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11/21 c13 Xanderbooii
maybe GS can ask how the chainsaw works and DS tells it runs on gasoline AND GS could maybe show DS a place where he can get gasoline like when GS used on one of his quests
11/20 c13 Trux-Killer
Hey ain’t complaining about this sure it may be hard for you so don’t worry about this story and I hope doomguy gets most of his ammo back for good use
11/16 c13 1RexGamer15000
Don't worry, this fic is amazing.
10/29 c13 Giantrubberuduck
Hey, your work is good, keep going and keep my dream alive.
10/28 c13 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Nice touch having the gods poke their noses in.
10/23 c13 5ThePhantomFanfics
I get your point fam but what you pointed out was in the Game how (You and me) play canonically the Slayer Testaments and what we know so far from the lore the bare hands of the Slayer are enough to kill demons one example of that is the Mighty Titan he fought with only his fist and defeated him that’s obviously referring to how the actual slayer fights.
I’m saying this because when you compare the slayer from the Fanfic and the slayer from what is described in the Testaments and the Lore it doesn’t seem that powerful now
10/23 c1 Dcraus
Danganronpa isekai story
class 78th has been Isekai'd in another world
10/19 c13 Diamend1790
It was great I do believe that what you did was an incredible Fan fic and I hope you will not give up in your ideas for this series, I am sorry if anyone is saying that you are not good in writing but what I know is that you are an incredible writer and I hope you finish the next chapter done so I can read and enjoy your writing. I also understand what you are going through with the school projects but I know you will come through and punch those hatters in the face
10/18 c13 Zero
Insert "Hands of a slayer" theme.
10/18 c12 Zero
10/20 c13 BooplkanThePrimarch
Impressive work my friend, It is an interesting story to say the leats.

As a side note, can we have our Angry boy using on of Mancubus own weapons against it just like in one of the glory kills for the DOOM 2016 multiplayer?
10/15 c13 Guest
Why is the Doom Slayer so freakin weak in this story? His suppose to be OP as Fuck Damnit!
10/15 c13 Guest
I'll be the one saying this, the Doom Slayer looks weak in this s
10/14 c13 Guest
Doomslayer is more powerful than this... I get it, he has to b downplayed to make other characters shine.

Even so, knowing this, knowing full well it’s silly. It really is hard to read that a character such as him, gets thrown around easily like that. Eh, I’ll get over it and enjoy the story (as I’ve been) for what it is

Aside from that...

You’re back! That’s great. I do hope Vega will somehow be activated. I like how the Slayers just come to begrudgingly accept that both allies and enemies see them as brothers. Go with the flow. Hope the next chapter comes soon
10/14 c13 Guest
Quiero ver la participación de VEGA en el próximo capítulo
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