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4/9 c13 Guest
Well I enjoy these stories, And i think you describe the slayer as he is
a human
4/9 c9 Guest
great work
4/4 c13 AlimeLover123
SEE YOU SOON! this is amazing stuff you know!
3/30 c13 1BrokenLifeCycle
People still argue that Doomslayer isn't Doomguy?

Looks like they haven't played Doom Eternal and its DLC's yet.
3/28 c1 endermite
oh and saying that it's hard to fight an arch vile in eternal is kinda out of the question since ur comparing gameplay mechanic which is there to make the game fun and challenging instead of taking the lore and what the codex says that the doom slayer doesn't need any guns to kill demons just his fists
3/28 c13 endermite
dude I can already tell u never read the lore cause if u did then you would know that no adventurer has any hope to penetrate demon skin cause in the lore the uac uses 50 caliber tungsten bullets in their heavy cannon and it took 3 shots to kill a possess with that and in doom eternal in the lore it's said that a pinky a low level demon was able to flip over armored vehicles and needed concentrated artillery fire to kill so in this fabric ur really underestimate the demons and doom slayer saying that an arch vile can kill him and the slayer can do nothing about it which is incorrect when he has his fists which in game was able to rip apart every demon in the game and the fact that doom slayer fought arch viles before and killed them easily and remember he killed a titan , a titan in lore said to be immune to every weapon that earth has including nukes but doom guy killed it without any guns or bfg , and my biggest criticism the preator suit in this fanfic the preator suit is so weak compared of what it is stated in lord when no uac weapon couldn't even scratch it not even a laser that the uac has that has been said to be 2000 times hotter than the surface of the sun and Vegas core which is 140-150 time hotter than the surface of the sun

but other than that I actually like this story the main criticism I have was that the demons r really weak when adventures with steel sword can defend against them instead of a earth with their tech and giant mechs can't
3/4 c13 Guest
This is good 8/10 nice
2/26 c13 qazse
I'd like to see DS run into the Chosen Heroine, and the arrogant adventurer she is, tries to fight him. Only to get stomped and actually lose a battle for once. That outta teach her a lesson in humility XD
2/26 c3 qazse
It's amazing how someone who's endlessly butchered demons for centuries, feels nothing but unending hate and rage, and is obsessed with killing demons to extinction, still is able to act calm enough to get animals to come to him. Good to see that despite everything hell's put him through, DS still has a glimmer of his humanity left.
1/15 c8 connor-shov1234
1/14 c1 Dasgun
12/9/2020 c9 Guest
12/6/2020 c13 Prinny191215208
Story is easy to read and the enemies are becoming more dangerous due to various good reasons such as the lords of hell recruiting, demons empowering themselves through various means, the Doom Slayer being low or out of ammo for all of his weapons and having no easy way of replenishing them.

Good job in making the ever worsening situation reasonable and the characters serious through their actions.

Oh and the gods of that world aiding the Slayers through manipulating items that weren't held currently by either of them was a interesting idea and a cunning gamble.

The details in the story shows your effort, thanks for the treat.
12/1/2020 c3 5Checkingdude
And like that, the Doom Slayer is now a cinnamon bun, similar to Priestess, but he requires all the bunnies. Give the man bunnies! All the bunnies!
11/28/2020 c8 Clown2107
I was re-reading the story and I hadn't realized that there seems to be a Quake 3 Arena / Quake Champions reference.
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