
Karkus and Korpse? Karkus and Bodi? I don't know who Karkus is, some I'm just making up words that are related to carcass but spelt weird.

Great stuff though. Did Raven not actually escape the castle from ages ago? I'll have to recheck for clues.
4/23/2019 c48 25Z-King
Wait...snake...oh boy is this who I think it is?
4/18/2019 c47 Z-King
Head mistress?...please tell me it's not who I think it is? Also that is a sweet moment for Raven in that world where the Doctor is her dad...I can already tell there is a big storm of angst and drama on. the horizon.
4/18/2019 c47 12Bomberguy789
Damn, this whole “what’s real and what isn’t” thing is super confusing and equally intriguing because of it. If one enters the land of fiction, even if they are a real person, does their presence create a situation in which their presence becomes fictional - do they create and mould the writers around them? Could it be that the real Raven IS being tricked to believe that she’s Rachel Roth, and everything occurring in the land of fiction is just one of the many tiny pockets of fictional worlds created in such a place, which therefore means the Doctor, Raven, and all the other characters are 2D creatures who have been created to think they are in fact 3D despite being unable to truly BE 3D?
Argh, so many questions and it seems the only way to get closer to the answer is to wait for the Doctor to beat the Mistress! Why can’t I just hop in a time machine, go far enough ahead so that I can read the end of the story arc, then jump to a couple minutes before I left and make half-hearted reviews on each chapter again so as not to mess with the space-time continuum!
Great work regardless though, really great stuff.
4/13/2019 c46 Bomberguy789
I vaguely remember something about a long line of giant turtles holding up the planet, but I can’t think where from. Or if this is in fact referencing the island that is in fact a giant turtle. Can’t remember which explorer landed there, maybe Gulliver, maybe that dude with the famous Odyssey, maybe someone else. Strange the number of giant turtles, but not a single tortoise among them...

Great stuff though, and I like the new edits!
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