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4/23 c16 3rick12
Well, that was fun. Time for more demon killing by the Doom Slayer.
4/15 c3 Jeferson Arthur
Why would someone the Doomslayer speak I don't get it
4/1 c16 Zero
4/1 c15 Zero
4/1 c14 Zero
3/1 c13 Guest
going gud
2/18 c16 Sigmabeta
This story is still good still waiting for that venom crossover to updated. I mean it's cool venom in goblin slayer like as much the idea of him in demon slayer or toxin. People shoul do more hero story like ben with the omni kix or generator rex, max steel or randy Cunningham. Or other heroes like firebreather.
But i feel shadow or infnite the jackal would fit with his phantom ruby and adjusting to goblin slayer team have a harem but thatis choice . See shadow somewhat like goblin slayer doubt poison would hurt him since he's immortal and healing properties.
Hope to see new ch's. Sorry tend to go on with a reason
2/16 c16 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Poor Goblin Slayer, going to have to run around with the wrong helmet.
2/16 c16 Culture-Hunt3r
Finally a new chapter.
2/15 c16 kerrowe
I thought the contents of this chapter funny.
2/14 c16 5TR41T74CK3T
...I feel like the King is BSing Doomguy just so he can take care of some personal errand. If that doesn't make him snap and kill everything in sight, I don't know what will.
2/14 c16 Scarease
Doom Slayer Almost see murderous joy about demon to kill .
2/14 c16 DarkAres12
Darth Saevus is a fucking idiot who never play any Doom videogame
2/14 c15 6AGKAlphaGhostKing
Ha. Nice reference to Grimjack's abridged series.
2/14 c16 Weasselk
Yeh! new chapter, best present for V-day.
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