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7/29/2019 c54 25Z-King
Worse huh? But for which one of her?
7/29/2019 c54 12Bomberguy789
Now I'm not saying that a review I may or may not have left behind a long time ago was included in this story without my consent, but I'm just saying that on the off chance an old review I may or may not have left has now inspired a similar scenario in the main story then I will fully give my consent to such usage now.
Don't try to apply this sort of logic to any sexual relations.

Something that I have noticed looking through the reviews (for things I may or may not have left behind) and comparing it with the chapter titles is that this story arc/book/segment involving the land of fiction and Rachel's imaginary land is... It's been going on for almost 20 chapters. 20 out of 54. I begin this from the first time Rachel woke up with her mother and father in chapter 35.

So if we divide this time by the number of similar story arc/book/things (the introduction to Raven, the Doctor and their situation, the vampires, the cybermen, the suicidal time Lord and that planet with the genocide) then on average, that's about 7 chapters each, give or take (since in this instance I admit to not following the same book system you do). So this land of fiction thing has been going on for almost three times longer than any other roughly speaking. And it's still going.
Don't get me wrong, it's been very well written moving from each problem to the next. The best analogy I can think of to properly convey what I'm trying to say is food related; not all meals are the same size. That's sort of just the way things are, and just because I like a full Sunday roast doesn't mean that I also dislike something small like a tangerine. Not all meals are the type that I like; I dislike cheese, but that doesn't mean that a cheese sandwich tastes bad. Not all meals are cooked well. Regardless of what you do or don't find tasty, raw meat is and unhealthy. This meal is cooked well, fits my taste, and is made to be large; I'm just full. I'm struggling to eat more.

Weird analogy I know, but I couldn't think of another way to really get my message across without it being confusing. This is still a great story, and I will always continue to read more.
7/29/2019 c54 icicle.c.cold
Nope. I still despise Dolores.
There was a moment of pity, and like Rachel's it quickly evaporated.
If you really want a pat on the head, clean up the trash in the local park or something. Do a fundraiser for the local food pantry or homeless shelter.
Do something productive. DUH.

Love the newest chapter, and I empathize with Rachel's "aggressive eyes".
I too have resting grouch face.
7/26/2019 c53 icicle.c.cold
Well, it's about time to add more reality breaking...I think one or two should suffice and then you can have her realize that she actually IS Raven. Or is connected to Raven? Whatever it is you have in store. I think the realization that the one professor said 'centuries' is a good next step. Ed is good for comedy relief and getting around impossible obstacles, but him being around Raven too much will result in an explosion of fury. That's all the thoughts I have for now.
Aside from "NO! I reached the end again!"
7/24/2019 c53 25Z-King
As a fan of the Third Doctor I really like the whole debate, you really did his personality well. And I liked how Rachel handled the situation.
7/7/2019 c52 12Bomberguy789
Only just realised that the final bit between Raven and Dolores in the previous chapter references Tennant and that English dude from that episode with the wire and an evil queen Elizabeth. Nice stuff with that, and with this too. Only mild shame, is that this was the chapter that reminded me that:
A) The black pearl belongs to Captain Jack Sparrow
B) Jack Sparrow has yet to make an appearance.
Oh well. Great stuff!
7/7/2019 c52 25Z-King
That. Was. Deep. I LOVE IT!
6/19/2019 c51 lautaro95
Loving this and dolores sounds like a hashtag not my doctor groupie I find that funny
6/19/2019 c51 Z-King
Nice call back quote when Raven said "and I'm not listening." just like what the 10th doctor said to that guy. Also who is this Binns? Is he a made up character because I don't recall a Binns playing a Doctor let a alone one of the parody or manmade ones.
6/19/2019 c51 Icicle C Cold
I'm in the office today and Firefox decided to be weird and not let me log in on private browsing mode.

Loving the story more and more.
I really like how the edges of Rachel's "reality" are starting to blur and join with Raven's.
It's a bit surreal, and I sometimes wish I could bend my own reality like that.

I'm just guessing here, but was Professor Davidson the Tenth Doctor? David Tennant?

I have an impression of Dolores voice in my mind.
It is loud, very nasally, has an irritating pitch and is a monotone until she starts to screech.
I have a co-worker with a similar voice and just hearing it is enough to rile me up.

I smiled with satisfaction at Dolores' slammed fingers. What a sorry excuse for a person...
Doesn't she have anything better to do than torment other people and try to force her own opinions? Geez...get a hobby Dolores. Preferably something silent.

Honestly though, people like Dolores have probably been through some crap in life, and even if they have not, they need love too. Tough love, and teaching, but love nonetheless.
6/10/2019 c50 icicle.c.cold
Yep...Garfield is a dweeb.
I almost died of laughter when I found out that was his real name. I really like that Raven 'met' her friends before she actually saw them for the first time. I also like that this eventually had her choose Rachel as her 'real' name. You write this really well. Dolores isn't even a real person and I want to dive into this world and throttle her myself.
6/10/2019 c49 icicle.c.cold
That's a pretty great name for a ridiculous character and I love it.
6/5/2019 c46 icicle.c.cold
...A'Tuin? The DiscWorld turtle? With the elephants that hold up the disc...?
does a happy dance while clapping
If that was what you were going for, you have made me stupidly happy.

If that was NOT what you were going for, you have still made me stupidly happy.

melts into happy puddle of geek
6/5/2019 c45 icicle.c.cold
Yay! House and Oz! And probably Atlas...
6/5/2019 c42 icicle.c.cold
Have I mentioned how much I am loving this story? This particular part?
Hilarious references, some of my favorite characters, cartoon physics, an annoyed Captain Hook (always funny) and all the references. I appreciated and noticed the Rouge One/Rug One ref. That was good.
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