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for The Lost Child of Azarath

11/2/2018 c7 DimitraMitsos
Ok I was very skeptical about the story of first but now I am in love with it please write some more as soon as you can.
We need more.

... Please
11/1/2018 c1 Guest
Hola tlp tengo una petición de casualidad conoces the loud house en una serie de nickelodeon muy conocida me gustaría que hicieras un crossover con la máscara te aseguro que a mucha gente le va a gustar y hay muchos personajes con personalidades únicas te lo pido de corazón y si no lo haces lo entiendo gracias .
10/29/2018 c5 12Bomberguy789
As cool as this is, the whole “the Doctor is the only one who does this, or is that, he’s so this, he’s so that,” it gets annoying because of the over exaggeration of the Doctor’s good side. Maybe if that sort of stuff had sort of been trimmed down or something, it would have been fine. Heck, I bet that for the last bit, when Raven runs away after choking the Doctor, if much of the detail regarding Raven’s emotions had been cut out it may have even been better BECAUSE it wasn’t explained. I’m going to give it a try:

She had to stay calm. She had to meditate. She had to stay calm. She had to meditate. She had to stay hidden, or she would hurt everyone who ever cared for her.
A knock came from the door. A little tap-tap-tap. She didn’t move, and listened as the Doctor placed something on the floor before walking away. Trembling, Raven crawled towards the door, opening it to see... waffles and pancakes?
Fresh, warm waffles and pancakes. How did he make them? Why did he make them? She took a bite, but the hunger that drove her to the kitchen overcame her again and she wolfed it down.
It tasted perfect. Because he had forgiven her. Only one other person had treated her this way...
Raven refused to cry.

Obviously that isn’t perfect, and I respect that your style is your own to use. But sometimes, as they say, less is more. That’s just my view anyway, this was great regardless.
10/27/2018 c4 James Birdsong
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